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  1. Heroic 9/11 rescue dog is cloned five times after winning competition
  2. Rare clouded leopard cubs born at Nashville Zoo
  3. Darren the waving goat
  4. Help, nature lover has too much nature
  5. Homemade cat toys
  6. Slutty greyhounds
  7. Doggie with a cold
  8. Zoo shortlists four names for baby panda
  9. Kitten found in streetside mailbox
  10. Homosexual behaviour widespread in animals according to new study
  11. Siberian tiger cub gets a bath
  12. The story of one family's love for the starving dog saved from a Thai backstreet
  13. Duckling is trampled by mother as it takes to water for the first time
  14. Cat survives after being shot 50 times by thugs
  15. Ahh-madillos: Four orphaned babies nursed after mother is killed by poachers
  16. The dreaded fearsome ninja
  17. A Fennec fox sucking her thumb
  18. Black rhinoceros calf at Japan's Ueno Zoo
  19. Tawny frogmouth chick born at Seattle's Woodland Park Zoo
  20. Puppy survives after 'flush' with death
  21. Tortoises given pink plaster casts to heal shells after dog attack
  22. Ladies and gentlemen, Pablo
  23. How a Rottweiler became surrogate father to an abandoned wolf cub
  24. Greater flamingo chicks at the Budapest Zoo
  25. Piglets take a nap
  26. Orphaned baby bird
  27. Parrot massages cat
  28. Baby gorilla Hasani and his adoptive mom make debut at San Francisco Zoo
  29. Newborn panther cubs at Tierpark Berlin
  30. The orangutans who overcame their fear of water (and crocs) to swim in search of food
  31. Show jumping hamster
  32. Animal pictures of the week
  33. Baby stoat given 'kiss of life' by kind stranger
  34. White tiger cub in Germany's Aschersleben Zoo
  35. The Spirit Bear, the rare 'blonde' black bear of Canada's western coast
  36. Animal lover cuts open body of dead hare to rescue its unborn baby
  37. My Josie has a cancerous tumor :(
  38. “No More Barks™”
