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Thread: Eye cream suggestions?

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    Default Eye cream suggestions?

    I'm 29, and since I have started dropping weight I've noticed that I have lines under my eyes. Nothing crazy, but I feel like I should try to do something so I don't end up looking like a bag lady.

    Any recs for eye creams? I've just used Cetaphil moisturizer when I get dry, but my skin is definitely different than it was in my early 20's.
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    I like this stuff called 100% Pure. It's called coffee bean caffeine eye cream and it smells really nice too.
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    I use RoC Retinol Correction Eye Cream around my eyes since I've read retinol is one of the very few things that can really help wrinkles or fine lines. I'm using it mostly as a preventative right now to try and hold off the years.

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    Don't forget religious use of sunscreen too.

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