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Thread: Could You Take A Three-Minute Shower?

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    Quote Originally Posted by twitchy2.0 View Post
    Do NOT post pictures. kthxbai
    Quote Originally Posted by Lobelia View Post
    I am SOOOOOO disappointed in you.
    Like she wouldn't use it for her Link Of The Month club. Tsk.
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    i'm in yer manifesto, correcting your spelling mistakes


    Quote Originally Posted by missbazilb View Post
    ^^^where? where? I check groupon all the time but i haven't seen that! I'd love a year of unlimited laser.

    Way back when, I was a "model" at an esthetics school, and got all my underarm hair taken off by electrolysis. So I have no underarm hair. I use an epilator on my legs, but I'd love to have it lasered off. I'm not too hairy, but i notice since dropping the crotchfruit that my leg hair grows faster.
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    you don't have to know


    The shower is a time warp for me. I'm never less than twenty-something minutes at best. Horrible, I know, but I'm very aware of water conservation elsewhere.
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    Nah - I know it's bad but I love my showers

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