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  1. Cat massaging dog (NSFW)
  2. Getting a kitten for Xmas..any advice?
  3. Hero cat gets more oxygen to fire, escapes, leaving home to burn
  4. My male cat was sick this weekend; please pray for him
  5. "Extinct" bird just really good at hiding
  6. Cat is back home 5 years after Hurricane Katrina
  7. Adorable screeching fox, "Scout"
  8. My cat has verbal diarrhoea
  9. Researchers dress up to save pandas
  10. Transformers...More than meets the eye!!
  11. Kitty hugs teddy bear
  12. Wind 1 - Ducks 0
  13. Pygmy hippopotamus born at Zoo Miami
  14. Serpent-like oarfish floats up in Malibu, California
  15. Australian man marries his Labrador
  16. San Diego Zoo unveils new baby cheetah
  17. Saving a cat with fatty liver syndrome (Feline Hepatic Lipidosis)
  18. Heroine horse saves the day, children's lives
  19. Crows vs. