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  1. Helena Christensen at the Premiere of "Winter Passing" (02/15/2006)
  2. Madonna at the Brit Awards [2/15/2006]
  3. Jennifer Tilly at the Card Player of the Year Awards [2/15/2006]
  4. Laura Prepon and Chris Masterson at Card Players of the Year Awards (02/15/2006)
  5. Natalie Portman at the Tokyo 'V for Vendetta' press conference [2/16/2006]
  6. Kimi Rossi Stuart at the Berlin premiere of 'Crime Novel' [2/15/2006]
  7. Anna Mouglalis at the Berlin premiere of 'Crime Novel' [2/15/2006]
  8. Heath Ledger at the Berlin premiere of 'Candy' [2/15/2006]
  9. Abbie Cornish at the Berlin premiere of 'Candy' [2/15/2006]
  10. Russell Crowe performs at Sanity product launch [2/15/2006]
  11. Bai Ling at the launch of 'L' perfume (2/15/2006)
  12. Zooey Deschanel at the premiere of 'Winter Passing' [2/15/2006]
  13. Mia Kirschner at the launch of 'L' perfume [2/15/2006]
  14. Chelsea Clinton at the Winter Ballet Ball [2/15/2006]
  15. Kelly Osbourne arriving at the Brit Awards [2/15/2006]
  16. Kanye West arriving at the Brit Awards [2/15/2006]
  17. James Blunt arriving at the Brit Awards [2/15/2006]
  18. Jack Johnson arriving at the Brit Awards [2/15/2006]
  19. Boy George arriving at the Brit Awards [2/15/2006]
  20. Thandie Newton arriving at the Brit Awards [2/15/2006]
  21. Brad Pitt and Maddox play in the park [2/14/2006]
  22. Joss Stone arriving at The Brit Awards (02/15/2006)
  23. Kelly Clarkson arriving at The Brit Awards (02/15/2006)
  24. The cast of The Chronicles of Narnia in Tokyo (02/15/2006)
  25. Juliette Lewis at Blogstar Promotional Press Conference (02/15/2006)
  26. Paris Hilton arriving at the Brit Awards (02/15/2006)
  27. Ricky Martin in Concert at the James L. Knight Center in Miami (02/14/2006)
  28. Liza Minnelli Attends the Dutch Premiere of "Cabaret" (02/14/2006)
  29. Cindy Margolas arrives at The Pussycat Dolls at Pure (02/14/2006)
  30. Christina Ricci at the beach
  31. Paris Hilton shops for dresses in Munich (02/14/2006)
  32. Cameron Diaz on set filming "The Holiday" (02/15/2006)
  33. Kelly Clarkson rehearsing for the Brit Awards (02/15/2006)
  34. Paris Hilton at the Julien MacDonald show during London Fashion Week (02/14/2006)
  35. Jane Seymour at Central Park photocall (02/15/2006)
  36. Natalie Portman arrives in Japan to promote V for Vendetta (02/15/2006)
  37. Willa Ford arrives at The Pussycat Dolls at Pure(02/14/2006)
  38. Salma Hayek at a news conference in Mexico City (02/14/2006)
  39. Denise Richards stops by cafe in Malibu (02/14/2006)
  40. Tyra Banks with Bob Barker on The Price is Right (02/14/2006)
  41. Jessica Simpson stops by grocery store in Santa Fe (02/13/2006)
  42. Angelina and Maddox head home after shopping at "Pintel Jouets" toy store (02/14/06)
  43. Eve strolls down Robertson Boulevard (02/10/2006)
  44. Gwen Stefani and Gavin out shopping (02/12/2006)
  45. Gwyneth Paltrow out in LA over the weekend (02/12/2006)
  46. Christina Aguilera buys cookies for Valentine's Day (02/14/2006)
  47. Jennifer Lopez shopping for a Valentine's gift (02/14/2006)
  48. Britney Spears shopping at Fred Segal (02/14/2006)
  49. Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck and Baby Violet get in their car (02/13/2006)
  50. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in Vienna [2/13/2006]
