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  1. Piggy gets a warm bath
  2. Rolling puppy
  3. Dogs in Vogue - A new book celebrates 100 years of canine chic
  4. Skydiving cat
  5. Caracal kitten explores at the Berlin Zoo
  6. Massage your cat till it fucking drools
  7. Tiny baby gibbon gets a cuddle from his mother Hattie
  8. Tanvir the tiger is a 'scaredy cat'
  9. Panda cub gets a medical
  10. Dog loves the slide
  11. The three-month-old tiger given a 'friendly' bite by his German Shepherd 'brother'
  12. Couple settles $40K dog dispute
  13. 'Spider-Man' of the lizards
  14. Keepers bottle-feed rhinoceros calf in German zoo
  15. Animals with Lightsabers
  16. Tortoise safe after motorway drama
  17. What has giant ears, a long tail and a big, whiskery snout?
  18. Cat smells something bad
  19. Hawk protects the citizens of ToyTown
  20. One-month-old twin panda cubs
  21. Katherine Heigl's Hounds of Hope
  22. Stuck dog didn't give up Hope
  23. Tassie Clyde's 2500 kilometre outback odyssey
  24. Woman arrested after bodies of 'cremated' dogs found dumped in a field
  25. Forget lounge lizards, meet the lounge dragon
  26. Photos of dogs
  27. Surfing pets take to the water for charity
  28. A bouncing baby... elephant
  29. Introducing Santino "Sonny" Pupperoni, the yellow lab puppy
  30. Cat with 6 legs
  31. Michael Jackson and his pet animals (Bubbles, Muscles and Louie)
  32. Real-life Garfield is the cat who got the pasta
  33. *Warning* Nightmarish: Tongue-eating parasite found in fish
  34. More than 200 dogs in 'cramped, filthy' conditions
  35. Homeless dogs will benefit every time Michael Vick is tackled
  36. Smoka the cat survives blaze and cleanup
  37. Puppy has a ball at Swiss leader dog school
  38. Cheetah cubs make their debut at Switzerland's Basel Zoo
  39. Inefficient drinker ROTFLMAO!!!!
  40. Scooby the dog rescued after five days trapped in a cave
  41. Cats sleep in the strangest places
  42. Dog Biscuit recipe
  43. Birds on a wire inspire notes of song
  44. Lucky the injured turtle comes out of his shell after receiving new legs
  45. Post pics of your furry family!
  46. Woody the cat has fun on tap
  47. Polar bear stands to attention for camera
  48. Baby sloth
  49. Yellow Lab puppy name help
  50. The human cat perch
  51. Southern California animal sanctuaries and shelters respond to threat of wildfire
  52. Bacon: Saved!
  53. Thailand's celebrity panda cub celebrates a milestone
  54. Gorgeous puppy can't get up
  55. A Horse is a Horse, of course, unless it's a Poodle with a neon-orange saddle.
  56. Brownie the cat survives arrow shot to head *Graphic Pics*
  57. Dogs sleep in the strangest places
  58. Firefighters work to free bullock who plunged 12ft into well
  59. Rhodesian Ridgeback saves baby pig's bacon by adopting it as one of its own
  60. LA wildfire burning 3 miles from Daphneland Basset Hound Rescue
  61. Baby hamster with a strawberry
  62. Corgi puppies taste gingerbread
  63. Sara the dog loves a swing in the park
  64. Chanel the world's oldest dog dies at age 21
  65. White poodle gives birth to eight black puppies
  66. How the animal kingdom views the world
  67. A dog birthday party in Angeleno Heights
  68. Chimpanzee adopts abandoned puma cub
  69. Fawn and baby Bobcat bond
  70. Djamba celebrates her first birthday at Healesville Sanctuary
  71. Animal pictures of the week
  72. Antelope fakes its own death to avoid being eaten by a cheetah
  73. Dog comes to aid of owner stuck in quicksand
  74. Gorillas get sneak preview of new mate
  75. Bundles of cuteness
  76. Monkey smells finger
  77. Monkey to Kitty: I shall fronsche kees you forevah!
  78. Bear climbs ladder to escape US skate boarding park
  79. Playful dolphins share a big laugh as they dance and blow bubbles
  80. SPCA exec's blind/deaf dog dies after she accidentally leaves him in her car
  81. OM nom nom nom nom!
  82. Italian dogs beat the heat with a wet Roman holiday
  83. Dog who believes he is a cat
  84. Cat uses roomba
  85. Can’t talk now. Bottle time.
  86. The American Pika
  87. Keepers raise orphaned baby emperor tamarins at the Denver Zoo
  88. We spent all weekend together
