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Thread: Deodorant

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    i'm in yer manifesto, correcting your spelling mistakes


    I got Odaban over the net from the UK and it works great. Similar to Dry Sol--you put it on at night before bed.
    Nothing, i mean absolutely nothing worked for me before. I've tried EVERYTHING. It's horribly embarassing.

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    The thing the Dermatologist told my daughter is when you close off one set of sweat glands ... the sweat has to go out somewhere.... (ie your ass crack or whatever other sweaty spots people have) ... so she gave her some stuff (RX) that she uses 2 times a week... and she uses secret clinical on the other days.

    Her over producing sweat is getting more managable.... she is a runner... so that doesnt help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NiceDude View Post
    Deodorant has always grossed me out. Never wore it. Don't mind my dinner plates and my girlfriend loves smelling my armpits so it can't be all bad.
    Do you drink alot of caffeine? Coffee, Pop...they'll make you sweat
    Are you from Minnesota?

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    I don't know if there are any miraculous products out there; guess it depends on the person. I'm extremely abnormal because I sweat very little under my arms even on very hot days, and when I do it smells like clean sweat; never had BO a day in my life, so I rarely ever use deodorant.

    Other people I know who have sweating/BO problems tend to resolving it by applying deodorant several times a day.

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