  51. Rachel Hunter at 2006 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Press Event (02/14/2006)
  52. Nicollette Sheridan hosts Valentine's Day with the Pussycat Dolls (02/14/2006)
  53. Marisa Miller at 2006 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Press Event (02/14/2006)
  54. Daniela Pestova at 2006 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Press Event (02/14/2006)
  55. Petra Nemcova at 2006 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Press Event [02/14/2006]
  56. Maria Sharapova at 2006 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Press Event (02/14/2006)
  57. Bridget Hall at 2006 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Press Event (02/14/2006)
  58. The Pussycat Dolls visit MTVs TRL (02/14/2006)
  59. Marilyn Manson sighting at the Berlinale (02/13/2006)
  60. Katie Holmes gets coffee on her way back to the Scientology Center (02/13/2006)
  61. Ewan McGregor at the "Stay" Photocall/Press Conference at the Berlinale (02/13/2006)
  62. Lindsay Lohan at the Berlinale After Party of "V for Vendetta" (02/13/2006)
  63. Natalie Portman at the Berlinale After Party of "V for Vendetta" (02/13/2006)
  64. Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson at the World Premiere of "Freedomland"(02/13/2006)
  65. Isabella Rossellini attends a photocall for "La Fiesta del Chivo" (02/14/2006)
  66. Maria Sharapova on MTV's TRL (02/14/2006)
  67. Nicole Richie serves free samples of Diet Dr. Pepper to New Yorkers (02/14/2006)
  68. Colin Farrell out shopping [2/12/2006]
  69. Victoria Silvstedt in a bikini in Saint Barthelemy (02/14/2006)
  70. Sophie Monk at Date Movie premiere (02/13/2006)
  71. Sophie Ellis-Baxtor at the Patrick Cox VIP Ad Campaign Launch Party (02/14/2006)
  72. Patrick and Jillian Dempsey at Cosmpolitan's Fun Fearless Male Awards (02/13/2006)
  73. Matt Dillon and Matt Leinart at Comspolitan's Fun Fearless Male Awards (02/13/2006)
  74. Jeff Probst, Jesse Metcalfe at Cosmopolitan's Fun Fearless Males Award (02/13/2006)
  75. Karima Adebibe as Lara Croft at the Tomb Raider Legend Photocall (02/14/2006)
  76. Jodie Marsh at PETA's Have A Heart Campaign Photocall (02/14/2006)
  77. Haylie Duff at Cosmopolitan's Fun Fearless Males Award (02/14/2006)
  78. Sugababes on Top of the Pops (02/13/2006)
  79. Andrea Bowen at Grey's Anatomy 1st Season DVD Party (02/13/2006)
  80. Elizabeth Hurley and her ads at Patrick Cox VIP Ad Campaign Lunch (02/14/2006)
  81. Natalie Imbruglia at Patrick Cox VIP Ad Campaign Launch (02/14/2006)
  82. Pamela Anderson launches M&Ms Green Mix (02/14/2006)
  83. Warren Beatty and Annette Bening at 'Mrs Harris' premiere [2/13/2006]
  84. Alyssa Milano and Nick Lachey at the 'Fun Fearless Male' Awards (02/13/2006)
  85. Kelly Osbourne at the 'Casanova' UK premiere [2/13/2006]
  86. Paris Hilton at the Beach
  87. Pamela Anderson arrives at the Lyall Hotel in Melbourne (02/14/2006)
  88. Carmen Electra at Valentine's Day Singles screening of Date Movie (02/13/2006)
  89. Paris Hilton at UK premiere party of Casanova (02/13/2006)
  90. Sonya Kraus at Cinema for Peace for Peace Gala in Berlin (02/13/2006)
  91. Halle Berry at the premiere of Freedomland (02/13/2006)
  92. Gisele Bundchen at launch of Victoria Secret Volume 3 (02/12/2006)
