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Thread: Nail salons: a hidden, ugly secret

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    Default Nail salons: a hidden, ugly secret

    (No, I never post in this thread, but this might interest some of you.)


    The Beauty Industry's Ugly Secret
    Ngoc Nguyen

    SAN FRANCISCO, California, Sep 19 (IPS) - When it comes to the 20-billion-
    dollar a year manicure industry in the United States, consumers are more
    likely to fear foot fungus, not the beauty products themselves.

    That despite the fact that the nail industry uses 10,000 chemicals in its products,
    89 percent of which have not been safety tested by any independent agency,
    according to a recent report by the National Asian Pacific
    American Women's Forum.

    That's got advocates worried not only for consumers, but nail salon workers.

    "We are also very concerned about worker health -- typically, women of
    colour, Asian immigrants and Asian American women," said Felicia Eaves,
    a national organiser with Women's Voices of the Earth. "They spend lots
    of time, 10 to 14 hours, working with these products. We know that
    many of these women have health effects, problems with spontaneous
    abortion and other health problems.

    Currently, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not safety test
    ingredients used in cosmetic or personal care products before they hit the market.
    That research is carried out by an industry-funded group.
    Consumers are left to sift through the tiny typeface listing ingredients
    on the back of the bottle.

    For nail salon workers, many factors go into a safer and healthier work
    environment, including better ventilation, protective gear and awareness
    of workplace exposures....

    On the job, nail salon workers come into contact with chemical hazards
    linked to illnesses, cancers and reproductive harm, including birth defects.
    The known or suspected carcinogens include phthalates (found in nail polish),
    formaldehyde, benzene and methylene chloride.

    Connie Nguyen, 46, has worked in the beauty business for 10 years. She
    said she's had some health problems, including difficulty breathing, skin
    allergies and occasional dizziness. She said wearing a mask can help to
    filter out particles released from filing acrylic nails, but it doesn't protect
    against fumes....
    Why is it that no one writes about the toxins in nail polish?
    We can smell the acetone in nail polish remover, and we must
    know that there is nothing natural about the metallic paint women
    put on their nails...what of salon workers who have this stuff
    in their nostrils 10 or 14 hours a day?

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    I remember seeing a segment on Dateline or one of those type shows about this. There's a really dangerous product out there called methylacrylate, which is no longer supposed to be used by nail salons, but with the undercover hidden camera thing, they found that the nail salons were buying this stuff and putting it in different bottles, so that it looked like they weren't using it.

    I can't even imagine how these workers must feel after a day of inhaling that crap - and probably for very little pay!

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    It's not a coinsidence that pregnant women cannot (or shouldn't) work in nail salons. That shit will kill you AND your kids.

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    Just walking by one of those places makes my stomach churn.. the fumes are absolutely horrible!

    Who would sit through that just to get something as useless and ephemeral as their nails done?

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