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  1. Forget me not: Japan aquarium seeks video-chats for eels
  2. BBC sports broadcaster has resorted to commentating on games between his dogs
  3. Donald Trump Jr. Receives Permit Allowing Him to Hunt Alaska Grizzly Bear
  4. Trump Asshole Jr is Trophy Hunting Again
  5. Wildfires Help Create Perfect Breeding Conditions for Australia’s Deadliest Spiders
  6. Bit by a dog - not sure what to do now
  7. Wild boar discover and snort £17,000 of cocaine
  8. Ottawa's latest Instagram star is a middle-aged white cat that doesn't care for salad
  9. Cows swept away by hurricane found alive
  10. Crossing Guard Turkey
  11. Owl recovering after rescue by California firefighters
  12. Jake Gyllenhaal Rushed Into NYC Traffic To Save A Stranded Dog
  13. The Friendship Between A Grey Wolf And A Brown Bear
  14. The Coolest 4 Horned Hebridean Sheep
  15. YouTube "star" Brooke Houts uploads vid of her hitting spitting on & yelling at dog
  16. Birds are lying, says totally sane "normal American" man.
  17. Miranda Lambert Random Genero$ity Goes a Long Way
  18. Drunk man sends injured baby bird to wildlife rescue center in Uber
  19. Snapping turtle extravaganza
  20. 47 dogs confiscated from Trenton, NJ home
  21. Pet Insurance
  22. Norwegian tourist dies of rabies after rescuing street dog in the Philippines
  23. I am so sad...
  24. 2 Stray Cat Moms Surprise Woman with 8 Babies on Her Patio
  25. Freddie Mercury with his Beloved Cats
  26. RIP Newt
  27. Kitty lovers: How to groom a grumpy cat??
  28. Does anyone use CBD oil for their dogs?
  29. 143rd Westminster Dog Show - tonight 2/11/19
  30. Hundreds Of Unwanted Dogs Were Taken In By One Lady of Costa Rico
  31. All my pets
  32. RIP My Boys
  33. Endangered Orangutan Kept as Sex Slave in Brothel
  34. Last Thanksgiving with my oldest ferret
  35. An Ikea in Italy has dogs. No assembly required. Allen key not included.
  36. Florida is full of slutty, herpes-riddled monkeys
  37. Gregory! You cannot have gravy every time!
  38. 1 Hen, 76 Ducklings: What’s the Deal With This Picture?
  39. A Mandarin Duck Mysteriously Appears in Central Park
  40. Idaho Fish and Game Commissioner Resigns after killing family of baboons, leopard..
  41. Flight Delayed For 2 Hours After Woman Brings Emotional Support Squirrel On Plane
  42. Hunter seriously injured after bear he shot falls off a ridge onto him
  43. Woman arrested for rescuing animals abandoned in Hurricane Florence without permit
  44. Cars and dogs
  45. Jessie the cheeky macaw got herself stuck on a roof
  46. Diamond Stealing Ant Caught on Video
  47. Feliway and similar - anyone tried it and does it work?
  48. Alaskan husky rescues injured hiker
  49. The long-distance romance of Klepetan and Malena
  50. Tombi the cat goes back to school
  51. Photographer Spends Years Taking Photos Of Endangered Animals
  52. How pets react when owners fake their death
  53. 142nd Westminster Dog Show
  54. Former poacher feeds lions
  55. Cadaver dogs in McArthur probe 'getting tired': Cops
  56. Thomas the blind, bisexual goose to be buried next to partner Henry the swan
  57. "Next time your pair of underwear goes missing, just ask for Mo."
