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Thread: Clinique - The Business Of Beauty

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    In a move that demonstrates Clinique's intent to further capitalize on its dermatologist-oriented lineage and the booming trend of dermatologist-designed skin-care products, the company has partnered with Weill Cornell Medical School. On campus by fall 2006 will be the Clinique Skin Wellness Center, funded by a $7 million grant from Clinique. The agreement between Clinique and Cornell gives Clinique original rights to all formularies and technologies developed at the Center. In addition to research (which initially will focus strongly on the link between inflammation and aging), the Center will offer educational opportunities for students and the public (Source: html). I am all for the commingling of medically based research to further our understanding of how skin functions and what it takes to improve its health and appearance. My hope is that the cosmetic products developed from this collaboration will enhance the state-of-the-art rather than serve as a setback if the formulas are long on claims and short on results. Clinique's latest products have come a long way from their pale yellow, poorly formulated Dramatically Different Moisturizer, so I am optimistic.

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    every year in allure magazine, the readers always pick the damn yellow dramatically different lotion as their favorite. that stuff is shit people! give it to a teenage girl, and tell her when she turns 20, it's time to go find a real face moisturizer.

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