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Thread: Two toned hair?

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    Default Two toned hair?

    How do I even out the two colors in my hair from trying to grow out a permanent color? I want to be natural so I don't want to make another color commitment and just start another viscious cycle.
    I also want to keep my hair long so cutting it is not an option.
    I just want my hair to be all one color, preferably it's natural color.

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    Default Re: Two toned hair?

    i had the same exact problem as you, years as platinum blonde and wanted to go back, so i kept dying it my natural color, and it kept ligtening back up, so i'd dyed it again...finally back in december, i went to the salon and had it dyed dark one more time, well of course its lightened up some, but not so much that is look bad, my natural roots are about 4 inches long now, and the old color blends in very well, as if they were natural highlights or something. but i am growing it out, and cutting it out once its long enough. i am sick of those stupid cycles as well. so my advice would be to you, just let it grow out enough where you can cut it off. i know thats not what you wanted to hear though.

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    Default Re: Two toned hair?

    you could try paul mitchell's brunette shampoo and conditioner? it won't drastically change your hair color, but will even it out a bit

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    Default Re: Two toned hair?

    There are also coloured mousses you can use. But the best bet is to go 1 shade darker than your natural colour. Have it professionally done!

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