  58. Not Healthy For Your Dogs....
  59. Brawling Koala's don't care if hoomans are late for work ;)
  60. Dogs and Christmas trees etc.
  61. Cats and Their Destruction of Christmas Trees, Ornaments, etc.
  62. If spiders become anthrovores, we'll become extinct in less than a year
  63. Trump Admin. to Reverse Ban on Elephant Trophies from Africa
  64. Chili the wonder dog saves bell peppers
  65. Matador Sees the Error of His Ways
  66. Baby Hippo Photo Bomb
  67. Keep Your House Smelling Good Without Harming the Cat
  68. Bathing burly 6ft tall Roo doesn't appreciate interruptions!
  69. Senior Kitties Abandoned at A Shelter By A Selfish Woman!!!
  70. Japanese Cat Train Raises Awareness For Culling of Strays
  71. Animal Bios
  72. Poodle Pig
  73. Herding Cattle Away From Flood Waters
  74. Kenyon the cute pooch unearths an 'interesting' find in his backyard.
  75. Lovesick Snake found terrorizing lego city *warning snake photo*
  76. University of Lincoln has world's best ribbon cutting ceremony
  77. Make Picking Up Poop Great Again
  78. Calf Born Last Week, Looks like Gene Simmons
  79. Mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska passes away
  80. Dental Work/Extraction in Cats
  81. Rare Sea Wolves of British Colombia
  82. Zola the gorilla at the Dallas Zoo
  83. How a Philly Ob-gyn Ended Up Delivering a Baby Gorilla
  84. Has anyone's dog had CCL surgery?
  85. Zeus will complete the agility course at his own pace.
  86. Finally, an Elephant that I Would Vote For
  87. Thailand's chunky monkey on diet after gorging on junk food
  88. Rescue Dog Comforts and Protects Injured Owner
  89. Pillow the Piglet also gets a second chance.
  90. Bea the blind puppy gets a second chance.
  91. Cows dig jazz
  92. Manatee no longer listed as endangered
  93. Elephant Kills One Woman and Injures Another in South Africa
  94. Big Brahma Chicken
  95. Heroic Peanut Saves Neglected Child
  96. Ragdoll Mama Cat and Her New Babies
  97. I bit hooman. I good boy. Why no biscuit?
  98. Indianapolis Makes Way for Ducklings With New Canal Ramps
  99. 30+ Rare Animal Babies You’ve Probably Never Seen Before
  100. Blind Dog Is Found In The Mountains 8 Days After She Disappeared
  101. Stowaway cat survives 400-mile ride beneath St. Paul owner's semi-truck
  102. 10 Photos that Show Cats Will Always Be Cats When It Comes to Boxes
  103. Anyone else obsessed with waiting for April the Giraffe to give birth
  104. Robert Irwin on "The Tonight Show" with Jimmy Fallon...He's STEVE MADE OVER!
  105. 141st Westminster Dog Show
  106. Little girl won't eat meat
  107. Hero dog saves toddler's life
  108. In Creepy, Make-Your-Skin-Crawl News....
  109. The human with the cheese-flavoured bacon strips is mine.
  110. Horses more deadly than snakes in Australia, data shows
  111. Kelsey is a good girl! Yes she is! Who wants a biscuit?
  112. The "Re-Homers"
  113. The World's Oldest Known Seabird Is Expecting _ Again
  114. Saddest cat in the world' smiling again after 'death row' rescue
  115. Daniel Turducken Stinkerbutt - Therapy Duck
