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Thread: Dyeing my dark brown hair with black tea to make it darker? Will this work?

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    Default Dyeing my dark brown hair with black tea to make it darker? Will this work?

    I heard either coffee or black tea can darken your hair... Can anyone give me the steps to dyeing it? Take note that my hair is already dark brown and I wouldn't want to make it any lighter! I want darker brown hair, almost black.

    Also, the only Black Tea I have at home is Salada Black Tea Orange Pekoe... Will that darken my hair? I'm afraid it might lighten it... Please advise me!


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    I don't think you're going to find any tea or coffee that will lighten hair, since it would have to be 'chemically' enough to strip the hair of pigment. I've used coffee to darken my hair, but it's very subtle (and my hair is dark blonde) and takes several applications.

    Here's what I do. Brew a full pot of coffee (I make mine extra strong) then let it cool for several hours. Plug kitchen sink, and pour coffee over hair, letting the excess drip into the sink. Then using a cup I get the excess coffee from the sink and continue to apply until I feel my hair is thoroughly saturated. I put hair in a plastic bag and let the coffee sit on it for several minutes to an hour and rinse.

    I stopped doing it because it simply wasn't worth the hastle for the very subtle difference it made.

    I've also used black 'henna' (it's not true henna, really I think it's indigo dye) and left it on for just a few minutes. That worked really well, but the indigo stained my tub when rinsing - so that wasn't worth it for me either.

    Best of luck, and I'll keep watching this thread for ideas. I'd love to have darker hair too, but I hate chemical coloring.

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    I've heard walnut tree leaves can darken hair, but I have no idea how to use them-anyone know of that one?

    I'd love darker hair too (mine is very dark brown), but I'm avoiding dyes.

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    i feel like i'm getting anooying touting henna all over the place, i can almost qualify to be henna salesman eh? lol
    anyways can mix tea or coffee with henna for a sort of dark effect in terms of color.
    ***btw, i always buy and use natural red henna, then mix it with whatever.
    i have been told that black henna almost always contains black hair dye in it, which is uncool (for me.)

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