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Thread: Laser removal for stretch marks?

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    Default Laser removal for stretch marks?

    Just wondering if anyone had any experience with diminishing the appearance of stretch marks using lasers? I know there's another thread about stretch marks recommending oils/creams/etc, but I'm really looking to get rid of, rather than prevent. I have deep ones all over and I know that nothing can get rid of them but I was looking into lasers and just wanted to see if, like so many "cures" out there, it was a waste of money or not.

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    I heard of something called a fraxel laser that's supposed to help get rid of stretch marks, but I never have tried it, or know anyone who has.
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    I've seen people try all sorts of things to get rid of them. Unfortunately, I haven't met a single one who was successful in any sort of treatment. If they're bad stretchmarks, maybe there can be treatment to make them look better, but if they're minimal like the ones I have on my hips from puberty, I wouldn't stress about them.

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