  116. Mike the Tiger - Louisiana State University's Mascot - Has Cancer
  117. Grumpy Cat Makes Her Debut in "Cats" on Broadway!
  118. Tombili, Istanbul’s internet-famous reclining cat, now has his own statue
  119. My cat is driving me crazy with puking!!
  120. Cows Chasing Remote Control Car
  121. Poodle Singing in Church
  122. Cats Tripping Children...It's Hilarious.
  123. Indiana Animal Shelter Enlists Help of Pokemon Go Players to Walk Dogs
  124. The Magical Red Panda
  125. FL Cat Floods Animal Shelter
  126. Retired Police Dog Found Neglected and Starved
  127. Two-legged kitten ditches tiny wheelchair for something much better (no snakes!)
  128. Newest Trend: Dog buns!
  129. Giant alligator on Florida golf course
  130. Spoiled Baby Deer
  131. Incredible time lapse of a bird's nest
  132. Lamby, the Orphaned Lamb
  133. Stalker Rooster
  134. Another Webcam Litter to Watch
  135. Two Rescue Dogs 'Adopt' Orphaned Puppy
  136. Gay Pride! Two Male Lions Are Spotted 'Mating' in Botswana Safari Park
  137. Yet ANOTHER Zookeeper Dies from Tiger Attack
  138. Piper, The Airport Border Collie
  139. Imam opens Mosque to Stray Cats to keep them warm
  140. The Duo Duo Project
  141. Penguin Always Returns From the Sea to Visit Man Who Saved Its Life
  142. Thirsty Koala flags down cyclist for a drink
  143. Salma Hayek Reveals Her Dog Was Fatally Shot On Her Property
  144. Stray Dog Turns to Stone Has A Very Happy Ending
  145. Penguins on a treadmill: study shows fat ones fall over more often than slim ones
  146. To All the Pets I've Loved Before...
  147. Adorable Norwegian cat likes to go skiing, Jesperpus
  148. Indianapolis Passes Weather Ordinance for Outdoor Pets
  149. Cattle producer's dying wish protects critically endangered wallaby
  150. Sea lion takes a booth at San Diego restaurant on the beach
  151. New tarantula is named johnnycashi, after music legend Johnny Cash
  152. Renegade dog gets exit row seat on plane, chills for the whole flight
  153. Dog comes in 7th in half marathon
  154. "Justin Bieber of bullfighting" is a "little cunt" says Ricky Gervais
  155. Weird and Freaky - Cougar with Teeth on Top of Head
  156. Big Cat Portraits (*swoooon*) by Photographer Goran Anastasovski
  157. Killer the K9: Dog receives PDSA Gold Medal for helping to save rhino from extinction
  158. Monkey selfie: Court rules Naruto the macaque cannot own photo copyright.
  159. 13 Hilarious Winners Of This Year's Comedy Wildlife Awards
  160. Police officer comforts dying horse (Charlotte) after she was hit by truck
  161. Giant five-foot goanna snapped in Thurgoona (NSW Austrailia) man's backyard
  162. Floyd Mayweather Jr. Receives a Pet Tiger as an Early Christmas Present
  163. Miller Wilson, the young lad who helped a Mamma Stingray give birth :)
  164. Woman Knits Tiny Sweaters For Rescued Chickens To Keep Them Warm
  165. Cats vs Bee Stings
  166. After an 11-Mile Journey, a Lost Dog Finds His Way Back to His Foster Mom
  167. 'Out of control' feral goat population on Great Keppel Island terrorising residents
