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Thread: Help! Dry, fly away hair - UGH!

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    Default Help! Dry, fly away hair - UGH!

    I have naturally blonde, long, very thick and semi-coarse hair. It is wavy but sometimes I flat iron it.

    Here is my dilemna. By mid morning I have major fly away action going on, no matter how I style it. I live in Calif., and so the air is mega dry, which I am sure doesn't help anything. By mid afternoon I end up with a pony tail cause I can't stand it.

    I think I have tried every product I can think of to tame my mane.

    Anyone have any suggestions? A new shampoo or conditioner or something?
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    Default Re: Help! Dry, fly away hair - UGH!

    I'd give my right arm for dry air...Florida's just the opposite with the humidity and it makes your hair suck too!

    Ion makes this really good lusterizing cream ( I'm not a fan of shine serums because they make your hair slimy.

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    Default Re: Help! Dry, fly away hair - UGH!

    I have the same kind of hair, except mine is very fine and I can't use most types of conditioner on it or it looks dirty. I have something I use, I forget the name (senior moment!) right now, but I will get it for you. After you shampoo and and conditioner, you rub a little of this through your hair. It gives it nice body and prevents it from tangling. I will get the exact name when I go home and post it on here (PM me if I forget). It would work for your hair type, as it works for mine, and yours isn't fine like mine, so it should work better.
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    Default Re: Help! Dry, fly away hair - UGH!

    Have you tried Kiehls creme with silk groom? Just a little bit helps control my fly aways. Hope if works for you.
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    Default Re: Help! Dry, fly away hair - UGH!

    Hubby has dubbed me the product whore because I've bought so many hair products over the years trying to manage my frizz. We have very humid days here! I have recently been using Suave Professionals Smoothing Creme and it works better than anything else I have ever tried. We even went to Florida (known for humidity) a couple of weeks ago, and in the pics my hair looks good! Prior to that I had purchased Unite Lazer Straight Relaxing Fluid from my hairdresser, and while it smelled great (like cake batter, yum!), it did next to nothing for my hair! A real waste of $18! The Suave is cheap, cheap and works great for me!

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    Default Re: Help! Dry, fly away hair - UGH!

    have you tried using a dryer sheet (like for laundry?) they talk about it on tv all the time..

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