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Thread: DermaBlend, Tattoo cover up.

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    Default DermaBlend, Tattoo cover up.


    DermaBlend is a makeup company that hired him to show off how effective their new tattoo cover-up is. They took a team of makeup artists and made him tattoo-free by literally painting their product onto his body.

    YoutubeMeet Rico Zombie

    He looks like your everyday, average sort of guy. Sure, he has a couple piercings, but if he took them out you probably wouldn't even notice him a crowd, right?



    Nearly every inch of Rico Zombie's body is actually covered in tattoos. But you'd never guess it thanks to DermaBlend.


    But why?

    While most people want to proudly show off their ink, there are occasional times when you might want to cover things up. Whatever your view is on the matter, you have to admit this stuff is pretty impressive.


    Before, well technically after

    He's one of the most tattooed people on Earth, but you'd never guess it based on this photo.

    video here:

    Here ya go Twitchy.

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    The old thread: The best fucking makeup EVER

    Could you please provide a source for your post?
    As Canadian as possible under the circumstances


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    That's crazy. Can't imagine he regrets any of those tattoos

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    Too bad. He's an attractive guy underneath all those tattoos; you'd never know it though.

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