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Thread: Beverly Hills skin spa to the stars treatments

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    Default Beverly Hills skin spa to the stars treatments

    Chez Gabriela Studio in Beverly Hills is the "temple" of beauty where esthetician Gabriela Perez since 1986 has performed the art of regenerating and perfecting the skin. Many fortunate people and stars have successfully rejuvenated their skin here.

    After studying with Swiss skin care Gurus in Europe and Elizabeth Arden's face & body treatment technique and methods, Gabriela Perez created her own personal particular method based on a special technique called "Skin Restitutor" which continues to be extremely successful making magic for her clients skincare. Gabriela's philosophy is to achieve perfectly balanced, rejuvenated and healthy skin.

    Among her clients: Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Val Kilmer, Whitney Houston, Ellen Barkin, President Bill Clinton, Kate Hudson, Mia Wasikowska, Anne Hathaway, Leah Remini, Melanie Griffith, Carla Gugino, Uma Thurman, Salma Hayek, Cher, Nicole Kidman, Amber Valletta, Jennifer Anniston, Halle Berry, Faith Hill, Chris Kattan, Nicole Ritchie, Renee Zellweger, Julianna Margulies, Jeff Goldblum, Owen Wilson, Penelope Cruz, Lisa Marie, Valli O'Reilly, Jennifer Lopez, Tim Burton, David Spade, Patrice Jones, Kevin Huvane, Tyra Banks, Sarah Jessica Parker, Catherine Keener, Denise Richards, Hillary Clark, Lisa Solana, Erica Gerardi, Roman Phifer, Grant Hill and many more...

    Unlike other beauty care providers, Gabriela dedicates a great deal of time to each appointment, never rushing with any of her clients. She personally cares for each one of them, whether they are celebrities or not.

    For personalized special treatments and personalized products, pricing can vary with individual needs according to the level and quantity of treatments planned. Treatment and product descriptions and pricing are discussed with each client during their studio sessions. The treatments and prices shown below are a guide. Prices reflect our studio privacy, our exclusive European products and incredibly sophisticated, delicate, caring treatment of the skin by Gabriela herself, our skin artist.

    Contact us to have a phone or in-studio consultation with our Skin Artist Gabriela. Gabriela will decide and design the specific treatment for you during the individual consultation. She customizes treatments according to your needs and requirements to perfectly balance and rejuvenate your skin.

    Products that are made and imported from Europe by Chez Gabriela are subject to Euro-Dollar fluctuations. This can also effect prices of services since we use European products during treatments.

    Basic "Gabriela" Facial Treatment from $500 (skin evaluation and initial basic skin repair facial) to $1,900 (complete basic facial) depending upon evaluation.

    The "Double" Treatment from $800 ( skin evaluation and initial basic skin repair facial and machines and Laser ) to $3,000 depending upon evaluation.

    Advanced facials generally start at $3,000

    The "Diamond Powder" Treatment starting at $3,000
    Gabriela offers great results with a combination of the Skin Master MD7 and her very sophisticated and experienced technique. This machine produces dramatic results because it is not invasive. It is particularly great around the eye area to improve skin texture and the firming effects continue to last for weeks and even months after treatment. This machine also contains a cold laser device, which is unlike conventional laser machines. This machine captures the attention of Gabriela's clients because with only a few treatments her clients notice a significant reduction in small facial wrinkles and discoloration. The machine smoothes fine lines and improves discoloration without burning the overlying skin. Skin Master MD7 is not invasive and does not rupture capillaries.

    The treatment takes approximately two to two and one half hours ending with natural and visible results. Together with a diamond powder treatment this procedure achieves outstanding results. This treatment requires one session every four days with a minimum of three sessions, each costing $3000.

    "Platinum Celebrity" Treatment and other special treatments easily range from $6,000 or more. These treatments are tailored to the unique individual needs of clients seeking extraordinary results with the most exquisite products and advanced techniques. Laser, platinum, gold and diamond powder, stem cell serums are used in varying combinations.

