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  1. Harry the duck and his kittens
  2. Big Cats Obsess Over Calvin Klein's 'Obsession for Men'
  3. Cat gets ear cleaned
  4. Baby Hippo Hits the Pool
  5. My cat seems to have a problem with hygiene
  6. Sneaky Seagull Steals Food From Lazy Cat
  7. Cat hiccups and farts at the same time
  8. Puppy Rescued From Car Engine
  9. Gentoo Penguin Chick's Got Slappy Feet
  10. Meet Sequoia the Little Sea Lion Pup
  11. Miss Ellie, Animal Planet's 2009 World's Ugliest Dog, has died at 17
  12. Cat with crazy tongue (very freaky)
  13. Gorgeous little piglets
  14. Baby caiman crocodiles make their debut at sea park
  15. Cat Survives 30-Minute Dunk In Washing Machine‎
  16. Feel good cop/dog rescue
  17. Kung Fu bear! Holy shit!
  18. Polar Wolf Mother Spotted Nuzzling with Pups
  19. Dog Put Out For Trash Pickup
  20. Guide dog gives helping paw to blind pooch‎
  21. Cat recovering from nail driven in its head‎
  22. Divers swim with manta ray
  23. The 60-year-old elephant going for his morning swim
  24. The fluffy penguin chicks who know how to stay cosy
  25. Elephant picture explains mystery of 'leaking jacuzzi'
  26. Kittens Falling Down Slide
  27. Baby Otter Swim Lessons
  28. Golden Snub Nosed Monkey Baby
  29. Beckhams' dog gets pink nails. Doesn't look impressed
  30. The geese left in charge of 40 goslings
  31. Cat, kitten drop-offs overwhelm Los Angeles woman
  32. 'Doggles' aid military canines in Afghanistan and Iraq
  33. Must-watch cuteness: Adorable baby sloths
  34. Abandoned Dog Digs Deep to Give Birth in Quarry
  35. Cute pics from Zooborns
  36. Bat-eared Fox pups
  37. Baby Einstein the Vulture
  38. Hero dogs that saved hundreds during the Blitz are honoured
  39. Zoo treats its pride of lions to the modern-day aromatherapy spa experience
  40. Mama Chihuahua Nurses Kitten Along with Pups
  41. Wolf and Tiger Cub Awww
  42. Cat holds fox hostage
  43. Little Monkey Doing Great after a Rough Start
  44. Pictures of big cats up close‎
  45. Day-Old Gentoo Penguin Chicks at Edinburgh Zoo
  46. White otters born at aquarium
  47. First reindeer born in England for 2000 years‎
  48. Mother Bear Rescues Cub Stuck in Tree
  49. Australian couple have kangaroo as bridesmaid on their wedding day
  50. Interspecies Baby Love -- Animal Surrogates
  51. Indescribable hilarious dog thing lol
  52. Leopard and golden retriever are best friends
  53. Louk, the Greek riot dog
  54. World's biggest beaver dam discovered in northern Canada
  55. Outrage over deer shot by Oakland, California officer
  56. Firefighters rescue 250lb bear from cemetery tree
  57. Wiggly Warthoglets in Arizona Zoo's Nursery
  58. Kitty the Cat is Backpacking from Miami to Ushuaia
  59. Our Pippin Piper Passed Away This Afternoon
  60. Cat Tries to Revive Friend Hit By Car (Very Sad)
  61. Tiny Horse
  62. Bronx Zoo's Newest Pawful Debuts: Lion Cub Triplets
  63. Endangered Red Wolf Pups Return to the Wild
  64. Man fined over sticky end for bear lured by doughnuts‎
  65. Great Dane Rocky finds new home after TV appeal
  66. Stray cat becomes foster mother for rescued bobcat kittens
  67. Do you have a glass table?
  68. Freeze-Dried Pets
  69. Akron Zoo Announces Two Capybara Births
  70. Dachshund and his ball machine
  71. Is Einstein the world's smallest horse?
  72. Restaurant mistakes 'guide' dog for 'gay' dog‎
  73. Horse adopts family of ducklings
  74. Animal pictures of the week
  75. Sleepy Puppy
  76. Let me shake your hand
  77. Spider video of the week 04/25/10
  78. Cutest squirrel with a bandage I've ever seen
  79. Sea lion pup found on Newport Beach rooftop
  80. Dog leads rescuers to fire‎
  81. Baboon caught red-handed stealing from car
  82. Pink Amazon River Dolphins: Ugly or cute?
  83. I put my kitty down today
  84. Feisty Fossa Debuts in Denver
  85. Court voids law aimed at animal cruelty videos
  86. Wildcat's acrobatic dove-catching display‎
