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Thread: Eyeshadow transfer problem, please help

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    Default Eyeshadow transfer problem, please help

    I have this problem where if I'm using sparkly powder eyeshadow, it transfers in a line to the top of my eyelid when I blink. Any ideas how to stop this happening because it looks really stupid when it happens...


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    The same thing happens to me. Try using a primer. I've never tried it but I have heard that it is the only thing that will prevent eyeshadow from gathering in the creases. My remedy was to stop wearing shimmery eye shadow. Good luck!
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    Mary Kay has an eye primer that I hoarded when I "quit". I LOVE THAT STUFF! I've tried using regular foundation as a base and concealer, it never worked. I don't know where my eyeshadow goes I just know I put it on and within 30 minutes it's gone. Doesn't matter what brand it is either. You put a little bit and I do mean a little, of the primer on your lids then apply the shadow normally. It keeps it in place and the colors are more vibrant. I've seen other brands in the store but like I said, I hoarded. Once I get on the last tube, I'll try a less expensive brand.
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    Sparkly eyeshadow usually does this so either try a matt version and add a little sparkle on top or use a primer or a little foundation as a base.
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    Yeah I just use a bit of foundation on my eyelids before I put on shadow. It works pretty good for that.
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    Are you setting the foundation on your lid with translucent powder? That helps with keeping things where they should be.

    I echo the primer idea, though I just use powder on my lids.

    Is your eye shadow powder or a creme?
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