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Thread: Hot sunburnt face

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    Default Hot sunburnt face

    I'm a really white person, so when I do go out in the sun to get a bit of colour I end up sunburnt a little bit. Anyway if it makes my nose go red and maybe a bit of the rest of my face, it somehow makes my blemishes go away and it makes me sort of really cute! Like the way little kids with reddish noses are somehow adorable.
    Anyone else sometimes sunburn themsevles slightly on purpose to look better?
    (I bet I'm the only one)

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    this is actually a potentially dangerous habit. I used to work in the indoor tanning industry while i was in university and i attended tons of seminars all abou UV light etc...

    everytime you burn your skin whether on purpose or not, you damage skin cells, contribute to aging and heighten your risk of skin cancer.

    May i suggest clarins spf 6 tanning milk (30 $ at sephora, use on face only, lasts forever)
    and a reddish toned blush-when applied correctly can give a lightly (but still pretty) sunburnt look

    dont risk your health/skin by intentionally sunburning, not worth it.

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