  93. Paris Hilton at 'GoYellow' Press Conference (02/13/2006)
  94. Heidi Klum at City Magazine dinner in honour of her (02/10/2006)
  95. Natalie Portman at V for Vendetta premiere (02/13/2006)
  96. Jennifer Hawkins at Channel Seven Program Launch, Australia (02/13/2006)
  97. Felicity Huffman at Oscars Nominees Luncheon [02/13/2006]
  98. Katherine Heigl, Grey's Anatomy Season One DVD Party (02/13/2006]
  99. Kristanna Loken at Cinema For Peace Gala, Berlin (02/13/2006)
  100. Ryan Seacrest out in Malibu with his "girlfriend" (02/13/2006)
  101. Alyson Hannigan and Sophie Monk at KROQ screening of 'Date Movie' [2/13/2006]
  102. Michelle Trachtenberg shopping and lunching on Robertson [2/10/2006]
  103. Julianne Moore arriving at the 'Freedomland' premiere [2/13/2006]
  104. Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams at Oscar Nominees luncheon [2/13/2006]
  105. Jake Gyllenhaal at Oscar Nominees luncheon [2/13/2006]
  106. Reese Witherspoon at Oscar Nominees luncheon [2/13/2006]
  107. Keira Knightley at Oscar Nominees luncheon and Kiss for a Cause [2/13/2006]
  108. Charlize Theron at Oscar Nominee luncheon [2/13/2006]
  109. Milla Jovovich at Cinema for Peace gala in Berlin [2/13/2006]
  110. Kirsten Dunst out and about [2/12/2006]
  111. Natalie Portman at 'V for Vendetta' photocall in Berlin [2/13/2006]
  112. Lindsay Lohan, Merryl Streep & Woody at "A Prairie Home Companion" Press Conference
  113. Sienna Miller at "Casanova" - Uk Premiere [02/13/2006]
  114. Jodie Foster, Thora Birch & Xzibit help paint home [02/12/2006]
  115. Backstreet Boys perform at the NFL Pro Bowl Halftime Show [02/12/2006]
  116. Paris Hilton and family launch her new perfume "Just Me" in Miami [02/12/2006]
  117. Q'Orianka Kilcher at "The New World" Premiere at the Berlinale [02/11/2006]
  118. Hugh Jackman at "The Boy From Oz" - Press Conference [02/13/2006]
  119. Paul Walker and huskies at the premiere of "Eight Below" [02/12/2006]
  120. Jon Voight at the premiere of "Eight Below" [02/12/2006]
  121. Jason Biggs and Guest at premiere of "Eight Below" [02/12/2006]
  122. Paris Hilton and Jesse Metcalfe at Ocean Drive Magazine after party [02/11/2006]
  123. Marilyn Manson and Lily Cole at Berlinale Film Festival [02/12/2006]
  124. Devon Aoki shopping in Malibu [02/12/2006]
  125. Milla Jovovich attends the Dom Perigonon Salon party (02/12/2006)
  126. Hilary Duff and Joel Madden backstage at "Barefoot in the Park" [02/12/2006]
  127. Sophia Bush and Austin Nichols on the beach (02/12/2006)
  128. Jesse Metcalfe Hosts "Heartbreakers Ball" at Crobar Nightclub [02/11/2006]
  129. Prince William and Zara Philips witness a crack deal at the Tunnel House [02/12/2006]
  130. Paul Walker, Jason Biggs and DJ the dog at "Eight Below" after party (02/12/2006)
  131. Eric McCormack and Helen Hunt at opening of "The Cherry Orchard" [02/12/2006]
  132. Bjork Candid in Manhattan
  133. Paris and Kathy Hilton at Macy's
  134. Brad, Angelina and the kids go to Cirque d'Hiver, Paris (02/11/2006)
  135. Lindsay Lohan at A Prairie Home Companion premiere in Berlin (02/13/2006)
  136. Rachel Bilson shopping at Madison Avenue in West Hollywood [02/11/2006]
  137. Jake Gyllenhaal and Austin Nichols attend the Lakers Game [02/11/2006]
  138. Tori Spelling's boyfriend tattoos "Truly, Madly, Deeply, Tori" on his wrist
