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  1. Multiple stab wounds may be harmful to monkeys
  2. Endangered Australian sea lion pup debuts at Taronga Zoo
  3. Is this bird cute.. or kinda evil?
  4. Baby Indian rhinoceros at San Diego Zoo's Wild Animal Park
  5. Pet dog survives four months lost at sea off Australia
  6. The adorable badger cubs abandoned by their mothers
  7. The tiny puppy set to be the world's smallest dog
  8. Elke - the four day old monkey
  9. Animal pictures of the week
  10. Giraffe calf at Denmark's Aalborg Zoo
  11. Animal lover raises 10,000 through Facebook campaign to save her sick dog's life
  12. Singapore Zoo's baby Malayan tapir brings its tapir total to eight
  13. Baby pimp orangutan & his two leopard bitches
  14. Whale watchers
  15. Sick turtle checks himself into hospital
  16. Rare Irrawaddy dolphins found in the waters of Bangladesh
  17. The National Zoo
  18. Rats used to sniff out land mines
  19. Lame frog gets his leg back in world first operation
  20. River-running dog finally rescued with help of ham
  21. Dog undergoes 'longest operation'
  22. Teacher charged with felonies in deaths of two cats
  23. Floss the runaway cow escaped capture for nine months and is saved from slaughter
  24. Baby golden-headed lion tamarins
  25. Lola the cat walks on its front paws
  26. Otter family
  27. Cat just chills (part 2)
  28. The invisible shrimp - Kingsman reef
  29. Broccoli cat
  30. Toby the red panda
  31. Animal pictures of the week
  32. Floppy manatee rescued
  33. Wilber the cat
  34. Three new Sumatran tiger cubs at Wild Animal Park
  35. Lion cubs at Switzerland's Zurich Zoo
  36. Funny face dog
  37. Separated at birth?
  38. 12-inch dog in full body plaster cast after attack
  39. Francois' langur monkey born at Australia's Taronga Zoo
  40. Rare clouded leopard cubs born at National Zoo's Conservation and Research Center
  41. Pekingese dog paints abstract art
  42. The sleeping cat
  43. World's biggest killer spider
  44. 3ft 8ins woman saved by chihuahua
  45. Baby Mandrill
  46. Parrot honored for saving toddler's life
  47. The pig who thinks he's a sheepdog
  48. Baby camel
  49. Rare baby reptile dating back to dinosaur age is found on New Zealand
  50. Bear pole dance
  51. The lucky 13 panda cubs born safely after their mums survived Chinese devastation
  52. Mini cows milk cuteness for all it's worth at Memphis zoo
  53. Gorillas
  54. Meet Pandora - the horse that's allergic to grass
  55. Rare fuzzy rodent found in Peru
  56. Baby Asian elephant at the Berlin Zoo
  57. Cat still loves puppy (sort of)
  58. I think my dog's sick
  59. My alarm clock is hungry
  60. Animal pictures of the week
  61. Sun bear cubs at the San Diego Zoo
  62. Australian koala Sam now has agent, possible book and movie deals
  63. Pink elephant is caught on camera
  64. Little penguins North and South are released in Australia
  65. Beijing Panda Reserve!
  66. Amazing video - dog rescued from icy river
  67. From starving waif to star of the show: The pony who was left to rot in stables
  68. Bruno the 'woolly lamboth' is spared the chop due to his size