  87. Dog stayed with her master until the end‎
  88. Lounging Lioness at Litchfield's Wildlife World Zoo
  89. Playful Pygmy Goats
  90. Gentle Been pays it forward By ALICE COWDREY - The Nelson
  91. Meet Cliff, the rabbit whisperer‎
  92. How to Cuddle with an Elephant Seal
  93. Boing, Boing, Splash, Boing
  94. Dog starved for 5 weeks is recovering‎
  95. Cat reunited with owner eight years after running away
  96. Instant depression cure = attack by 13 golden retriever puppies!
  97. Sad and sick: Orangutans kickbox and parade in bikinis for cheering tourists
  98. Postmen boycott house because they are terrified of cat named Tiger
  99. Hunter 'delivers' unborn seal pup from carcass‎
  100. Kitten and parakeet are best friends
  101. Pit bull that had survived Michael Vick's dogfighting ring has died of cancer
  102. Pet Essentials
  103. Meet orphaned Karmann, the waving wombat nursed back to health by humans
  104. Top Ten Deaths from Exotic Pets
  105. Time For A Parrot Party!
  106. Otter bromance ends in tragedy: 1 died, other died from heartbreak soon after
  107. Dog nurses baby squirrels who lost their home
  108. Little Camel Cuddles with Mom
  109. Baby North American river otters
  110. Lucky kangaroo freed from accidental hubcap 'trap'
  111. Owner splashes $20,000 on mini-mansion for her pampered pooches
  112. Duck who hitched 500-mile lift after getting wedged under van bonnet survives
  113. The Trololo cat - lol
  114. More cats on treadmills
  115. Meerkats use their mate as a backrest
  116. Boarding Question
  117. Bornean orangutan Duchess celebrates her 50th birthday at the Phoenix Zoo
  118. Dreaming Kitten
  119. 3 Stooges Lamb
  120. Dog that inspired Gucci's law dies
  121. AWWW - Cute Animals
  122. The OMG NO WAY! cat
  123. Top Dog Josie - Sam's best friend
  124. Peta Hitler dog breeder advert 'not offensive' says ASA
  125. Jessica the Hippo
  126. Romping Baby Rhino Rocks Taronga
  127. Colorado skunk's head freed from peanut butter jar
  128. Wales the first part of the UK to ban pet shock collars
  129. Dog rebuilt by 40 vets for 11,500 after being run over and left for dead
  130. Bulldogs molested at dog shows
  131. Smiley Riley, the dog with a human grin
  132. Malamute lullaby
  133. Winston the pit eats cars
  134. Cat and deer are best friends
  135. Indiana woman charged with setting dogs on fire, adoption offers pour in
  136. Mother takes her fluffy polar cubs outdoors for the very first time
  137. Bracken, the dog who swallowed a football
  138. Piglet and dog play together
  139. Dog feeds two-day-old lion cub
  140. Manuka the micro pig has a day out in London
  141. Feisty Dingo Puppies Make Their Debut
  142. Meet little Wingu
  143. Tamandua holds his own spoon to eat cheese
  144. Pinny, the paddling pussy
  145. Rabbit left charred as hutch is set on fire in cruel attack *Upsetting Pic*
  146. Sally the lamb is born weighing 23lb
  147. This pic made me laugh
  148. Hamster-sized Caesar Salad
  149. Iggy the labrador reunited with his owners 5 years after going missing
  150. Judge praises rottweiler who stopped man from raping woman in park
  151. Polar bear cubs frolic in St. Petersburg snow
  152. All Edie needed was a hug
  153. Eagle Cam -- Eggs Have Hatched!
  154. Bald, pink newborn baby aardvark
  155. Ticklish Koala
  156. Kangaroos canoodle at Switzerland's Basel Zoo
  157. 'Astonishing' rare black penguin living on South Georgia
  158. Baby elephant declared dead stuns animal experts when he is born alive
  159. Dogs and cats abandoned at Battersea home become stars of new stamps
  160. Baby otter takes a nap on its mum's tummy
  161. My dog has been diagnosed with cancer
  162. Has Anyone Had A Boa Draped Around The Shoulders?
  163. Woman bitten by bear at Wis. zoo, fingers severed
  164. 'Watermelon': The Baby Tapir
  165. Cat survives four weeks eating frozen peas in chilled warehouse
  166. Hen adopts a litter of puppies
  167. The lion king
