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Thread: Romantic Hair Style

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    Default Romantic Hair Style

    I want to ask my hairdresser if he can do this hair style because I really really like it. Does anyone have tips of how it should be done or angles of it? Thanks.

    Here are more pictures.

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    i dont really like it, but it is a messy look so i imagine it would be pretty easy to accomplish even on your own

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    I'll be honest - I don't like it, either. It looks as if it was a good style three days ago and she slept on it and messed it up. It doesn't look...fresh.

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    Yeah - get your hair into an up-do, sleep on it for 3 days and voila!
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    Not a fan of it either...but maybe you could pull it off (maybe try and do a less dirty looking version)
    Doesn't look too hard to duplicate.
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