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Thread: 'Proof' face creams beat wrinkles

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    Default 'Proof' face creams beat wrinkles

    'Proof' face creams beat wrinkles

    Sun damage causes wrinkles

    Scientists say they have clinical proof that a face cream available on the high street does reduce wrinkles.
    Five months' worth of stock of the leading brand sold in a day after Professor Chris Griffiths announced in 2007 it appeared to combat sun damage.

    Two years on from the BBC Horizon programme showcasing his work, his team has shown the cream visibly smoothes out the skin.

    Boots predicts boom sales of its No 7 Protect & Perfect Intense Beauty Serum.
    This moisturiser is a richer version of its Protect & Perfect Beauty Serum that the team tested before and found it stimulated the production of fibrillin-1, a protein that promotes elasticity in the skin which is lost with sun damage.

    BBC NEWS | Health | 'Proof' face creams beat wrinkles

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    tbh I think that any rich moisturiser used every day will reduce wrinkles, not just the special expensive anti-wrinkle cream.

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    anything that moisturizes will reduce the appearance of wrinkles

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    I tried this stuff a few years back and I was not impressed. I didn't see any changes in my skin from daily use. I don't really have any lines or wrinkles so perhaps I cannot give a fair assessment.

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