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Thread: DIY mineral makeup

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    Default DIY mineral makeup

    DIY Mineral Makeup

    I thought this was a really neat instructable. I'm going to try it out after we move.
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    That's cool, but where the hell would you find these types of ingredients?
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    You can get all the minerals from any place that sells soapmaking supplies. A lot of them will sell you sample packs that have plenty enough to make lots of makeup. I didn't look at this site so I don't know what their recipe calls for, but the only ingredient I was never able to find in small quantities was bismuth oxychloride, which is what Bare Escentuals uses in their foundation. I always used matte mica instead. The main thing that's difficult about making your own is getting the color right. Make sure you measure everything and once you figure out your recipe, write it down. For small quantities I just put all the mineral pigments in a baggie and mixed them by kneading with my fingers. For larger quantities - I had a business for about a year - I used a hand held blender.

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    awesome. I use minerals basics, Its a family owned business and they make their own. Very light sheer coverage.
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    This looks neat but I'd be concerned about getting the right cool shade for my skin.

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