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Thread: 20 Minutes of Scrubbing?

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    Default 20 Minutes of Scrubbing?

    I was at the bookstore this weekend and was reading a book about "beauty care", that was supposed to contain recipes for homemade beauty products.

    One of the interesting things that this book said was that *thorough* washing is required, and that you should have a bath at least once per day and spend at least 20 minutes just using soap to scrub yourself from head to toe to eliminate all the dirt and oil buildup on your skin. Then, you start with the various exfoliators, masks, treatments, etc. that you can make with the recipes in the book.

    Personally, I'm all for bathing on a daily basis, but the 20 minutes of scrubbing, as well as the "at least once per day", which leaves you open to bathing much more than that, seems to go against what I've read and heard elsewhere. I think 20 minutes of vigorous scrubbing with soap would irritate my skin as well as dry the heck out of it. I mean, how much dirt do you have on you?

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    Default Re: 20 Minutes of Scrubbing?

    20 minutes of scrubbing your entire body, ie it takes 20 minutes to do everything is pretty reasonable imo....once a week.

    i think everyday is overkill.

    post some of the recipes!

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    Default Re: 20 Minutes of Scrubbing?

    I think you'd do damage to your skin if you scrubbed that intensively once a day. The day my cast came off I had three weeks of dead skin from my fingertips to my arm pit and I scrubbed a long time with an exfoliating brush two days in a row to get all of the flakes off. But had I done it more than that I would have been raw! You should have seen the flakes, I had no idea our skin dies that rapidly. No wonder dust mites thrive.

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    Default Re: 20 Minutes of Scrubbing?

    20 minutes a day?

    I do a quick face scrub every morning and a whole body scrub one a week if I don't forget, that's enough for me. After 20 minutes I'd have no skin left

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    Default Re: 20 Minutes of Scrubbing?

    Who's got that kind of time?

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    Default Re: 20 Minutes of Scrubbing?

    I read somewhere though that dry scrubbing your body with a soft towel at least for 2 min can contribute to your lymphatic system/function.
    But if you are going to be scrubbing for 20 whole min, use something soft like a wash cloth not loofa and other abrasive materials.

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    Default Re: 20 Minutes of Scrubbing?

    yeah they call that skin brushing and it is highly therapeutic
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