  69. Welcome to the world's only orang-utan hospital
  70. Cutest hedgie ever!!!
  71. Lemurs
  72. New "Rainbow Glow" jellyfish found
  73. Dog eats $400, but woman finds, washes some cash
  74. 'Robo Croc' the crocodile has reconstructive surgery after car accident
  75. Orang-utan catches rope thrown by humans, swims across river to save her baby
  76. EXTREME sheepherding!!!
  77. Keepers shoot escaped lion at Australian zoo
  78. Polar bears
  79. Duck who thinks she is a dog
  80. Two dogs die in Iditarod race
  81. The peckish pigeon who got his head stuck in his snack
  82. Mystery condition leaves hedgehog with no spines
  83. Predator X was the most fearsome animal ever to swim the oceans
  84. Are you in there, Bindi? The 10ft snake that swallowed a 14lb pet terrier... WHOLE
  85. I want to take this panda home!
  86. Thirsty puppy learns how to use his puppy fountain
  87. Tough kitty
  88. Cliff's ledge saves falling dog
  89. Cat cashes in one of its nine lives
  90. Hen adopts puppies
  91. Rare male ducks fall for each other
  92. Animal pictures of the week
  93. Wild Animal Park welcomes baby elephant
  94. Labrador Tubby is top recycler
  95. Beloved Canine Partners dog Endal is mourned
  96. My dog's microchip mishap
  97. When a cat prays
  98. Fifth trek for blind man and dog
  99. Man takes dip with a giant lioness
  100. New "Dracula" fish discovered
  101. Chickens of Fire
  102. Hi, Hasani! SF Zoo's gorilla gets named by daddy
  103. Mother cat adopts four ophaned puppies
  104. Cat refuses to get up
  105. Tiny pony keeps sparking 999 calls, because people think she's stuck in the mud
  106. What a face - German shepherd
  107. Schnozz!
  108. Injured 'miracle dog' recovers, finds new home
  109. Dog saves his owner's life three times a week by predicting her diabetes attacks
  110. Aww, RSPCA appeals for volunteers to read stories to abandoned dogs
  111. Elephant has jumbo-sized prosthetic leg
  112. Hot turtle on shoe action!
  113. Cats on treadmills
  114. The first steps of the polar cubs
  115. Meet the dog whose best friend is a pigeon
  116. Woman donates 18,262 cat food tins to charity
  117. Baby persian kitty falls asleep- too precious!
  118. Sneezing baby panda
  119. Animal pictures of the week
  120. Cute little turtle
  121. Sometimes even St. Bernards need rescuing
  122. The dolphin who made friends with a curious tiger
  123. Firemen dismantle car to rescue trapped cat
  124. Baby Blue Whale caught on film underwater
  125. World's rarest rhino caught on film
  126. The giant dog that's become a big hit on London's underground
  127. The snow white alpaca who's had a close shave to look like a poodle
  128. The Jack Russell terrier who pulls his wheelchair-bound owner around the streets
  129. For the purr-fect entrance, a 1,000 Swarovski crystal-encrusted cat flap
  130. Dog missing for 9 years reunited with family
  131. Dieting dog wins slimmer award
  132. Beautiful black jaguar cub
  133. Panda baby steps out for the cameras
  134. Spitting cobra wraps itself around man's leg while he's driving
  135. "I'm marrying him, Mother. You can't stop me."