  89. A blog dedicated solely to cat ladders!
  90. Barry White songs used to encourage shark to mate in aquarium
  91. Man with Britney Spears tattoo steals chihuahua with earrings at gay bar
  92. Shagra the Wonder Horse
  93. Cornstarch: It’s a hell of a drug
  94. Nora, the piano-playing cat on prowl for encore
  95. Baby baboons show why they are historic zoo's star attractions
  96. Fluffy cat
  97. Lost dog found in England after hitching a lift in a lorry 1,300 miles from home
  98. Happy tortoise
  99. Dog who was covered in petrol & set alight to face his torturers in court
  100. Diesel the dog catches the train to Stansted - on his own
  101. 'Cat emergency' at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home
  102. Snoring puppy-OMG!
  103. Certified pre-owned cats: inspected, detailed, better than new!
  104. Man saves baby Falcon from being bullied, squashed
  105. Best friends at Busch Gardens: Bea the giraffe & Wilma the ostrich
  106. MY friends' dogs are stars!! pls vote!!
  107. Mindless yobs attack 'Britain's ugliest' dog
  108. Rottweiler gives birth to 18 puppies. Poor Mama
  109. Kitten is resting nicely after rescue from Jersey City sewer
  110. UPDATE (and many thanks!) to socialising my rescue pup
  111. Infrared video of a cat attack
  112. WHAT! It’s comforting!
  113. High Five
  114. Cockatoo dances to Queen <so cute>
  115. Cat sends S.O.S. signal
  116. Future looks bright for 'Combine Kitty'
  117. Fluffy baby koala twins reunited
  118. Endangered Asian lion cubs make their debut at London Zoo
  119. Featherless Ralph the penguin back in the swim of things after getting a new wetsuit
  120. The fisherman's tale that saw eight lucky ducklings saved from certain death
  121. Dog survives in farmer's trap for three weeks by lapping up rainwater
  122. Japanese Dwarf Flying Squirrels
  123. Open wide!
  124. Animal neglect case has happy ending
  125. Puppy's ears, tail cut off with scissors
  126. The squirrel photo crasher
  127. Mystery death of England's Giant Carp, Benson
  128. Tiny, big-eyed animal found. Cute?
  129. Lost and found dog saves boy with downs syndrome
  130. Billy the tortoise, aged 110, to become a dad
  131. Max the terrier celebrates his 26th birthday
  132. Lucky the duckling takes a step in the right direction
  133. Turtle loves cat
  134. Embarrassed sleeping cat wakes from dream
  135. The rat that is in love with a cat
  136. Guinea Pig in a crocheted hat
  137. Meet Koda the miniature horse... who was also born a dwarf
  138. Animals with casts blog
  139. The cute chihuahua with a heart on his coat that matches older brother's
  140. Rescued seal pup prepares to return to the wild
  141. Mishka's first day
  142. Sam the bushfire koala dies
  143. Sleepy kitten
  144. How would you like to memorialize your pet?
  145. Keepers raise wallaby joey in Tokyo zoo
  146. Lucky Betty: Puppy survives after swallowing a 10inch toy arrow
  147. Gorgeous puppy
  148. Lion cub at France's Lunaret Zoo
  149. Mother swan takes babies under her wing for trip across the pond
  150. Newborn joy for Gana the gorilla after baby tragedy
  151. How many of you own animals from a shelter?
  152. Dogs are smarter than cats, research shows
  153. Question: is it right to put down a wild animal because it killed a human?
  154. Snuggie for dogs
  155. Galapagos Tortoises are messy eaters!
  156. News readers reach out to Oreo, dog that survived 6-story fall
  157. Too cute!
  158. Woman saves dog with mouth-to-mouth
  159. Bai Yun is pregnant, panda keepers announce at San Diego Zoo
  160. Lost dog's hoarding helps rescuer reunite her with owners
  161. Ozzy the skunk is rescued after a colony is discovered in the wild
  162. E.T. can't find a home
  163. An incredible story
  164. Cat gets a bath
  165. Cat wearing sunglasses
  166. Giraffe and goat form unlikely friendship when kept in same enclosure
  167. Cat catches the bus every day for four years
  168. Sacramento police say man blew up cat
  169. Mac the 'miracle' dog survives after falling 40ft off cliff chasing rabbits
  170. Stranded sheep shot dead after 4 weeks stuck on cliff because rescue 'too risky'
  171. "VICIOUS killer chipmunks". I wish I was making that up.
