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Thread: 'I spend £15k a year to look like Britney Spears'

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    Default 'I spend £15k a year to look like Britney Spears'

    Baby one more facial: Lorna Bliss kept getting mistaken for Britney Spears

    She says: When Britney Spears released Baby One More Time in 1998, friends kept commenting on my resemblance to her. I was even stopped in the street by strangers mistaking me for her.
    At first I couldn't see it, but then I realised there were various similarities between us, so when I saw an ad in The Stage newspaper by an agency seeking lookalikes, I applied straight away.
    That was in 2000 and I've been impersonating Britney ever since.
    She is a huge part of my life now, but emulating her look is a full-time job.
    She changes her appearance so often and it's very expensive to keep up.
    It's not just her clothes; it's also looking after my skin, changing my hair, making sure my nails are manicured, and working out.
    I even shaved my hair off when she did.

    It was daunting, but I felt incredibly proud that I'd been true to the character.
    Probably my biggest expense is getting my hair cut and coloured and having extensions every month.
    But keeping up with her costumes is pricey, too.
    I have to have everything tailor-made and one costume alone can cost between £400 and £500.
    To keep my skin glowing and healthy like Britney's I have regular facials, including Microdermabrasion.
    I'm a great believer that if you look after your skin when you're younger, you won't have to have Botox or cosmetic surgery later in life.
    I also swear by Dermalogica skincare products and, when I'm performing, you can't beat Simple cleanser for removing make-up.
    I also think it's very important to moisturise your body daily.

    I often reveal a lot of flesh, as Britney wears such skimpy costumes, so I slather on Bio Oil or Palmer's Cocoa Butter to keep my skin soft and toned.
    I always wear Mac's Studio Fix foundation, as it gives my skin a flawless 'airbrushed' look.
    Unlike Britney, though, I have a few freckles on my face, so I have to cover them up with uber-thick stage concealer called Screenface.
    When Britney puts on weight, it's so much easier for me as I can relax a bit and eat what I want.
    But when she loses it, I also have to follow suit.
    When she slimmed down recently for her tour, I went on a strict diet, cutting out junk food, bread and butter, swopping fullfat milk for skimmed and not eating after 8pm.
    Plus, I followed a gruelling regime of swimming two or three times a week; doing two or three hour-long weekly gym sessions incorporating cardio work and weights; and doing 200 stomach crunches a day.
    But for all the effort, I wouldn't change it.

    Being Britney has totally changed my life - I owe her a lot.

    'I spend £15k a year to look like Britney': How much does it cost to run your body? | Mail Online

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    Well, truthfully she looks better than Britney. Still sounds like a waste of money though. I can't imagine being so high maintenance.

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    they have the same shapeless legs
    I don't want to perish like a fading horse - best lyric ever

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    "To keep my skin glowing and healthy like Britney's I have regular facials..."

    Really? I have never heard Zitney's skin described as glowing and healthy.
    What I really want to know is whether it makes your poop glow in the dark after eating it! ~ Kittylady

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    of all the ugly skanks to want to look like?
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    Well, she has the same wide linebacker neck.
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    Her hair is in horrible shape for someone who spends that much money on it.
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    I have to hand it to this woman- she stayed with Brit through ALL her phases. And I do mean ALL of them.

    Some photos of her:

    She even had the same busted weave as Brit. That's dedication:

    She does bear a pretty good resemblence to Britney:

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    Bitch is consistent and even looks like Britney. I'll give her that.

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    I wonder if she wore a fake pregnancy belly when Britney was pregnant.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daphne View Post
    Bitch is consistent and even looks like Britney. I'll give her that.
    Actually, she's so consistent it's kind of creepy...

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