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  1. Once blind, dog sees owner for first time in years
  2. It's a dog's life for this kitten
  3. Cutest itty bitty baby bunnies!
  4. Amber, the cat, crowned pet slimmer of the year
  5. Dog washed out into Baltic Sea has lucky escape
  6. Father and son rescue two deer trapped on a frozen lake
  7. Blind dog saved from drowning in icy sea, man gives it the kiss of life
  8. My dog can't stop scratching
  9. Grumpy-looking blobfish in danger of being wiped out
  10. Pretty please
  11. Nature at its best -- a natural colourful wreath!
  12. Feel good story of the day...Huskies!
  13. Leopard cuddles baby baboon
  14. Cute little bunny
  15. Experts stunned by swan 'divorce'
  16. Missy back on the prowl after becoming world's first feline with metal knee
  17. Animal pictures of the week: 22 January 2010
  18. US firemen rescue dog from California river
  19. Help.. Dog licking furniture and pillows obsessively!
  20. Kirk-dik-dik antelope hand-reared after mum abandoned her
  21. Thai elephants collect donations for Haiti
  22. 19 bears rescued from bear bile farm in Vietnam
  23. Animal cruelty?
  24. Maru a very funny cat
  25. Exotic mammals hitched rides on rafts to colonise Madagascar
  26. Young sand cats make their debut at the Cincinnati Zoo
  27. Spider video of the week, 1-21-10
  28. The rare sight of an albino fawn hiding in the wilderness
  29. Otter climbs tree as an act of 'teenage rebellion'
  30. Mother pig and piglet
  31. Triton the lion loves his football
  32. Inquisitive beluga whales take an interest in scuba divers
  33. Asian elephant calf Jamuna Toni gets a bath at Munich's Hellabrunn Zoo
  34. Tama the cat station master
  35. Everest climber rappels down to save kitty
  36. Meowfail
  37. Sun bear shows off his monster-sized tongue
  38. Puppy rescued from train track
  39. Macaw Parrot Kept in Parakeet Cage in Closet For 17 Years!
  40. Baby western lowland gorilla debuts at the Budapest Zoo
  41. Polar bear waving at the camera
  42. Australian museum opens "Sam the Koala" exhibit
  43. Cute Japanese Kitten
  44. Escaped zoo hippo still roaming free
  45. Super slimmer dog can walk again
  46. Labrador bolts from U.S. office before earthquake tremors strike building
  47. Dog taught English before being re-homed, because he only understands Polish commands
  48. Meet Dillie, the domesticated deer who eats linguine in her owners' bed
  49. A Boston Terrier, a Great Dane pup and a Chihuahua pup
  50. Chilean zoo welcomes five white tiger cubs
  51. Endangered Sumatran tiger cubs investigate WWF's camera in Indonesia
  52. Lulu, the chihuahua who is just four inches long
  53. Spider video of the week, 1-11-10
  54. Cat summoned for jury duty
  55. Kitten born without hind feet needs home
  56. San Diego Zoo's giant panda cub, Yun Zi, debuts to the public
  57. How to Christmas wrap your cat
  58. Do Americans like dogs or cats best? Dogs win, cats are most disliked
  59. Advice on toilet training a new dog
  60. New baby might be mine tomorrow
  61. Do you find Bongos cute?
  62. Niabi Zoo welcomes baby giraffe
  63. Snowboarding bulldogs
  64. Animal lovers rally for 'justice' for dog that was dragged to death
  65. New crab species looks like a strawberry
  66. Firemen rescue cat who got stranded on an icy pond
  67. Golden Retriever saves boy from cougar attack
  68. The dog that was just for Christmas
  69. Battle to save tigers intensifies with only 3,200 left on Earth
  70. Fat Dalmation has lost 70lbs
  71. Cat, dog, chicks
  72. Photographs capture baby panda as it tries to escape playpen
  73. Cocker spaniel saved from a watery grave by 17 firefighters
  74. Penguin chicks take a break on the ice
  75. Research team develops see-through goldfish in Japan
  76. Roomba cat tells dog, get out the way
  77. Baby orangutan Dodi makes his debut at Germany's Dresden Zoo
  78. The Daily Puppy
  79. Spider video of the week
  80. The Battle at Kruger
  81. The Dancing Bear
  82. Hedgehog's backstroke
  83. Colo, oldest gorilla in captivity, celebrates her 53rd birthday at Columbus Zoo
  84. With two broken legs, missing cat's painful odyssey leads him home
  85. Baby seal discovered in family's back garden... 18 miles from the sea
  86. Looking for a loving home, the 13 pups of Christmas
  87. Polar bear vs. dogs
  88. 'Giant George': the 7ft-long blue great dane who could be the world's tallest dog
