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Thread: MyBrava- weird or cool?

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    Default MyBrava- weird or cool?

    With BRAVA, the growth covers the entire breast area. BRAVA was designed to grow breast tissue in every direction, whereas gravity's effect is solely a downward pull causing the breast to sag.

    Women who used The BRAVA System report an increase of 1/2 to 2-cup sizes of lasting growth. Results vary due to individual biological factors, frequency and duration of use. Another factor will be the results you desire; the more growth you want, the longer you need to use The BRAVA System.

    At least 12-15 weeks of sustained uninterrupted treatment for a minimum of 11 hours per day are required to achieve approximate growth of about 1-cup size (100cc).

    True breast growth is a slow and progressive process. In fact, the initial breast enlargement you will experience is almost all due to swelling (edema) with little or no tissue growth. True tissue growth does not start taking place until the cells have been under constant tension over weeks of use.

    The key to achieving growth is intensity and duration of wear…the more you wear The BRAVA System, the more you will grow.


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    Does this thing make boobs hurt like PMS swelling does? If so, then no thanks.
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    Doesn't it sort of work like a penis pump? It doesn't actually "grow" tissue, although I think scientists are trying to do that via cloning. This machine just swells the tissue, which I think it would do after 11 hours a day.
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