  39. Waffles the cat grabbed a bee
  40. “Runt”, the 3-week old kitten
  41. Penguin poo seen from space
  42. Gay penguins adopt an egg and hatch a chick
  43. Rat shows puzzled leopard exactly who's boss by stealing its lunch
  44. Young coatis explore
  45. Australian shepherd nurses orphaned kittens
  46. Article on the Toronto Humane Society
  47. Family of white lions prepare to leave captivity to pioneer new life in wild
  48. Aaawww moments: puppies and kittens
  49. Talking birds!
  50. Twin foals come in at 10,000 to 1
  51. Panda cub born at Chiang Ma Zoo in Thailand
  52. Cat falls 26 storeys, lives to purr again
  53. Wolf cubs make their debut in German zoo
  54. Pet food company Nutro announces recall of dry cat food
  55. Alaska family saves moose calf
  56. Squirrel caught stealing American flags for its nest
  57. Baby otters at Sea World
  58. Bird uses body as dam to stop drainpipe soaking chicks
  59. Pygmy Jerboa
  60. Cat diets
  61. 'Hit a cat, I'll hit your kid' upsets town
  62. Baby sea turtles released in Mexico (it's World Turtle Day!)
  63. Feeding time for kittens
  64. Dying bulldog saves owner from Grand Rapids fire
  65. Meerkats don’t spoil their mind-numbingly cute babies
  66. Dachshund adopts tiger cub in German zoo
  67. Horse and dog cuddle
  68. Injured lion cub recuperates at keeper's home
  69. Whack-A-Kitty
  70. Dog dreams
  71. Coco: life of a Golden Retriever in Japan.....
  72. Help me name a dog!
  73. Duckling rescues
  74. Abused dog finds new loving home
  75. Fawn and cat take shelter together
  76. Daredevil Charlie ignores cat-flap and climbs two-storey wall to get home
  77. Animal pictures of the week
  78. Is the Dog-o-Matic an owner's best friend?
  79. Amazing loyalty plays out on Bronx street as dog protects its injured mother
  80. Fallow deer makes friends with cow herd
  81. Mummy and Baby Koala
  82. Eat the force!
  83. I like kittens.....mostly
  84. Very funny baby pigs
  85. Give a squirrel a helping hand
  86. Kangaroo rescued from drowning on beach
  87. Injured dog shuts down NYC expressway
  88. How an orang-utan and stray dog became best friends
  89. David Hasselhoff may visit hero dog
  90. Are these the oldest cats in the world?
  91. 'Grumpy' cat found far from home
  92. The hungry cub who got his head stuck when he was outfoxed by a jar
  93. Lucky escape for dog who was swallowed up by 100ft-deep hole
  94. The mother of all encores
  95. Cutest baby sheep ever
  96. Dr Phil's dog Maggie on Rachel Ray show
  97. Kitty in a basket
  98. Amazing new species discovered
  99. Twin foals beat odds to survive
  100. Unlikely friends: Manni the wild boar piglet and Candy the terrier
  101. Firemen's four-hour battle to save Penny the mare from drowning in the mud
  102. Why is my cat hissing at my other cat all of a sudden?
  103. Kangaroo survives arrow shot through head *graphic pic*
  104. Fox cub survives two weeks in a trap after vixen brings him scraps of food every day
  105. The Jack Russells who love to horse around
  106. Puppy eats whole alphabet of fridge magnets
  107. Orang-utan short-circuits electric fence
  108. Bath time for scary, evil dog
  109. Odd animal friendships
  110. Lions of the Masai Mara
  111. Animal pictures of the week
  112. Dama gazelle fawn at the Budapest Zoo
  113. Baby ring-tailed lemur at the Singapore Zoo
  114. Orphaned kangaroo joeys get a helping hand in Australia
  115. Endangered aye-aye born at the Denver Zoo
  116. The new face of disapproval
  117. I must chomp you!
  118. Slow Loris loves getting tickled
  119. Hammy the Hamster rides again
  120. Puppy rescued from IKEA parking lot
  121. Over 200 new amphibians found in Madagascar
  122. Giant Shark mystery solved: unexpected hideout found
  123. Spaniel Alfie proves it's a dog-eat-dog world as he gobbles up a toy puppy
  124. Chanel, the world's oldest dog, enjoys her 21st birthday party
  125. Snake tries to eat large bird
  126. Three little marleys
  127. The cat who got his head stuck in a tyre
  128. Teeny tiny kitties
  129. Dog rescue: Woman jumps into lake
  130. Two endangered gorillas born at Kent animal parks in England
  131. Mountain lion mauls dog that defended owners
  132. Meet Brutus, the 800lb grizzly bear who likes to eat his meals at the dinner table
  133. Amazing lifesaving animal heroes honoured In Toronto
  134. Need help choosing a gender (dog related)
  135. Two-legged dog found caught in trap gets new prosthetic legs
  136. Puppy falls asleep in his water bowl
  137. Bull mastiff Arnie survives machete attack
  138. The unlikely friendship of the piglet and the giant rabbit
  139. Jack LaLanne and the dog diet
  140. The Cape of Good Hope penguins at Boulders Beach
  141. Animal pictures of the week
  142. Baby owls play in Spring sunshine
  143. Cubcam: Hidden cameras capture amazing images of the secret life of lions
  144. The showjumping rabbits
  145. Doh! Dog swallows Homer Simpson toy
