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    Red face Ash Blonde Haircolor

    In an effort to neutralize the brassiness in my hair from hard-ass wellwater I decided to color my hair ash blonde this evening (the "ghetto" way, I guess )

    Now I've got a beautiful non-brassy color on a very thin outer layer of my hair but the rest is -gulp- silver/grey. Right above my ears my hair is always naturally white and now those sections (which are grown down past my boobs like the rest) are gray with a hint of viloet.

    Has anyone had bad experiences with ash blonde coloring? Did the extreme silvering fade or resolve itself in the least?

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    Oh Shit.

    I've never colored my own hair, but doesn't all coloring tend to fade over time?
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    It will fade on it's own, but if you want to speed up the process apply some olive oil to your damp hair and comb it through. Put on a shower cap and leave it in for an hour or so, then shampoo it out. Don't oversaturate with the oil-- if you do though you'll just need to shampoo a little more.

    If you don't want to try the oil just condition the heck out of it! This will also help lift the color.

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    I had a bad experience w/ that color as well; it makes you looks older and its a very dull color, I don't really think that many women look good w/ it except older women trying to cover grays. Sorry Fatguy, I had to stop dying my brown hair blonde too sooner or later b/c it stopped taking the hair color after 5 years and was just coming out yellow and brassy.
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    Oh yeah, this happened to me! I went to the Beauty Supply store and bought this gorgeous "iridescent blonde" and I was full-on silver/blonde. So creepy and anime looking! I got my hair stripped and had my stylist apply a neutral blonde which worked well.

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    I believe that if you so soak your hair in canned tomatoes, it will remove some of the green. I know I've read that somewhere before, but I'm not sure where. It makes sense, though;the red should counteract the green in your hair.

    My hair is naturally a light/medium ash blonde. I finally let my natural hair grow in after years and years of having it colored.

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    I am a hair stylist and my advice would be to use a good clarifying shampoo a few times. Don't keep putting color over color, it'll ruin your hair. If that doesn't work go to a salon, they be able to fix it properly for you and can advise you what is best for home use next time you want your hair done.

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    I have never died my hair and I'm only gunna start when I begin to go grey. My hairdresser is always trying to get me to have red streaks but I prefer the natural look on me. I think she's just trying to sell the dye!

    One of my friends had streaks in her hair once, she was ginger and died it blonde with dark purple chunky streaks, she looked like a frazzle and the blonde didn't work as most of you will know you can't dye ginger hair with a home dye. Anywho, she went on holiday about a week later and when she got out of the pool her blonde/ginger bits had turned green!!
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