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Thread: The five best haircuts of all time

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    Thumbs up The five best haircuts of all time

    (Un-freaking-believable what hairstyle and makeup change does for appearances)

    The Five Best Haircuts of All Time - 1 Makeup, Skin Care & Hair - Your Look - MSN Lifestyle

    Audrey MacKenzie: Before
    Audrey MacKenzie, 36, the owner of a dog-walking business and mom to a newborn son, stepped into the salon looking gorgeous — just with too much hair. "The length detracted from her beautiful features," says Decuers, who chopped off a full 10 inches. The verdict? "My husband kept staring at me," says Audrey, "and when I asked what he was looking at, he'd just say, 'I'm checking out my new wife!'"

    Audrey MacKenzie: After
    This popular cut has as many famous fans as interpretations: Try it sleek, wavy, or choppy — the way Audrey wears it here.
    Cut and color: This version is slightly longer in front, which keeps it from looking too boxy. Bold highlights play up the chunky texture.
    Is it for you? Swingy layers flatter all face shapes, from round to oval or square, says Decuers. This shorter length can also plump up fine hair by taking away some weight.
    Styling tips: "Use a thickening spray on damp strands to give it more movement," says Decuers. A good choice: Charles Worthington Dream Hair Exquisite Body Thickening Spray ($9, drugstores).
    Key makeup move: Roncal filled in Audrey's over-plucked brows with a blond brow pencil. "Too-thin brows can make you look washed out — especially if you're fair-haired," she says. Try Mary Kay Brow Definer Pencil in Classic Blonde ($10,

    Ellie Schantz: Before
    "I've had long hair since college," says Ellie Schantz, a meal-center manager and mother of two girls, ages 15 and 11. With her 45th birthday just days away, she came to the salon excited about a new look. Says Decuers: "When Ellie walked in, I could tell she had great energy. Now her cut matches her personality." Ellie's biggest post-makeover surprise? "I can actually get my hair to look like this 'after' photo," she says.

    Ellie Schantz: After
    "Layers with an edge" is how Decuers describes this style, first made famous by Jane Fonda (in Klute) and Pat Benatar.
    Cut and color: This 2009 version features longer layers than Fonda's close-cropped one, plus face-framing, angled bangs. Hazan chose a chocolate-brown vegetable dye to gently cover Ellie's grays and boost shine.
    Is it for you? A shag works best on straight hair or loose waves. The layers can look poodle-y with curly hair — you'll have to blow it straight to make the cut work.
    Styling tips: To maximize shine, blow-dry hair, then flatiron it (this smooths the cuticle). Finish with a smoothing serum. Try Sebastian Liquid Gloss Defrizz Polishing Drops ($17, for salons).
    Key makeup move: Roncal used a single shadow (in plum) on Ellie's lids to draw attention away from her undereye puffiness. "Using just one color makes lids look more even," says Roncal. Try Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow in Gossip ($19, Macy's).

    Shannon Jenest: Before
    "I have always been hesitant to cut my hair," says Shannon Jenest, 32, a public relations executive and mom of a 3-year-old son. "I thought long hair was more feminine. But my new short crop makes me feel alive, and to me, that's really sexy." Shannon warmed up to her new, coppery-red hair a bit more gradually: "I have a pretty classic style, which can translate as boring. This hair is anything but," she says.

    Shannon Jenest: After
    Gamine and gorgeous, yet classic — this cut takes guts. The payoff is how well it shows off your features.
    Cut and color: Long, asymmetrical bangs and choppy layers throughout give this pixie its chic look. As for the bold color: "Shannon was strawberry blond as a kid, so I knew she could pull off red hair beautifully," says Hazan.
    Is it for you? It's the most flattering with delicate facial features and wavy hair, says Decuers.
    Styling tips: Boost the texture by dabbing pomade on the ends with your fingertips. Try Citre Shine Shine Miracle Highly Polished Glossing Pomade ($4, drugstores).
    Key makeup move: This cut spotlights skin. "Shannon's is dry, accentuating fine lines," says Roncal. Her strategy: Use creamy, moisturizing makeup. Try Mally Beauty Pro Natural Lip & Cheek Rouge in Peach ($20,

    Jill Hyman: Before
    Jill Hyman, 41, admits that the last time she had a different hairstyle, her daughter and son, now 11 and 9, weren't born. Yet her new cut is winning raves with family — and some virtual strangers as well. "The people who know me all say I look younger," she says. "But I thought it was funny when the mailman who delivers to the knitting store where I work part-time and the cashier at the local supermarket commented as well."