  139. Britney Spears and Kevin Federline after the SGA awards
  140. Melissa Joan Hart and baby boy Mason
  141. Val Kilmer caught making out with Winona Ryder back in November [11/??/2005]
  142. Simple Plan in Concert at the Astoria [02/11/2006]
  143. Hyo Lee performs at "Dark Angel" Show [02/12/2006]
  144. Brandon Routh (Superman) and Bryan Singer at Wondercon [02/11/2006]
  145. Sophia Bush and Steve Madden at World Shoe Association Show [02/11/2006]
  146. Tim Burton's DVD signing at Virgin Megastore [02/11/2006]
  147. Kate Middleton, girlfriend of Prince Williams sighting in Chelsea [02/09/2006]
  148. Buelah at instore performance and signing [02/10/2006]
  149. Pete Doherty watches a football game, where he was later kicked out for having heroin
  150. Jon Bon Jovi at Rokbar [02/10/2006]
  151. Ashanti performs live at the Market America Conference [02/11/2006]
  152. Lindsay Lohan leaving her hotel [2/11/2006]
  153. Kathy Griffin taping 'Strong Black Woman' at the Orpheum [2/11/2006]
  154. Paul Walker at the WonderCon screening of 'Running Scared' [2/11/2006]
  155. Kevin Smith at WonderCon [2/11/2006]
  156. Paris Hilton at Madhouse at Mansion Nightclub [02/10/2006]
  157. Cameron Diaz on the set of 'The Holiday' [2/10/2006]
  158. Mandy Moore 'mblem' clothing line launch [2/8/2006]
  159. Julia Roberts and family take a walk during their Hawaiian vacation [2/11/2006]
  160. Geena Davis participates in When Girls Aren't: Gender Disparity in Films
  161. Cynthia Nixon at the opening of Rabbit Hole [2/10/2006]
  162. Ashanti Launches her OPC-3 Beauty Tonic [2/10/2006]
  163. Ashley Olsen at Calvin Klein after party [2/9/2006]
  164. Mena Suvari at Matthew Williamson show at Olympus Fashion Week (02/10/2006)
  165. Jessica Simpson promotes her footwear line at the World Shoe Convention
  166. Hilary Duff and Joel Madden at Anna Sui fashion show
  167. First pic of Heather Locklear after her separation.
  168. Kirstie Alley flipping off the paparazzi [2/3/2006]
  169. LeAnn Rimes at Olympus Fashion Week Fall 2006 - Zac Posen
  170. Hilary Duff in Bryant Park at Olympus Fashion Week 2/9
  171. Nicky Hilton at Olympus Fashion Week Fall 2006 - Zac Posen
  172. Nikki Cox and Jay Mohr at the Interactive Achievement Awards in Las Vegas 2/9
  173. Sigourney Weaver and Alan Rickman at the 'Snow Cake' premiere in Berlin [2/9/2006]
  174. Hilary Duff and Joel Madden at Boudoir opening [2/9/2006]
  175. Claire Danes and Uma Thurman at Olympus Fashion Week Fall 2006 - Zac Posen
  176. Nicole Richie at Proenza Schouler fashion show
  177. Heidi Klum stops by the Late Show with Letterman 2/9
  178. Paris Hilton at perfume in-store display in LA 2/9
  179. Jessica Simpson out and about in Hollywood, Feb 9
  180. Britney on Will & Grace set, Feb 9
  181. Lindsay Lohan at Marc Jacobs Afterparty
  182. Nicole Richie wearing an anorexia bracelet?
  183. Anna Kournikova at the Y-3/Adidas Fashion Show
  184. Beyonce arriving at Letterman Show --wearing furs
  185. Kelis Video Shoot For "I'm Bossy"
  186. Heidi Klum for Victoria's Secret Valentine's Day Shopping
  187. Brad, Maddox, and Zahara in Paris
  188. Paris Hilton nipple slip on UFC
  189. James Blunt in concert at the House of Blues
  190. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in Paris (kissing! smiling!) [2/4/2006]
