Dangerous new 'collarbone challenge' hits social media


Australian Women's Weekly
4 hrs ago

First it was the thigh gap, then the bikini bridge – now the “collarbone challenge” is gaining traction on social media as young women compete to show how thin they are.

The trend – which began in China – sees women and girls balancing stacks of coins on their collarbones. The skinnier they are, the more pronounced their clavicles, and the more coins they can fit.

© Australian Women's Weekly: Chinese actress Lv Jiarong.

One of the most popular images is of Chinese actress Lv Jiarong, who uploaded a picture of herself balancing more than 80 coins on her collarbones to her Weibo account.

Since then, Weibo has been flooded with similar images as girls desperately try to “prove” they have the perfect figure.

© Australian Women's Weekly.

Like the other body-shaming trends that came before it, the collarbone challenge is extremely dangerous.

While it might seem silly to many adults, images like these can have a real impact on young and vulnerable girls and women, promoting eating disorders and other dangerous behaviour.

“Viral social media trends such as this further promote body shaming and send out negative messages about body image,” The Butterfly Foundation CEO Christine Morgan told news.com.au.

“Those who have not achieved the ‘challenge’ may feel like they don’t measure up to the cultural ideals of beauty and body shape and can experience intense body dissatisfaction which is damaging to their psychological and physical wellbeing.

If you or anyone you know is dealing with an eating disorder, contact The Butterfly Foundation.