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Thread: how to heal a busted lip

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    Default how to heal a busted lip

    so i have what we will refer to as a "party accident" i got drunk and tripped on my stairs (it was raining so it was slick- and i had stuff in my hands so i couldnt catch myself) well, my little accident has left me with 2 parting gifts. one of which is a busted lip. i have been cleaning it like 6 times a day and applying neosporin but its just not healing fast enough.. does anyone have an idea? it looks a little better but i was wondering if anyone had some helpful hints.

    wondering what my other parting gift was- a broken tooth. sounds attractive huh? im painting the best picture of myself in y'alls head right now arent i?

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    first off, stop cleaning it so much...3 times a day would be MORE than enough...when you over clean you can actually be doing it more harm than if you just didnt clean it at all.

    Also, I assume you ARENT using a bandage over your lip, so ditch the neosporin...when you use neosporin and dont bandage over it, dirt and debris get stuck in it, and that can hinder healing...

    Basically just leave it alone as much as you can...clean it in the morning when you get up and maybe do a salt-soak (1/4 teaspoon of salt to a cup of warm water) to help draw out any infections or anything, and then do the same mid day, and then again at night...

    Thats basically all I can think of...thats what I do with my wounds, and so far I am infection and scar free...

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    Your lips heal pretty quickly (Unless you have chelitis) so it's best to leave it alone. Apply some oils, and humectants to keep it pliable, your lips don't produce oil by themselves. Also don't lick, and let it scab over.

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