10 Beautiful 1940's Hairstyles For Feminine Women With Updo Long Hair

10 Beautiful 1940's Hairstyles For Women Updo Long Hair In 2015 | BestPickr

Omelet Fold 1940's Updo Hairstyles

(by Igebert)

In the 1940ís the omelet fold hairstyle gained popularity and became a go-to hairstyle of the day. Gene Tierney was a young movie star who looked fabulous in this hairstyle.

Part your hair down the center, roll each side up and pin it in place for a gorgeous retro look.

Victory Rolls 1940's Women's Hairstyles

(by Igebert)

Betty Grable was the most famous Hollywood icon of the forties and the number one pinup girl of WWII. She set trends like the victory rolls hairstyle which is still an amazing vintage style today.

Part the top of the hair into two sections and tease them. Then wind the hair around your fingers to form a loop and roll it inwards towards the parting. Spread it out to form a roll and secure it with bobby pins.

Bumper Bangs 40's Hairstyle

(by Igebert)

Jennifer Jones was a young movie starlet of the 1940ís who set and followed many fashion trends of the time.

This particular hairstyle is called bumper bangs. Comb your bangs forward and curl with an iron from the ends toward your forehead. Use a bobby pin to secure each side of the bangs to your temples.

Barrel Curl Pony Tail

(by Igebert)

Doloras Moran was a starlet of the 1940ís and this ponytail showed off her supreme fashion sense.

To get this hairstyle for yourself, twist and curl the top half of your hair into a variety of barrel and pin curls. Then, curl the bottom half into long ringlets and pull everything hanging down into a low ponytail. Tie with a ribbon and find a 1940ís inspired dress to complete the look!

1940's Hat Fashion

(by Igebert)

Because of WWII fabric was in short supply during the 1940ís, so the hat fashions of the time typically were smaller and they were usually military-esque or heavily decorated with flowers, feathers and netting. Carole Landis was a dazzling beauty breaking into the Hollywood movie scene, and knew how to wear these hats to maximize her fashion.

Try pulling off a hat like this on top of a vintage 1940ís hairstyle.

Side Parted Waved Long Hair Style

(by Igebert)

Veronica Lakeís alluring 1940′s hairstyles for long hair were just as glamorous today as they were then. Itís a hairdo that rebelled against the perfectly coifed and curled looks of the time.

This hairstyle that works great on thick naturally wavy hair. Part it deeply to the side and let it drape over one eye to reach the height of glamour.

Brushed Out Pin Curl Hairstyle

(by Igebert)

Katherine Hepburn was an International sensation and style icon. She became a role model for the independent 20th century woman.

This hairstyle is reminiscent of that example - simple, sophisticated and stylish. To get this look, run mousse through your damp hair and let it dry overnight.

Pin Curl 40's Updo Hairstyle

(by Igebert)

The pin curl updo was a pretty and trendy hairstyle in the 1940ís. It consisted of various pin curls pulled up and delicately placed atop the head. This is a beautiful style even today for a special occasion or formal event.

Curl sections of your hair and spin the curl backwards into a loop and use bobby pins to position them to your liking!

Dark Curled Bob For Medium Hair

(by Igebert)

Ava Gardner was a movie starlet in the 1940ís with a gorgeous softly curled bob. The soft face framing waves work best with medium length hair so that they stay bouncy and arenít weighed down.

The best way to achieve this hairstyle for yourself is to set your hair in hot rollers. Let them cool down as you do your makeup and voila, a perfect hairdo!

Wavy Side-Parted 1940's Men's Hairstyles

(by Igebert)

Marlon Brando was making women all over the world swoon in the 40's with his 1940's short hairstyles.

His handsome features were accentuated by a great hairstyle Ė he parted his hair on the left and combed it back. Also, he used very little product and let his tapered haircut and natural wave pattern do the talking.