    Some sample packages that have been created for some of our clients:

    Facial Treatments -
    Facial Cleansing, Hydrating, Acid Peels, Enzyme Peels series of 6 Treatments for $4,000
    Facial Toning, Exfoliation, Collagen series of 7 Treatments $4,500
    Machine Facial with Laser, Toning, Ultrasound, Lymphatic Drainage series of 6 Treatments $5,000

    Body Treatments -
    Laser Treatments for the body series of 6 Treatments $5,000
    Acid Peeling series of 10 Treatments $5,000
    Anti-Adiposity series of 8 Treatments $5,000
    Detox, Firm, Eliminates water, puffiness & fat deposits series of 10 Treatments $5,000


    Thermal toner $450
    Cleansing Cream $475
    Acid $725
    Scrub $425
    Black Cream $625
    Anti-Cellulite Cream $750
    Serum $375
    Cell Constructor $2,200
    Gold Serum $2,250
    Paradise Cream $3,200

    Machine Treatments Description - For the Body

    Laser Treatment Body: This unique treatment has been designed exclusively for the diminishing of stretch marks and scars. It is performed with a module which consists of 12 small needles. These needles carry a non-invasive, non-capillary rupturing, non-burning laser. However, it is a cold lod laser current, which by inserting into the superficial affected area (stretch mark or scar) will then increase the production of collagen. At the same time, the laser current will gently remove the old stretch mark and scar tissue allowing the new cells to reproduce faster until a new renewal process occurs. Thereby forming new layers of skin until eventually you visibly notice a great reduction of the stretch mark or scar. With regular treatments you will notice an 85% - 90% improvement of the affected areas.

    Acid Peeling: This is an incredible treatment. It is marvelous because with regular, consistent treatments throughout the year it repairs sun damage, any damage caused by medications and hormonal skin damage. In simple words, it regulates skin melanin achieving a more complete, uniform color all over the body especially after summer, winter and post-surgical procedures. It is performed twice a week by very specific peelings such as grape seed acid in its purest form, mandelic acid or sea enzymes. With great frequency the body achieves great moisture, tone and luster as well as uniform color.

    Anti-Adiposity: Anti-Adiposity treatment is very intense and extremely effective treatment. It is especially designed against cellulite and water build-up on the body. Gabriela created this effective and unique treatment in a mechanical and manual way. She first applies an ultrasound device on the affected areas where most adiposity tissue forms. By using ultrasound, the skin prepares to absorb the second mechanical device allowing the product, Anti-Cellulite, to penetrate deeply into the affected area dissolving the toxins of such with great facility.

    Then, she follows with her manual technique assuring that the toxic little bumps break away in order to eliminate them naturally, either by perspiration or urination. The client or patient follows at home with an application of either a liquid or cream form, which contains anti-adiposity ingredients to ensure the proper elimination through the week. The home product may contain ingredients such as caffeine and sea minerals. This treatment is recommended for a long series of at least 24 treatments consisting of minimal twice to three times a week.

    Machine Treatments - For the Face

    Ultra-Sound Current Therapy: Will stimulate the lymphatic system and reduce the amount of fluid in the skin when the muscles are gently exercised. This will aid in the reduction of dark circles and puffiness in the eye area and improve complexion. It will also increase collagen production and will tighten and firm the muscles.

    Laser Exfoliator: Helps to reduce pigmentation through penetration into the basal layer and will minimize dilated pores.

    Yellow Light Laser: Diminishes the redness and is also used for its soothing and detoxifying properties. Improves the lymph and blood circulatory system. With regular treatments the patient will literally see a 90% improvement in skin tone and contour.

    Toning Machine: Will help keep neck muscles firm and strong. This machine also acts as a disincrustation, which allows superficial toxins and impurities to be brought to the surface (comodones, acneac blemishes, or sebum blocked dots). This is essential for the completion of a perfect derma cleansing.

    If I bought Paradise Cream for $3200 and it didn't improve my skin in every way, I'd make Gaby eat the cream.

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    isn't this the place accused of stealing credit card info from Aniston?
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    Jeff Goldblum goes to a beauty spa hehehe
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