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Thread: Skincare / beauty gift ideas for my mother?

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    Default Skincare / beauty gift ideas for my mother?

    I want to get my mom some really nice skincare products this year because she rarely buys herself anything nice. But I don't know where to start, and I'm hoping some of you can recommend something. I have in mind a 'starter set' for a nice brand, or maybe a trio of products that are moisturizing or a bit anti-aging. But I'm in my 20s and don't have a sense of what older skin needs. And I don't know what brand to pick.

    A bit about her skin / tastes:
    - she's in her early 60s
    - she's very low-maintenance, and doesn't care about her wrinkles etc. (even though she's aging beautifully and looks more like 45)
    - she has incredibly sensitive skin, she reacts to cheap metal jewlery and clothing tags, etc.
    - she has very dry skin
    - she doesn't wear perfume

    For years, her go-to products were Oil of Olay, Noxzema and that's about it. I think she might use a few Lancome products now but I'm not sure. Once she bought herself something by Cleu De Peau and loved it, but I can't remember what it was now.

    Any ideas about some easy, pampering moisturizing products or brands for her? Have you seen any great giftsets? And what do the ladies here of similar age use?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Cali.if you can get Boots nr 7 products,specially the serum,go for it.
    They are perfect,work miracles and totally cheap.
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    Go to HSN /Home shopping network website and look though Adrian Arpels line. Signatue club.
    Signature Club A Beauty Products at
    She has skin care makup etc for mature woman. Lots of kits with many products in them and gift sets
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    as usual, i swear by avène products. i also have very sensitive skin and get reactions from anything from clothing tags to cheap cosmetics to certain perfumes, and the brand was recommended by my dermatologist. they are specially formulated for very sensitive skin and contain no perfumes or any other kind of irritants.
    this is their anti-aging line:
    Aging Skin*- Avène
    and then there are a whole bunch of moisturisers to choose from depending on skin type.
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