  168. Endangered pygmy hippo born at Bristol Zoo (get ready to say 'Awwww sooo cute'.' :)
  169. Shelter dogs and Inmates helping each other :)
  170. George And Amal Clooney Adopted A Very Lucky Shelter Dog Named Millie
  171. They grow up so fast: Animals you rarely see as infants.. (Cuteness OVERLOAD!)
  172. Dog named Trigger shoots owner (Good boy Trigger, Good boy! :)
  173. Dumped Baby Orangutan Rescued By UK Charity
  174. Bevo, the Longhorn Steer and University of Texas Mascot, Passes Away
  175. Wounded Veteran's Therapy Dog Serves as Best Man at Wedding
  176. This Photographer Puts Flowers On Homeless Pit Bulls,
  177. Sea turtles wear tiny swimsuits for science
  178. Rescued pit bulls show off their beautiful nature for the camera
  179. Tillie (Irish/spaniel X) stays with Phoebe, (basset) til she is rescued from hole
  180. Semi-dressed muscular men holding rescue dogs
  181. Dogs of New York - The Fashion Thread
  182. Slow News Week Huff Post make feature of "Disappointed" Dog-face Photo
  183. Obese Homeless Dog Starving for Attention
  184. Go ahead - bathe your dog
  185. 32 Grisly Animal Attacks That Prove Humans Can't Control Nature
  186. How do you know your cat loves you? Let me count 25 ways
  187. Man smuggles crocodile on to flight by hiding it in his shoe
  188. Orphaned kangaroo finds comfort in teddy bear
  189. A story of a man and his dog who fought cancer together.
  190. Huntress sparks outrage over latest photos of animal kills.
  191. Man Aimed For Armadillo, But Ended Up Getting Shot Himself.. (bwhahaha ;)
  192. Pics of Animals in the news: July 2015
  193. Grumpy Dog is the new Grumpy Cat
  194. Zimbabwe’s Most Famous Lion Is Now a Hunting Trophy
  195. People/Bimbo's dumping their ‘handbag dogs’ is on the rise :(
  196. Hero dog helps save baby dolphin on Welsh beach
  197. Californian Search & Rescue Dogs (The National Disaster Search Dog Foundation)
  198. Lion cubs snuggle on journey to safety from Gaza refugee camp
  199. Animals, birds and insects invading sport pitches
  200. Cat Claims Baby Crib as His Own
  201. Cat and His Old Man Go Motorcycling Together!
  202. Yulin Dog Meat Festival - Please sign
  203. Just another day in Florida
  204. Wake up Mum. Are you feeling better?: baby koala hugs his mother.
  205. Top 10 Animals That Are Surprisingly Good Moms (Yes there are some creepycrawlies ;)
  206. Top 10 Terrifying Prehistoric Sea Monsters
  207. Meet Wally the Bunny with Pigtails
  208. *sigh* Yet Another Person Killed By A Lion
  209. Land Mine Sniffing Rats.....
  210. Happy world turtle day!
  211. Toothbrushing the little creatures
  212. Man Parachuting with Dog......
  213. Dallas Zoo, Says Goodbye to Elephant Matriarch "Mama"
  214. Buddhist cats meditating
  215. NSFW This Disfigured Cat Was Ignored By Everyone....
  216. Donald Trump’s hair discovered crawling in Amazon
  217. NSFW Fat Asshole "Sportsman" (may be distressing, I'm disgusted)
  218. Chihuahua Digby and Neapolitan mastiff Nero become best friends
  219. Game Hunter Trampled to Death While Hunting
  220. Asshole vet shoots cat and brags about it on FB
  221. Wendy the Talking Dog
  222. Giraffe, Katie, Gives Birth to Baby Live at Dallas Zoo on "Animal Planet"
  223. Weed for your dog?
  224. Let's put some meat in the bird feeder
  225. 17 Cats Fess Up To Their "Crimes"
  226. Eeny, Meeny, Miny and Moo - Calf Quadruplets Born in Texas
  227. Capuchin Monkeys "Courting" Rituals
  228. Cat + Folk Music = lolz
  229. Baby Possums Eating Watermelon
  230. "Aloha Vet" Reality Show
  231. Hilarious Video on Getting Your Cats Spayed/Neutered
  232. The Japanese island where it's reigning cats
  233. The Girl Who Gets Gifts From Birds
  234. Mimic Octopus
  235. Red Pandas (Also Known as Red Cat Bear)
  236. Winner of 139th Westminster Dog Show
  237. Photos Of Rescued Dogs And Their Tattooed Humans
  238. Smokey the cliff-top dog rescued in California
  239. Yet Another Zoo Keeper Is Killed by Lions
  240. How Does the Humane Society of the United States Spend Their Money?
  241. Dinosaurs Tripped on LSD; New Studies Have Discovered
  242. Really Cute Puppy Commercial
  243. Rare Black Jaguar
  244. Astronaut shares NASA photo spotlight with his dogs
  245. Furriest Face Ever!
  246. Double Nose Kitty
  247. Seal and labrador snuggle up together on the beach in France
  248. Scotland's first cat cafe Maison de Moggy opens its doors in Edinburgh
  249. Black Lab knows how to take bus to dog park by herself
  250. "Omlette" Charming video animation of man's best buddy, by Madeline Sharafian