  136. We take you live to the 2009 Staring Championships
  137. The puppy who survived being thrown off a balcony by drunken bitch
  138. Pink dolphin appears in US lake
  139. Controversy over pet cat being tattooed in Moscow
  140. The cat cafe
  141. Baby pandas get lessons in life
  142. Bravery award for stabbed dog
  143. Michael Vick is back in the news
  144. Humane way of killing rats/mice?
  145. Martial arts bear practices with the bo staff
  146. "Ugly" cat
  147. Kaiser the Husky
  148. Animal pictures of the week
  149. Frostie shakes his tail feathers-your daily dose of happiness
  150. Pet collie 'sniffed out' that owner had breast cancer
  151. Ailing baby giraffe is on the mend
  152. Octo-mess: 8-legged resident floods Los Angeles Aquarium
  153. Greyhounds and getting along with other dogs
  154. Orbit the orphaned owl and his toy companion
  155. German Shepherd takes in orphaned kittens in Australia
  156. Baby elephant plays with a ball
  157. Albino hedgehog
  158. Obama family picks Portuguese water dog
  159. Meet the fish with eyeballs inside its transparent head
  160. South African hippo happy at home in sewage plant
  161. The Stig is Britain's fastest ever police dog
  162. World's oldest dog needs sweater and goggles
  163. Rare Saharan cheetah caught on camera
  164. My dog was hit by a car tonight
  165. Baby loves cat
  166. You otter be in pictures: Just when you thought you had seen everything ...
  167. 38 cute animals, 1 cool screen, 8 different uses
  168. Thousands of starlings form the shape of a giant bird of prey
  169. Rescue workers struggle to free cat stuck 75ft up tree
  170. Animal pictures of the week
  171. Taronga's new meerkat pups venture out
  172. Dog with phobia of men had to be rescued by a woman after falling 80ft down cliff
  173. Man who microwaved kitten walks free
  174. R.I.P. Socks
  175. Rat loves cat
  176. Turtle question
  177. Just don't lick me there
  178. Zookeeper gives a relaxing foot massage... to a lion
  179. Dog saved old man's life after he suffered stroke
  180. Monkeys and apes know right from wrong, scientists say
  181. Abandoned fox cub makes herself at home with pet shop owner
  182. Risks: pets might motivate smokers to quit
  183. Police in Connecticut shoot chimp after it attacks woman
  184. Internet vigilantes save abused kitty
  185. Kingsford goes to the beach
  186. The cat that loves water so much, she keeps jumping in the shower
  187. Sam and Bob. Scorched koalas find love. Awwwww!
  188. 7 species that get high more than we do
  189. Listen Kid, here's the plan...
  190. Aww look at these dogs
  191. Marine sanctuary baffled by the baby seal with a fish phobia
  192. The tiny newborn puppies who survived after being thrown into an icy canal
  193. Even a photo shoot doesn't wake Dreamy the dormouse
  194. Westminster Dog Show 2009
  195. Super cute midget kitty
  196. Police find 22 dogs in station wagon with owner
  197. Australian wildlife devastated by fires
  198. Dog-fight victim seeking family
  199. Self-styled Tarzan teaches cheetahs in Namibia how to hunt
  200. How puppy love helps US prisoners
  201. Puppies rescued after cunty children attempt to roast them on bonfire
  202. Animal pictures of the week
  203. Real-life Kit Kat Clock
  204. Adorable rat
  205. Baby elephant exploring paddock
  206. Michael Vick's dogs recover
  207. Couple turn to psychics in search for dog
  208. My dogs love the snow
  209. Pictures of polar bears as you've never seen them before
  210. Tiny tortoise tries to eat a tomato
  211. Lisha the Labrador plays surrogate to tigers, cheetahs, porcupines and a pygmy hippo
  212. Fire victim reunited with his hero cat
  213. Abandoned badger cub saved from freezing temperatures by wildlife-lover
  214. Lifeguard dog wants his job back
  215. Pencil the horse rescued from icy Kentucky pond
  216. Firefighters rescue dog trapped in cement pit
  217. Cute koala cools off in Australian heat wave
  218. Baby chimps given human love ace IQ tests
  219. Animal pictures of the week
  220. Kitty cam
  221. Michael Vick on dog loyalty
  222. Dolphins are excellent chefs
  223. Cat helps deliver town's letters
  224. After a life of cruelty and misery, dancing bear gets her first taste of freedom
  225. Rabbits thrown from car window (They are OK)
  226. Otter tours Scotland in postbag
  227. A wildlife photographer's last labour of love
  228. Three lionesses take a swim
  229. Pup abandoned in freezing cold
  230. Gay penguin pair get married
  231. Lady and the Tramp (guinea pig style)
  232. "Spectacular" Gorilla growth in Congo, despite war
  233. iPhoto's Faces feature can recognise cats
  234. Cat uses one of its nine lives to escape unaided from drain
  235. Officer rescues dog from huge sewage vat
  236. Florida family pays $155,000 for clone of dead dog
  237. My 18 year old cat is driving me insane!!
  238. Help! My dog has been throwing up
  239. My chihuahua
  240. Henry the 'lizard' becomes surprise father at 111-years-old
  241. Cupcake cruelty
  242. Dog stops attempted rape in Florida by biting woman's attacker
  243. Missing dog is reunited with owner
  244. Earless Kalamazoo cat finds a permanent home
  245. My sister's pug puppies :)
  246. Some animal pictures
  247. The newborn lamb who needs an extra woolly layer to cope with the cold
  248. The penguin who hates to get wet
  249. Wolf escapes from zoo by gnawing out of enclosure
  250. Deaf puppy learns sign language