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Thread: Anyone use Badger Balm?

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    Default Anyone use Badger Balm?

    I have to use natural all organic products because of a health condition and I have been using Berts Bees and a few other brands but recently I've developed a life threatening allergy to sunflower oil and sunflower seeds. Sunflower oil seems to be in many organic beauty preparations.

    They opened a new Wegmans by my house and I bought several different products by Badger Balm. Anyone here use their products? What did you think? Are some items better than others?

    Anyone have favorites in the natural organic care products? I'm looking for suggestions here.

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    Yes!! I absolutely love it. I use the "sleep balm" and while it's not like "coma in a tin", it actually does help relax and calm, and I seem to sleep like a rock with it. I really love the scent, and even my fiance' loves using it.

    I cannot vouch for their other products, never having used any, but this little "sleep enhancer" works very well.

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    I use Aubrey Organics and Kiss my Face Products. You can find them in your natural Foods stores or order on line. Ive been using these lines for 18 years! Everything from shampoo to face cleanser to moisturizers.
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