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Thread: Does anyone use very expensive hair products?

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    Default Re: Does anyone use very expensive hair products?

    I don't use very expensive hairproducts. I am very happy with John Frieda's Brilliant Brunette and I have every single product of it. If you sum that up, I actualy do use expensive products.
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    Default Re: Does anyone use very expensive hair products?

    I use Phytologie producys..but be prepared to spend triple digits for three pieces.

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    Default Re: Does anyone use very expensive hair products?

    I can't live without Redken Blowdrying lotion.

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    Default Re: Does anyone use very expensive hair products?

    I use Bed Head Moisture Maniac shampoo & conditioner. It's around $24 for the conditioner and about $20 for the shampoo. My hair is fine, but I have a lot of it and I use moisturizing to cut the volume and frizz. I had to get used to using salon products because I believe it's better quality stuff and it doesn't take as much of it to do better things than my Wal-Mart brand did.

    I'm thinking next time I'm going to try Aveda. Everyone I know that uses it loves it and says it smells great. I'm a sucker for a good smelling hair product.

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    Default Re: Does anyone use very expensive hair products?

    I think Suave has some great products. I'm loving the Daily Clarifying Shamoo and the Blonde shampoo and conditioner. I would never have picked up Suave before, but positive reviews on made me think twice.

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    Default Re: Does anyone use very expensive hair products?

    I use mostly kerastase...i have probably more hair than anyone I know....i wear it below the shoulders---not too long. Everyone thinks I have hair extensions and every stylist Ive ever gone to says I have the most hair theyve ever seen on a person. Ofcourse I want my hair to look normal, fall normally and not be too big so I only get professional blowouts-I never wash/dry my own hair its impossible--I go 2 or 3 times per week for blowouts and conditioning treatments. It would actually take me longer to do it myself than the time it takes to go to the salon. The only products that do anything for me and tame my hair are kerastase products

    the worst products ever in my experience are TIGI and Bumble and Bumble--I may as well put nothing on my hair. AFTER my hair is blown-out I do use Redken serums and hairsprays but ONLY kerastase to wash/shampoo/and pre-dry serums

    but i tend to think everyone's hair is different

    when i used to have my hair thinned (where they cut the nape with a razor), i was able to blow out my own hair and I used Heat Sense by TCB hair lotion it was about 5$ and was better than any product I could buy at a salon...but they discontinued it and after that, all thats worked is expensive kerastase

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    Default Re: Does anyone use very expensive hair products?

    I found an old bottle of Biolage mousse in my cabinet and was surprised with the great results I got. It made my hair smooth and easier to style.

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