  146. The $4.2 million tiara - for a dog
  147. Baby Gorilla seized in trafficking ring bust
  148. Rainforest fluffballs
  149. Woman's shock as 11-ft alligator turns up on her doorstep in Florida
  150. Moustachioed horse evades barbers
  151. Literary cat makes library visits
  152. Baby colobus monkey
  153. Dog nurses motherless kittens
  154. Blown away chihuahua
  155. Chinchillas take a dust bath
  156. Cat + box = Teh LOLZ
  157. Can someone help me get rid of wasps?
  158. Albino buffalo spotted by Kenyan rangers
  159. Huff Puff: Britain's biggest hedgehog?
  160. Animal pictures of the week
  161. Kittens found in plastic bag 'strong and active'
  162. Don't mess with this honey badger
  163. Puma celebrates Earth Day at Lincoln Park Zoo
  164. Emu chick at Berlin zoo
  165. 400-year-old mummified cat found in walls of cottage
  166. Meet the happy-faced spider
  167. Farewell, old friend: The pain of losing a pet
  168. Cat on Twitter raises nearly $5,000 for charities
  169. Commercial dog food slowly killing our dogs?
  170. Toy company Ty introduces Beanie Bo
  171. San Diego dog honored as hero for alerting owner to fire
  172. 'Bone voyage' as pets get airline
  173. Puppy helps save a young boy
  174. Robotic seal "Paro" comes to the U.S.
  175. Male penguins in love
  176. World Wide Fund for Nature draws attention to pandas' plight...with dolls
  177. Kitties attack box!
  178. 14 horses die just before polo match
  179. Husky found 2 weeks after fleeing fatal car crash
  180. Bravery award for a labrador that defied knife wounds to chase thief
  181. Animal pictures of the week
  182. Schoolgirl's letter convinces mobile company 3 to sponsor horse
  183. Six-day-old Injaz unveiled as the world's first cloned camel
  184. Man jailed over dog hanging death
  185. The baby kangaroo who fell out of her pouch after mother was scared by an emu
  186. Sweater-wearing dog waters curb
  187. Feral cat advice needed!
  188. For hints on humans, Harvard scientists study dogs' thinking
  189. Cat eats guinea pig
  190. Dog plus iguana equals BFF?
  191. Economy hits New York zoos
  192. Meet Bailey the golden retriever who ate 4 gloves, a mitten, a stocking & 9 socks
  193. New orangutan population 'found on Borneo'
  194. The cat who refuses to eat meat or fish
  195. The kissing anteaters who must be the nosiest pets ever
  196. My dog had a seizure - advice welcome
  197. Amusing dog toys
  198. Chase-It pet toy - my dog loves it!
  199. Easter parade of pets
  200. Obamas' puppy is out of the bag
  201. Care arrives for pets lost, injured in Italy quake
  202. Bonded cat-dog duo seeks new home!
  203. Tiny horse trains as guide for blind Muslim woman
  204. Polish Frizzle chickens
  205. Woman survives polar bear mauling at Berlin Zoo
  206. Charlie Schmidt's "cool cat"
  207. Dog meditation
  208. Animal pictures of the week
  209. Horses with hair-extensions
  210. Zhongni and Zhang Jie have dazzling baby blue eyes
  211. Idaho cat is after your underpants
  212. The 100 St Bernards that need to be rescued
  213. Easter treat for Kifu the gorilla
  214. Allison the one-finned turtle gets a new prosthetic
  215. The pig that woke up to find a tiger in his cage
  216. As Easter approaches, cat owners should watch out for Easter lilies
  217. Honda to release pet-friendly vehicle
  218. Pets may become latest victims of climate change
  219. Multiple stab wounds may be harmful to monkeys
  220. Endangered Australian sea lion pup debuts at Taronga Zoo
  221. Is this bird cute.. or kinda evil?
  222. Baby Indian rhinoceros at San Diego Zoo's Wild Animal Park
  223. Pet dog survives four months lost at sea off Australia
  224. The adorable badger cubs abandoned by their mothers
  225. The tiny puppy set to be the world's smallest dog
  226. Elke - the four day old monkey
  227. Animal pictures of the week
  228. Giraffe calf at Denmark's Aalborg Zoo
  229. Animal lover raises £10,000 through Facebook campaign to save her sick dog's life
  230. Singapore Zoo's baby Malayan tapir brings its tapir total to eight
  231. Baby pimp orangutan & his two leopard bitches
  232. Whale watchers
  233. Sick turtle checks himself into hospital
  234. Rare Irrawaddy dolphins found in the waters of Bangladesh
  235. The National Zoo
  236. Rats used to sniff out land mines
  237. Lame frog gets his leg back in world first operation
  238. River-running dog finally rescued with help of ham
  239. Dog undergoes 'longest operation'
  240. Teacher charged with felonies in deaths of two cats
  241. Floss the runaway cow escaped capture for nine months and is saved from slaughter
  242. Baby golden-headed lion tamarins
  243. Lola the cat walks on its front paws
  244. Otter family
  245. Cat just chills (part 2)
  246. The invisible shrimp - Kingsman reef
  247. Broccoli cat
  248. Toby the red panda
  249. Animal pictures of the week
  250. Floppy manatee rescued