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Thread: Celebrity Beauty Trade Secrets

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    Default Celebrity Beauty Trade Secrets

    Iman, supermodel and cosmetics guru: ''Most men don't like make-up and they say they like women to look natural, but they don't understand that even natural requires work. Any woman can apply great ''no make-up'' make-up in 15 minutes. This is what I call my triple threat: Foundation that complements your skin tone, a powder to set it and a bronzer to give you a sun-kissed look. After that, keep the rest simple - slightly smoldering eyes and a juicy nude/golden lip. It is beauty's ''golden rule'' that you should accentuate one feature at a time. Choose what you consider to be your best feature - eyes or lips - and accentuate only one. It's about balancing your features, mixing and matching. And don't forget, everyone looks great with a lot of black mascara. Curl your lashes once before the mascara and once more after the mascara dries. You'll look gorgeous.''

    Tom Ford, fashion designer: ''If you've been in the public eye and a groomer puts bronzer on, it is hard not to be addicted. I wear tinted moisturiser, cover stick and a Clinique bronzer but I don't do anything to my eyelashes, I'm lucky in that way. That is where men go wrong with eye lifts - lower is fine, but upper gives you a weird feminine look. Oh, I hate giving my beauty secrets away...I have always loved beauty and have, in fact, been ribbed in the press for it. But hair and make-up are as important as clothes they define a character. They can transform a little black dress. It can be made Fifties with eyeliner, or Twenties with a Louise Brooks bob and sexy oiled-up eyes and lashes. And, being a vain human being, I also have a personal interest. I'm fascinated by the ability to transform a face through cosmetics - it's the creative side that interests me.'As a young homosexual child of 10 - OK, I did not know I was homosexual then - if I was left with the babysitter I would give my sister a makeover. Hair with raw eggs, cucumber on the eyes - whatever I had seen on TV.''

    Linda Evangelista, supermodel: ''The one product I can't live without is Hamadi. Whatever I have done to my hair over the years, this is the one thing I can rely on to let it grow back shiny, long and strong. I wouldn't have played around with my hair so much if I didn't trust it. It's full of essential oils and completely organic. I love it.''

    Netia Hibbert, make-up artist: ''My make-up wish list includes the Beyond Long by Prescriptives - nothing gives you better lashes.
    For foundation go for Color I.D from Lancome - it is a miracle worker if you use a brush to apply it, as fingers can redden the skin and make it look angry.
    For under the eyes, I'm a huge fan of Clinique's Airbrush Concealer - put it over the eye and onto the browbone so the highlight in it will give you a big bright party eye.
    Armani eyeshadows come in beautiful colours and last forever and the best lipgloss is Guerlain's Kiss Gloss.
    For blusher, Nars Orgasm works on everyone if applied on the apple of the cheeks.''
    For a lesson with Netia on how to look your best, using the best products to suit you, call Hari's salon, 305 Brompton Road, London SW3. 020 7581 5211 - surely the best Christmas idea for the girl who has everything.

    Supermodel Elle Macpherson: ''One of the most important secrets of looking your best is to get the right hair colour. The tone of your highlights can really make a difference to your skin tone. Josh at Real, in Chelsea, does my hair. My other trade tips are that you need lots of water and lots of laughter: you should nourish the inside as much as the outside.''

    Actress Rachel Weisz: ''I use a moisturiser that I found in America called Murad which is brilliant for making tired skin look really fresh and alive. Plus it's SPF 15 so it will hopefully discourage a few wrinkles. Other than that I find that sleep makes me feel good - so I try to get enough. In general I like to use really simple, pure products on my face though - you never know what hidden ingredients might end up doing to your skin in the future.''

    Supermodel Christy Turlington: ''I have cultivated a beauty regime over the years that is particular to my own skin. I was always mixing essential oils when I was younger - that's how my Sundari skincare range was born. I also think a balanced diet and yoga makes all the difference when it comes to healthy skin.''

    Supermodel Cindy Crawford: ''I wish I could say I relied on one of the old wives' tales to look good. But I don't use raw eggs in my hair or cucumbers on my eyes or anything nearly as interesting. I'm afraid it's just the good, old-fashioned tactics. I sleep a lot, drink lots of water, avoid alcohol and cigarettes, eat healthily and do plenty of exercise. It's all remarkably boring, but it's all true. If you just live the perfect life for one week you feel - and see - the benefits immediately.''

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    yeah, and a little botox and collagen doesn't hurt either, right Cindy?
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    Some good tips.

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