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Thread: Hair Care: What hair mask do you use?

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    Default Hair Care: What hair mask do you use?

    So lately I've been hearing people talking about using hair musks and that they are actually do work and make the hair look much better. My hair is usually dry and weak. What hair musk should I use?

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    i have a hair mask i apply maybe once a week. well more like every 2 weeks because i usually forget. no particular brand - my salon gives me huge samples whenever i go and they usually last until the next time i go in. it's been mostly kérastase and l'oréal professional and they've worked fine on my hair but mostly i swear by my kérastase conditioner. it's called ciment anti-usure and i apply it to the bottom half of my hair every time i wash it (i have oily hair so i keep it away from my roots) and it's really made my hair stronger and shinier and more manageable. it's expensive but it lasts for ages.
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    I use Garnier's fructis oil repair. My hair has always been very silky, though, but I can assure it's a good product to keep it that way.

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    Henna hair masks also work well for conditioning.

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