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Thread: Fat Loss Body Wrap by Bioxira

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    Default Fat Loss Body Wrap by Bioxira

    Has anyone tried these body wraps? I was at a consignment sale at our local fairgrounds a couple weeks ago and saw an exhibit, but didn't want to seem too interested. I am really tempted to try one, but they're only available through distributors, it's one of those multi-level marketing products I think (like Airbonne and such), which makes me suspicious. I don't understand that business model. If you've got a great product that people want, why not sell it in a store? I think these are sold in a few salons but don't seem to be generally available.

    Any experiences?

    Here's a link:
    Sharon Webb Health Products Bioxira Body Applicator 2.0

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    wow id try that too! sorry no experience here either

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