  172. Aquarium: Rehabbed dolphin killed by shark
  173. Cat Matrix
  174. Meet the new Boomtown Rats - Rats playing instruments
  175. The only "zebra" in Gaza
  176. World's first panda cub born from frozen sperm
  177. Thugs slice off fur from cat's tail
  178. The playful parrots who play catch with the family dog
  179. Blind border collie gets his own guide dog
  180. Wild boar piglet Schnitzel becomes part of a dog pack
  181. Has anybody seen this?! WARNING: DO NOT WATCH IF YOU HAVE A WEAK STOMACH!
  182. Another sleeping cat
  183. Going to look at a Chessie (Ches. Bay Retriever) on Sunday-anyone ever own one?
  184. Taco Bell chihuahua, Gidget, passes away at 15
  185. Cute sea otters at Georgia Aquarium
  186. Meet Dare: The two-legged dog who knows how to get ahead of the pack
  187. Spud the hedgehog is happy again
  188. Swimming pigs
  189. Maltese puppy Scooter contender for world’s smallest dog
  190. Young African elephants celebrate their birthdays at the Pittsburgh Zoo
  191. Dog becomes surrogate mom for two adorable red panda cubs in China
  192. Sick bitch shows no remorse for killing a kitten
  193. Baby sea lion gets swimming lessons
  194. The dove and his bunnies
  195. Denver Zoo welcomes rare Okapi
  196. Dog rescued from Calgary sewage pond
  197. Critically endangered South China tiger cubs
  198. Confused cat
  199. Cat talks in sleep
  200. Animal pictures of the week
  201. Cat uses door knocker
  202. Exhausted budgie rescued by divers after being spotted half a mile out to sea
  203. Fat cats: Britain's porkiest pets - and their even fatter owners
  204. Puppies rescued from filthy truck
  205. Baby elephant delights zoo crowd with debut
  206. Endangered Iberian lynxes in Spain
  207. Terrier gives birth while tied up
  208. Moisturiser answers elephant call
  209. Cat meets spider
  210. Woman rescues 5-legged puppy from freak show
  211. Happy birthday to Tai Shan, the National Zoo's giant panda
  212. Kitten survives spin in washer
  213. Surrogate doggy dad watches over orphaned kittens
  214. 'Obama,' a rescued loggerhead turtle, released on Independence Day
  215. Evil bitch beats fawn to death
  216. Spider builds life-sized replicas of itself to escape predators
  217. Hamster with a pretzel stick
  218. Young yellow mongoose at the Budapest Zoo
  219. Baby southern tamandua takes a ride on mom's back
  220. Pure white stripeless Bengal tiger cub
  221. Animals beat the summer heat!
  222. Beer for dogs....
  223. Cat weightlifting
  224. Help! How do you train a kitten?
  225. Tickles, naps, and playing with mummy: The life of a baby panda
  226. Rescued baby orangutan in Malaysia
  227. Spoiled hamster
  228. Gorgeous fawns
  229. Vintage G’day
  230. Sea lion tries to steal boat
  231. Ten household items that can poison your pet
  232. Stupid cat :P
  233. Teen's Peru trip ruined when family dog chews passport
  234. Discovery of 10 lynx kittens heartens Colorado wildlife biologists
  235. Red panda cub Sha-Lei makes her first personal appearance at just two weeks old
  236. Sad dog loses owner, home and faces euthanasia. Someone please help her.
  237. Boxing kitteh
  238. Chimps befriend dog and cat
  239. Congo's orphan gorillas
  240. The woman who shares her home with four cheetahs, five lions and two tigers
  241. Bichon Frisé puppy
  242. StarPups orders are ready
  243. Boxer mix "Pabst" crowned World's Ugliest Dog
  244. Berlin Zoo's Asian elephant calf takes a bath
  245. Just in time.. the tropical moonwalking bird!
  246. Tigress gives birth to six cuddly cubs
  247. Slow recovery for dog dragged behind truck *Graphic & upsetting pic*
  248. 101 Alsatians: The dog rescuer with a soft spot for German shepherds
  249. Baby and cat love each other
  250. The three-legged kitten named Tripod