Dear Paula,
How can I add a natural glow to my aging face without using makeup? I have seen products that promise to increase skin's natural radiance and I'm wondering what you have to say about these. The latest one from Dove features pomegranate extract. What do you think about this one in particular? You know you're the best but I won't tire of telling you that ... but if you could help me with some tips to make my face look fresher and more radiant, I'd be a happy woman!

Seda, via email

Dear Seda,
I suspect you're referring to Dove's Fresh Radiance Anti-Aging Moisturizer SPF 15 ($10.49 for 1.7 ounces). This is a very good sunscreen for normal to dry skin and does contain pomegranate extract. Although pomegranate is a great antioxidant, it cannot by itself create a radiant look to your skin. If you notice a difference in your skin's radiance, it's coming from the mica, which is a shiny mineral commonly included in makeup to create a subtle shine.

This Dove product is a good way to combine sun protection and moisture while boosting "radiance," but the effect is superficial. Rather than just applying faux radiance to your skin, why not adapt your skin-care routine so that your "glowing" skin is more genuine rather than artifice? Personally, I would be lost without my BHA Liquid. Whether from BHA or an AHA, regularly exfoliating skin is an excellent, proven way to revive your skin's tone and texture. Following up with an effective, antioxidant-rich sunscreen (the Dove product mentioned above fits that description) and using a nighttime moisturizer or serum that contains elegant antioxidants, ingredients that mimic the structure of skin, and cell-communicating ingredients will further enhance the benefits of exfoliation and leave your face looking beautifully smooth and fresh--just what you're after!

Source: Paula Begoun