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Thread: 6 Ways to Decorate Your, Um, Vagina

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    Default 6 Ways to Decorate Your, Um, Vagina


    You spent thousands on laser hair removal, only to find out that you actually want some hair down there. Are you forever banished to a hair-free life? Nope! Some hair restoration specialists are now offering hair transplants for our nether reasons.

    Want something a little more temporary? Cindy Barshop, owner of NYC luxury spa Completely Bare and creator of the vajazzling craze, made waves again in early 2012 when introduced little fox fur and feather toupees for our vaginas, otherwise known as a merkin.

    These temporary wigs are applied using all-natural products and last for a minimum of three days. It's not cheap, though: A tiny fox fur patch for your vag costs around $200.

    Anti-Aging Treatments

    We're very familiar with all of the anti-aging treatments for our faces, but beauty expert Polly Blitzer said women are turning to vagina "facials"—we call them vagacials—to bring back a youthful glow down there.

    "Women are steaming their vaginas with herbs then getting their pubes tinted darker to give the illusion of what's thought to be a younger-looking vagina," Polly said, "also known as a peach smoothie."


    Tired of getting that same old landing strip with your Brazilian? SJ Tierney, Brazilian waxer and author of Vagina Buffet, said some of her clients—including a surprising number of dudes—ask for special pubic hair designs.

    "I once had a Qantas pilot ask me to wax his wife's pubes into a 'runway' and place Swarovski crystals down either side of the strip, so her vagina resembled a runway," SJ said.
    "She could then 'wave him in' after his long haul flights."


    Labia not as pink as you want it to be? Get some blush!

    "Some women are putting makeup on their labia to make it seem rosier and brighter," Polly said. She recommends using My Pink Button for a temporary fix.

    And what if you want something a little more permanent? Tom Nardone from said they added a labia-bleaching cream to their lineup because so many customers asked for it.


    We're all familiar with getting things pierced down there, but Cherie Corso, co-creator of g2organics, says some women are opting for various implants to enhance their vaginas.

    "Women are putting stones under the skin to give it more texture," she said, adding that some opt to add crystals for "extra energy."

    Temporary Tattoos

    Temporary tattoos aren't for just for your 7-year-old nephew anymore. Body artist RoByn Thompson said women are coming to her for short-term tats made from gold leaf paper.

    "The designs are hand painted, so customization is easy. Feel like flowers? No problem. Want your lover's name? Done! It's all the fun of a tattoo without the commitment or pain," RoByn said.

    The designs are made to last through several sex marathons—about five to seven days—and are easily removed with rubbing alcohol.

    Read more: Ways to Decorate Your Vagina – Vagina Beauty Treatments - Cosmopolitan
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    Yeah, I'll be getting right on this right after I have surgery to remove my gunt.
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    How about just trim your bush a little and be done with it? I am so fucking sick of the "your vagina must look like a bedazzled child's" bullshit.
    "A true whore just loves her life." - Sluce

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    I don't think I'd want rubbing alcohol on or around my vagina. Sounds like it might burn a bit.
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    *Runs out to implant stones in labia*

    Fucking idiots.
    I smile because I have no idea what's going on

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    No thanks.. I am grown woman who only deal with other grown-ups if the sight of a vagina is a problem for you, then maybe that's not your cup of tea!!

    And Kris it burns like hell..
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