    Jill Hyman: After Sure, they're cute on kids, but a little fringe can make grown-ups look youthful, too, by concealing a broad forehead and fine lines.
    Cut and color: Decuers cut a wide swath of bangs just past the outer corners of Jill's eyes, then used a razor to place layers in her all-one-length hair. Hazan added caramel highlights, even to the bangs, to give her brown more depth.
    Is it for you? Yes, if you want a dramatic change without lopping off too much length. Bangs need trimming every three weeks, so ask your stylist how to do it yourself, or if he offers free touch-ups.
    Styling tips: Curl bangs under slightly with a paddle brush. "They look prettier if not blown stick straight," says Decuers.
    Key makeup move: "Shiny lips play up a more youthful cut," says Roncal. Try Milani Buzz Worthy Lip Gloss in Bee Gone ($5.49, Walgreens).

    Cheryl Chutter: Before
    Cheryl Chutter, 41, is a single mom whose friends sometimes nag her about keeping up her appearance, like covering her grays. "I was always the glamour girl in my family," Cheryl says, "but ever since I gave birth to my son over two years ago, I've gotten a little lax about taking care of myself." She's betting this new look will also boost her confidence in job interviews, since she was recently laid off from her position as a jeweler. "I feel renewed," says Cheryl. "My friends and family are thrilled as well, particularly about the change in my emotional state of mind."

    Cheryl Chutter: After
    Every decade has its list of layered-hair beauties, from Raquel Welch to Jennifer Aniston. And yes, this cut's as sexy as ever. But the real reason it endures may be more practical: Long layers are versatile and require little fussing to look amazing.
    Cut and color: The newest interpretations are more polished, less bed head-y. "The layers should be chunky instead of wispy," says Decuers, who gave Cheryl the cut. Subtle highlights (like honey and caramel, shown here) add dimension and shine. "They brighten up Cheryl's features so she looks younger," says Hazan.
    Is it for you? Try long layers if you're bored with all-one-length locks or you'd like a little more movement in your hair. Skip them if your hair is fine or pin straight; without natural body, this cut can look flat and lifeless.
    Styling tips: After blow-drying hair straight, spray it with a fine-mist hairspray, then run your fingers through the ends to separate them. Try Sunsilk Hold Me Forever Flexible Hold Hairspray ($3.69, drugstores).
    Key makeup move: Cheryl's a natural beauty who wanted to go for a little more drama. Roncal lined her top and bottom lids with black pencil, staying as close to the lash line as possible. "I call this sandwiching your lashes with black; it makes them seem more lush," she says. Paired with nude shadow and a neutral-peachy gloss, all of Cheryl's delicate features suddenly come alive. Try Merle Norman Age Defying Eyeliner in Black Onyx ($14,

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    Wow, she looks great! And more youthful looking. What a difference!

    Ellie Schantz: After
    Rock the fuck on!

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    Long hair on, ahem, older women doesn't make you look younger. Quite the opposite, it's terribly ageing (and boring), especially if it's in crap condition.
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    Hate the bangs and the color. What a crap style for her features.
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    not impressed with any of them really. it seems more about styling then cut.
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    Is it bad that for a lot of them, I prefer the before? I am more into the natural look though.
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    these 2 definitely look better in the after pics, and i like their new cuts.

    this one definitely looks better in the after picture too, though i'm not crazy about the cut:

    the 2 long styles kind of suck though. the one with bangs looks hideous. terrible highlights too. and the last one just looks like she had a pageant blow out.
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    I agree,Sput. The blond looks 400% better.
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    God, it's like Faces of Meth up in this bitch!

    Thank Christ a haircut comes with tranny makeup and photoshop.
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    Looks like they had been out in a tornado in the before pics.

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    the typical before/after trick of not having any makeup in the before shots does always make them look worse before and better after. some of the before shots don't even look like they brushed their hair

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    What the? Of course you look better after a visit to the hairdresser never mind a haircut a blow-dry can make a huge difference. Even my husband notice the difference
    Like take a picture of me after my workout and after my blowdry ....
    BIG difference

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    Quote Originally Posted by witchcurlgirl View Post
    the typical before/after trick of not having any makeup in the before shots does always make them look worse before and better after. some of the before shots don't even look like they brushed their hair
    exactly. the makeup is making a huge difference.

    that being said, i do like this new cut a lot:
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    I like the first cut...the rest are shit.

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    That second cut...the shag is so 1997 Jennifer Aniston. The rest are just OK except for the blonde and the redhead. I love pixie cuts but my facial features are too strong for them.

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