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Thread: Choupette Lagerfeld For Shu Uemura Make-Up

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    Default Choupette Lagerfeld For Shu Uemura Make-Up

    The beauty world is just as smitten with that kitten named Choupette. Karl Lagerfeld's fluffy dearest Chou Chou has just been asked by beauty company Shu Uemura to design yet a collection of cosmetics for Christmas 2014, and this is the sneak peek. "The secret to my #beauty is out! Fluff, puff, and plump with my @shuuemura_ww collection! #shuuemura #Choupette," said Choupette from her Instagram account.

    The collaboration, neatly named "Shupette," will, says Shu Uemura, makes us "all purr with delight" - their words not ours. We do however think it's rather pleasing - no surprise as we hear Choupette's owner Karl had a little say in the design aesthetic too.

    Lagerfeld, a good friend of the late Mr Uemura, has a long-standing relationship with the Japanese beauty brand - he famously does all his sketches using its make-up pencils. And of course this isn't Lagerfeld's first foray into design for the company; remember his lovely little Mon Shu collection back in 2012? (We still have memorabilia).
    While it's not the feline's first taste of fashion (she has of course just unveiled a new accessories line) It is however Shu's first collaboration with a cat. Described by Shu Uemura as "the snow-white long haired pussycat princess," Choupette's self-portrait, created by Lagerfeld, does decorate the Christmas collection beautifully. You'll find her pretty little self fronting six of Shu Uemura's most iconic products, from curlers and creams, to its powders, palettes and UV Under Base Mousse.

    Prices start from £17.50 and the fe-line goes on sale in November at

    Choupette Lagerfeld's cute collection for Shu Uemura - Telegraph

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    i like the lip colours on the cool toned palette.
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    I'm sure I would love it all. The cat looks drugged, usually when I see cats with super huge pupils they are ready to flip the fuck out or are in the middle of a psychotic attack upon your book or non moving body parts under a blanket.

    Come on, let's have lots of drinks.

    Fuck you all, I'm going viral.

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    I can't stand Karl Lagerfeld but I would buy that line of cosmetics for the artwork alone (if I had the money).

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