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Thread: Need help with hairstyle

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    Default Need help with hairstyle

    I am tired of my hairstyle and I want to change it, even though everybody says the current one looks good on me.
    Provided that I do not look nearly as good as her, here is how my hair are now:

    And I want to change to something more like those of Shirley Manson's in this (totally NSFW) video:

    YouTube - Garbage -Push it-

    Does anybody have better stills from the video, or photos of similar hair styles that I can bring with me the next time I go to the hair dresser?

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    looks like this to me:

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    I would say either get extensions or grow it out. Sometimes color is nice to if you are looking for a drastic change until the length grow out.

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    Thank you for the tips! I am sorry to reply so late, but I have been without internet in the last days and I hate it soo much!

    I do like it from the side!

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    Have fun with your hair! Change is good.
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