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  1. Guess the celeb described by the Daily Mail -- worst game ever
  2. Celebrity picture request!
  3. Game: Celebrities Who Deserve Each Other
  4. Celebrity Photo Uno
  5. What celeb is most like you, personality wise?
  6. If you had to...
  7. Gruesome Twosome
  8. Kiss or Diss?
  9. Celebs of Yesterday and Today
  10. Guess the bald celebrity
  11. Erase/Replace a Celeb
  12. Name the title of the song and the artist
  13. What would you say to a celebrity.....
  14. Celebs really are animals
  15. Insult A Celebrity
  16. Celeb couples: Beauty & the beast
  17. Celeb Matchmaker
  18. The Snog and Boff Game!
  19. Marry, Boff, or Kill a Celeb
  20. A-Z movie title game
  21. What Are The Stars Up To?
  22. Dress up celebrities
  23. Nickname The Celeb!
  24. Hicktown U.S.A.
  25. Compliment A Celeb
  26. Fug vs. Beautiful
  27. Who would play you in a movie?
  28. Describe the celebrity in ONE word
  29. Stranded with a Star!
  30. The Song Name Game
  31. Guess The Weight
  32. The Would You Wear It Game
  33. Band Name Game
  34. Celebrity Anagram Name
  35. Use three adjectives to describe Angelina Jolie
  36. Guess who!
  37. Celebrity Name Game
  38. What celebrity could be your twin? (Quiz)
  39. Caption this...