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Thread: MAC launching "Simpsons" makeup line at Comic-Con

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    Default MAC launching "Simpsons" makeup line at Comic-Con

    If you thought Homer and Marge were an odd couple, here’s another partnership that’ll make you raise an eyebrow: MAC and long-running sitcom The Simpsons are collaborating on a limited-edition makeup line launching July 26 at Comic-Con.
    While in-depth details surrounding the ten-piece collection are still under wraps, a preview photo reveals eyeshadow, blush, false eyelashes, and lip gloss.
    The image also shows a Springfield-inspired color palette that even Patty and Selma would love. (Alas, yellow face paint and a giant blue beehive are not included.)

    Coming soon: M.A.C.'s collaboration with The Simpsons, launching later this month at Comic-Con, includes eyeshadow, blush, lip gloss, eyelashes, and more

    The eyeshadow, in particular, includes a blue hue similar to the shade of Marge Simpson's inimitable hair, as well as a bright purple, soft pink, and charcoal black.
    The collection will enjoy a limited pre-launch on July 26 at San Diego’s banner Comic-Con convention, where it will be available in M.A.C.’s Gaslamp location.
    Those who don’t attend Comic-Con will have to wait until August 28 to grab the collection online and September 4 to pick it up in-store.
    In a press release provided to MailOnline, M.A.C cheekily included a quote about the collection from series matriarch Marge Simpson herself.

    Famous family: Since its 1989 launch the Simpsons has spawned more than 550 TV episodes and a feature film

    ‘I must say that Lisa’s Spikes really works well with my skin tone and of course, Beehive Blue complements my hair perfectly’ it reads.
    The Simpsons is one of the world’s most successful cartoon franchises.
    Since its 1989 launch, the cartoon family has appeared in more than 550 namesake television episodes as well as a 2007 feature-length film that grossed more than $527 million at the box office.

    Read more: Make-up that's Marge approved! MAC collaborates with The Simpsons on limited-edition cosmetics (no yellow face paint required) | Mail Online
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    Looks like MAC's everyday colors.

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    I will be ordering some of this ,I just can't pass up a Simpson and MAC collaboration

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