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Thread: DIY Spa Treatment: At-Home Hair Purifier

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    Default DIY Spa Treatment: At-Home Hair Purifier

    If clarifying shampoos aren't getting rid of the greasy, grimy residue that gets left behind in your already oily hair, you'll love this at-home purifying hair treatment. Made with aspirin to help stimulate your hair follicles and apple cider vinegar to get rid of build-up and control dandruff, it'll help your hair feel bouncier, lighter, and clean as a whistle. Here's what to do:

    • STEP 1: Wash your hair as usual
    • STEP 2: Crush two aspirin and pour them into an eight-ounce cup filled with apple cider vinegar (use more vinegar for thick hair and less for fine hair).
    • STEP 3: Next, apply to damp hair and leave on for fifteen minutes and then shampoo hair again. Skip using conditioner unless your hair is really tangled. In that case, just use a little bit on the ends and rinse well.
    DIY Spa Treatment: At-Home Hair Purifier | DIY, DIY Spa Treatment, hair | BellaSugar - Beauty, Hair, & Skin.

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    I have used the vinegar before and it did work well. Have not tried the aspirin though.

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    that seems like it would be very drying?

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