  168. Staticky cat vs. balloon
  169. Puppy rescued from teapot
  170. Man stopped in Austria with 47 puppies stashed in the back of his van
  171. Somerset knitters make jumpers/sweaters for bald chickens
  172. 1.13 million dollar cow
  173. Potty Patch
  174. Pets we have loved and lost
  175. Rescued rabbit enjoys a meal, licks its lips
  176. Colorado town wants to put down dog for biting a vet
  177. Kitten has a specific taste in food
  178. Insanely hungry kitten
  179. Girl and dog caught in leg hold traps, drag heavy log over 1km to get help
  180. Introducing....TOBY
  181. Knit this cute "Corset" dog sweater for your pooch
  182. Daddy Milan passes away
  183. Meerkat's peck on cheek gives giraffe a lift
  184. Keeping a dog outdoors?
  185. Newbie here!
  186. Nutty squirrel cuddles a cat
  187. Cute pictures of black jaguar cub and her doting mum
  188. Food catching cat
  189. Old story but look at this little pony
  190. Hope you enjoy these pics from cute overload
  191. Introducing Duran, the Dresden Zoo's newest orangutan addition
  192. Asian elephant calf makes her debut at Australia's Melbourne Zoo
  193. Giraffe calf born at Denmark's Aalborg Zoo
  194. Black rhinoceros calf born at Germany's Berlin Zoo
  195. Puppehs! Kittehs! All sorts of animal videos!
  196. 1800petmeds.com - anyone use it?
  197. Feather Dancing Kittehs
  198. Sea lion pups
  199. 13 lions moved from run-down Romanian zoo to wildlife park
  200. NZ teen kidnaps puppy to save it from euthanasia
  201. The dog who is allergic to cats and only eats potatoes
  202. When vets make mistakes, pets pay the price
  203. Hedgehog does backstroke
  204. Spider video of the week
  205. Shiba Inu Puppy Cam
  206. Treo the dog awarded animal Victoria Cross
  207. 16 panda cubs join zoo nursery in China
  208. Turtle deliberately blinded - unable to care for itself - rescued
  209. Problem with my Jack Russell licking the bed
  210. Pug puppy
  211. Debarking to quiet noisy dogs losing favor
  212. Lesbian albatrosses become proud parents
  213. Diving guide's special bond with sperm whale captured on camera
  214. Leopard has a prickly moment with a porcupine
  215. Baby gorilla pictured relaxing
  216. Trial to begin for woman who pierced kittens
  217. YouTube video could bring charges in black sea bass incident at Newport Beach
  218. Book profiles furry angel of death: Oscar the cat
  219. Super fat cats
  220. Man accused of torching a puppy
  221. Puppy found nearly frozen in jet's cargo bay at JFK Airport is rescued
  222. Horny tawny's hoots spark fury
  223. Oprah Winfrey adopts
  224. Young lion wakes his sleeping father with a gentle growl
  225. Three cheetahs spare tiny antelope's life and play with him instead
  226. Once blind, dog sees owner for first time in years
  227. It's a dog's life for this kitten
  228. Cutest itty bitty baby bunnies!
  229. Amber, the cat, crowned pet slimmer of the year
  230. Dog washed out into Baltic Sea has lucky escape
  231. Father and son rescue two deer trapped on a frozen lake
  232. Blind dog saved from drowning in icy sea, man gives it the kiss of life
  233. My dog can't stop scratching
  234. Grumpy-looking blobfish in danger of being wiped out
  235. Pretty please
  236. Nature at its best -- a natural colourful wreath!
  237. Feel good story of the day...Huskies!
  238. Leopard cuddles baby baboon
  239. Cute little bunny
  240. Experts stunned by swan 'divorce'
  241. Missy back on the prowl after becoming world's first feline with metal knee
  242. Animal pictures of the week: 22 January 2010
  243. US firemen rescue dog from California river
  244. Help.. Dog licking furniture and pillows obsessively!
  245. Kirk-dik-dik antelope hand-reared after mum abandoned her
  246. Thai elephants collect donations for Haiti
  247. 19 bears rescued from bear bile farm in Vietnam
  248. Animal cruelty?
  249. Maru a very funny cat
  250. Exotic mammals hitched rides on rafts to colonise Madagascar