  89. Giant Panda does a roly-poly in his sleep
  90. Cat survives being superglued to Minnesota highway
  91. Flying Pomeranian!
  92. Super cute kitten begs for food! Dawwww!
  93. World's Ugliest Dog sings Christmas carol
  94. Oscar the dog visits most famous landmarks
  95. Deformed kitten
  96. Holiday pupcakes are almost done
  97. Brown bears go head to head in 15-minute duel
  98. Dog shot in Hollywood Hills home invasion resting after surgery
  99. Chicago's Shedd Aquarium welcomes baby beluga
  100. Pet pugs eat owner's dead body for survival, now they're looking for a new home
  101. Faith, Two-legged dog gives hope to disabled Army vets
  102. Otters throw their paws in the air, wave 'em like they just don't care
  103. Puppy found abandoned in McDonald's bag
  104. Labrador Ben looking for new home after losing weight
  105. 'Bait dog’ was left to die, animal rescue workers say
  106. San Francisco's young gorilla, Hasani, has a birthday party
  107. Injured swallow taught to fly again in harness
  108. Octopuses carry coconuts as instant hideaways
  109. Flimgo the grey, baby flamingo stands out among its rose-coloured family
  110. Techno the talking starling
  111. Snowball the overweight hedgehog is running and swimming his way back to health
  112. Motorist deliberately ran over mother duck as she walked with her ducklings
  113. Baby squirrel monkeys at the Budapest Zoo
  114. When their people are away, the cats will...?
  115. Raccoon remodels kitchen
  116. Parrot loves his bunny
  117. Iraqi man, lucky dog reunite after Baghdad blast
  118. Bald parrot defies doctors
  119. 'Holy cow' born with cross on forehead
  120. Lion, tiger and bear form unlikely band of 'brothers'
  121. Amur leopard cub debuts in German zoo
  122. Wallaby mum and baby
  123. Happy Birthday to Bella!
  124. Cat boxing
  125. Parrot Humps Photographer
  126. Baby beaver enjoys a neck scratch
  127. Animal pictures of the week
  128. Penguin searches for winter coat
  129. Baby seals orphaned by south coast storms
  130. The Pig who loves bouncing on a trampoline
  131. Photos taken by an orangutan prove a Facebook sensation
  132. How a lonely lioness found love with a little help from her friends
  133. Wolf spiders with babies
  134. Survivor video: Faye's rescue
  135. Starlings give twitchers the bird
  136. Young Sykes' monkey explores at Germany's Hannover Adventure Zoo
  137. Cute koala
  138. Bid to drown kitten, pups foiled
  139. Mother orangutan cradles her baby at Germany's Dresden Zoo
  140. White gators - the rarest creatures in the world - found in swamp land by fisherman
  141. Curbing car sickness for pets
  142. Polar bear, Coldilocks, takes a dip
  143. Labrador Coco trained to spot when owner is slipping into coma
  144. Surprised Kitty!
  145. Dog in a BP shirt greets customers at Clearwater store
  146. Timelapse of swarming monster worms and sea stars
  147. Three Siberian tiger cubs on a log
  148. Wonky stork gets wooden leg
  149. The roly poly polar bear
  150. Dog 'saves' sleep condition woman
  151. Stuffed toy meerkat 'adopts' real baby meerkats
  152. Amali, 5-year-old giraffe, arrives at Tulsa Zoo with crooked neck
  153. Clever little pig
  154. Little bear cubs
  155. Dog greets customers at BP station
  156. Squirrel mother goes nuts and attacks dog trying to eat her baby
  157. Shooting drama as bear mauls man who jumped into enclosure
  158. Baby gibbon drinks from a bottle in German zoo
  159. Ever hit a deer/other large animal with your car?
  160. Dog adopts litter of kittens as her own
  161. Big cats turn on the feline flair for daring photo shoot
  162. Stowaway cat Pharaoh survives two-week voyage to Britain from Egypt
  163. Hippo vs. Crocodile
  164. Animal pictures of the week
  165. What kind of pet would you get?
  166. Funny video
  167. British sailor on storm-hit yacht saves nine puppies
  168. French bulldog puppy and cat
  169. Kitty eats from chopsticks
  170. Baby Otter playing with toys! AWWWW
  171. Funny & cute animals
  172. Pup yawn