  191. Heather Graham arriving at the 5th Ave Versace store re-opening 2/7
  192. Kate Hudson at the 5th Ave. Versace boutique re-opening 2/7
  193. Nicole Richie attending Basketball game and eating!
  194. Debra Messing & Heidi Klum at Olympus Fashion Week Fall 2006
  195. Hilary Duff backstage at Michael Kors at Olympus Fashion Week 2/8
  196. Elisha Cuthbert arrives at James Blunt Concert
  197. Shakira and Robbie Williams arrive at James Blunt Concert
  198. Jessica Simpson shopping with CaCee, Feb 6
  199. ABC Daytime Broadway Cares with Susan Lucci and some Hotties
  200. South Korean actor Jang Dong-Gun protests against Screen Quota Cut
  201. Lauren Hill, Wyclef Jean and The Fugees in concert
  202. Hotties Milo Ventimiglia and Paul Rudd at Annual Writers Guild of America Awards
  203. Roseanne Barr presents her kids DVD at North General Hospital in New York
  204. Ricky Martin performs at Radio City Music Hall
  205. Dane Cook at "London" Premiere
  206. Chris Evans at "London" Premiere
  207. Bai Ling at "London" Premiere
  208. Kimora Lee Simmons Launch Party to celebrate the release of her new book "Fabulosity"
  209. Michael Buble and Ben Roethlisberger Visit "The Late Show with David Letterman"
  210. Harrison Ford Visits "The Late Show with David Letterman"
  211. Freddie Prinze Jr. on MTV's TRL
  212. Jennifer Lopez sighting in Manhattan
  213. Randy Jackson and Paula Abdul launch the new Gillette Fusion Razor
  214. Michael Jordan talks at press conference for Jordan All-American Team
  215. Sigourney Weaver and Nigel Barker at "Go Red for Women"
  216. Jennifer Lopez and Donatella Versace at re-opening of Fifth Ave. Boutique
  217. Beyonce on MTV's TRL 2/7
  218. Winona Ryder backstage at Marc Jacobs show [2/6/2006]
  219. Aliana Lohan backstage at Child Magazine at Olympus Fashion Week 2/7
  220. Val Kilmer making out with Paris Hilton
  221. Jessica Biel at the LA premiere of 'London' 2/6
  222. Jenna Jameson - BCBG Max Azria Dinner & After Party 2/6
  223. Sienna Miller and Steve Buscemi leaving Portabello Hotel in London 2/7
  224. Teri Hatcher at the "Funny Ladies We Love" Awards
  225. Charlize Theron and Sean Bean at the North Country Premiere in Rome
  226. Britney Spears driving with her baby on her lap
  227. Lindsay Lohan's new 'breathe' tattoo
  228. Beyonce Knowles at "The Pink Panther" New York City Premiere
  229. Gwen Stefani shopping with husband Gavin Rossdale
  230. Daniel Craig on the set of 'Casino Royale' 2/5
  231. Catherine Zeta-Jones, Michael Douglas and the kids on the beach in St Barths 2/5
  232. Rachel Bilson and Adam Brody leaving Club Mood 2/3
  233. Nicole Richie at Olympus Fashion Week Fall 2006 for Oscar de la Renta
  234. Jessica Alba at the Superbowl XL Maxim Rock City Opera
  235. Marcia Gay Harden backstage at Tracy Reese show - Olympus Fashion Week 2/5
  236. Madchen Amick at the Lacoste show during Olympus Fashion Week 2006
  237. Fairuza Balk backstage at Naeem Khan fashion show 2/5
  238. Charlize Theron 'North Country' Rome photocall 2/6
  239. Mira Sorvino at Miss Sixty after party 2/2
  240. Dannii Minogue at Miss Sixty fashion show and after party 2/2
  241. Jenna Jameson backstage at Badgley Mischka show 2/5
  242. Freddie Prinze Jr. at the Lacoste Runway during Olympus Fashion Week Fall 2006
  243. JC Chasez and fans at the Aloft W Lounge
  244. Niki Taylor at the Superbowl XL Maxim Rock City Opera
  245. Kelly Rowland at the Aloft W Lounge
  246. Jessica Simpson out on the town
  247. Jessica Simpson shopping, Feb 5
  248. Joan Jett and Jenna Jameson at the Playboy Annual Superbowl Party 2/5
  249. Rolling Stones performing at Superbowl XL halftime show
  250. Nicky Hilton backstage at Diane von Furstenberg show 2/5