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Thread: Which deodorant do you use?

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    I always used Dove because it was the only brand I could find with an unscented kind that didn't leave a lot of white marks. I decided to try something else because it seemed like it was always crumbling and falling apart.

    The other day I bought Vichy Stress Resist deodorant. Holy sweet baby jesus I love it. When you first put it on you can kind of smell it, but it is a "clean" scent. It also goes on a little wet. The smell and wetness goes away very quickly.

    My underarms feel so soft and smooth. Even in the jacket I have to wear at work, that is way to hot and thick, my underarms felt completely fine and I didn't feel sweaty at all. No type of smell at all either.

    I put it on this morning at about 9am, so 15 hours ago and it is still going strong. Yep... I just took a wiff of my armpits. haha

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    I've been too squicked out this past year to use aluminum-based deoderants. Whole Foods sells a creamsicle smelling one that I think is called Take a Whiff. That one was good until I think the heat of my car killed the active ingredients several times after leaving it in there.

    So now lately I've been using White Vinegar, not a brand name, just the stuff you find in your kitchen. Works well even if I've just shaved, and while it smells a little vinegar-y and not nearly as yummy as vanilla chai and those new perfume deoderants, my body can still sweat a little (important for detoxifying) but not smell!

    So yeah. That's my new deoderant, and trust me, I've sweated enough to know that so far it's working.

    I like my deoderant Alzheimer's-free, thankyewverrymuch.

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    I found that Mitchum works best for me

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