  173. Animal pictures of the week
  174. 100-pound rhino born at Busch Gardens
  175. Hawaiian sea turtles take to the waves
  176. Rabbit and cat love
  177. Missing Persons singer jailed for animal cruelty
  178. Fox Cub falls 12ft through the ceiling... and into shop window
  179. Most people keep their ducks in the bath, but this lot aren't made of rubber
  180. 8 things your pet shouldn't eat
  181. Mom ran pet ‘concentration camp,’ son says
  182. Sabi the Army wonder dog found safe
  183. 10 places where animals eat you. (Not locations on your body you sickos)
  184. Is your cat sick? Don't overlook these subtle clues.
  185. A cure for whatever ails you
  186. Just in time for the NFL
  187. Today's feel good story -- a little dog's life saver
  188. Puppy with freckles. :)
  189. Officials: Swine flu confirmed in Iowa cat
  190. I found a kitten!
  191. Panang the pregnant elephant practises her maternity stretches
  192. Dog is rescued by firefighters after trapping head in brick wall
  193. My dog peed on carpet...i can't get smell out!
  194. Man sings litter of puppies to sleep every night
  195. Orphan baby monkey is friends with a dog
  196. Asian elephant calf goes for a swim at Australia's Taronga Zoo
  197. Mariah Carey's diva dogs
  198. Animal pictures of the week
  199. Marine bends rules to save dog found in Iraq
  200. Lucy the dachshund pulled out of badger sett after six days
  201. The cutest deadly sin
  202. 82 sea turtles hatch without human help at SeaWorld
  203. Britain's 'first' recorded twin ducklings make a show
  204. Meerkats explore a jack-o'-lantern at England's Bristol Zoo Gardens
  205. Orangutan snacks on a pumpkin at the National Zoo
  206. Zero gravity kitty!
  207. Is this haunting picture proof that chimps really do grieve?
  208. Meet Oumbie, the gorilla stud who's a big hit with the girls
  209. I lost my sweet boy
  210. Leona Lewis supports The World Society for the Protection of Animals
  211. Coyote survives 75 mph collision with car, being trapped between grill and radiator
  212. What your pets get up to while you're at work
  213. Teen accused of using Pit Bull as a “weapon” gets 14 months in juvey
  214. Man feeds puppy dog vodka; jailed for animal cruelty
  215. Angelo, lamb born en route to slaughter, thrives at New York's Farm Sanctuary
  216. Chimps celebrate Halloween at the San Francisco Zoo
  217. Britain's only polar bear switches to new home in the Highlands
  218. The winning pictures in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2009 contest
  219. Prudence the porker thinks she's a dog
  220. Trio of rare lion cubs unveiled in British zoo
  221. Giant otters relax in French zoo
  222. Cat stuck in motor of SUV survives two-mile drive through Bronx streets
  223. Cat dilemma at my home...please read and give feedback
  224. Two baby giraffes born at Disney’s Animal Kingdom
  225. Sammy the dog's paintings selling for $1,700
  226. Man tries to euthanize other man who tried to euthanize his dog
  227. Deathmetal parrot
  228. Kitteh Vs. Doggy - FIGHT!
  229. Lazy cat (too freaking cute!!!)
  230. Cat betrayed his girlfriend
  231. Daddy Chihuahua leads family to safety
  232. Dog plays pool
  233. Rottweiler is piglet's surrogate
  234. The kestrels and barn owl who live together
  235. The Satanic Leaf-Tailed Gecko
  236. Bizarre groomed and pampered poodles
  237. Blind abandoned Chihuahua puppy preparing for surgery
  238. Inside a swanky new pet hotel
  239. Micro pigs with a hefty price tag
  240. Wild animals captured in studio photographs, who is your favourite?
  241. Hunters shoot bear dead in front of horrified tourists
  242. Cheeky hedgehog
  243. Why is that beaver on the highway?
  244. Michael Jackson's kids raise money to save a dog!
  245. What animals do... when no one is looking
  246. What cats are really thinking
  247. Fat hedgehog gets stuck halfway through hole in garden wall
  248. Puppy falls in love with a Cat
  249. Cats and their 'gifts'
  250. 24 pygmy hedgehogs adopted by animal lover