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Thread: Bullied 14-Year-Old Girl Gets Plastic Surgery to Fix Ears, Nose, Chin

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    This is awful, plenty of 14 year old kids look gawky and grow into their features in a few years. Poor wee doodle, I really hope she has an easier time of it. I question her mother's judgement in this, and I wonder if the school is doing anything to combat such awful bullying.
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    I don't like this story either for several reasons. If she was so tormented that she skipped school, it must have been awful for her. Hopefully her mother tried therapy with her first before resorting to this. Like everyone else said, the problem isn't her "deformities."

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    My only experience with being the so called bully:

    There was a girl I went to jr high with and she was made fun of a lot. There wasnt much bullying I noticed at school. People made fun of how she looked and what she wore, but I think lots of kids disliked her because frankly she was bitchy and thought she was too good, thought she was the best singer and actress in school, just wasn't friendly to others, especially girls. There was nothing wrong with her looks, kids just expressed their dislike for her in that way. I wasn't mean, I tried to be her friend 2 years before and we didn't click, I did call to say hi sometimes. Not sayin what they did was right and I wasn't participating, but it wasn't like I was saying, "Hey guys, stop!" because I didn't want to get involved, also I didnt see it as severe, maybe someone would say "snob" when she walked by and that was it.

    Once I was sitting at the lunch table with 10-15 kids and someone around me threw a French fry with ketchup at her. No sure who it was, didn't notice, but her mom called me that evening saying I stained her shirt and needed to stop bullying her. Also said I was "the ring leader" and plotting to harm her daughter. She was really rude instead of asking me about what was going on or if there was a way I could help her daughter. In my head I was like, "Wtf! Like I dislike her enought to waste my time making fun of her!" she then threatened my mother, saying she would sue me? Lol, but I told my close friends to leave her alone because her mom was blaming me, they said it was more reason to dislike her for having her mom call me when I didn't do shit. But they weren't the ones doing the "bullying" anyway, so things didn't change for her because it was like every kid at school that disliked her.

    Her mom was a mega bitch when she came on campus, über snobby to our teacher... and around this time we found out her dad was shagging someone else.... then he left her and she showed up at schools with new big implants..... Hmmm...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karistiona View Post
    This is awful, plenty of 14 year old kids look gawky and grow into their features in a few years. Poor wee doodle, I really hope she has an easier time of it. I question her mother's judgement in this, and I wonder if the school is doing anything to combat such awful bullying.
    I totally agree! I hate pictures of myself in my early teens. Looks nothing like me now.

    I wanted PS when I turned 18 and I had a Dr tell me to wait because I wasnt done growing. I did end up having PS later, but for different reasons.

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    This is really sad. The problem with surgery that young is that you are still growing and your face really does change. Your features tend to balance out more as you get older. When you have PS that young your features can continue to grow and you may then require more surgery to maintain your results. The surgeon is not a good surgeon imo for operating on a young teen girl and also for calling her features 'deformities'.

    Lots of people look awkward at that age, hell most people do. I sure did. But that can all change on its own when you finish growing. I'm glad she is happy with the results though and I hope she doesn't continue to get bullied and can maintain her newfound confidence.
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    I think I am the only one, but I liked her ears and chin before better.

    Quote Originally Posted by witchcurlgirl View Post
    This surgery won't stop the bullying, because the bullying wasn't really about her ears.
    I agree.
    My brother took a long time to "grow into his ears" but he was still always the most popular guy in school.

    I literally had 4 black teeth- the front 4- but I was NEVER teased about it. Not once.

    Bullies pick easy targets, not ears or chins.

    (My front four were black because I fell face first onto concrete as a toddler. Had them pulled in grade 3)

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    If it was my kid I would have consented to getting her ears fixed but not to any other surgery.
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