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Thread: Airbrush tanning

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    I'd say book yourself a few brief sessions in the tanning booth.. enough to start you off with a base so you don't turch when you're on vacation, but not long enough to cause any damage.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bijoux View Post
    I got an airbrush tan once for a looked great! ...until 4 days later when it started to come off then it was pute blotches for about a week.
    That's exactly what happened to me when I had it done. I just about made it through the wedding trip before my chest got really blotchy and I hit the exfoliator to try to get it off. I had had one done as a practice the week before, and I think the second one didn't take so well in places where the first one hadn't quite gone.
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    What self tanning lotions to you guys recommend? I'm incredibly pale (red headed mom) and am heading to Hawaii for a wedding soon. I don't usually tan, just burn then peel, but I'd like to have a tiny bit of color when I'm there so I don't glow.

    Plus, I think my husband and I are the only white people at the wedding, the rest are Hawaiian or Samoan. Yes, I realize it's vain, usually I'm fine with my pale skin.

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    i like to stick with the tanning bed
    i know its horrible for your skin but everytime i've done spray tanning or used some sort of lotion(and i've tried them all) after a week it looks really bad!!!

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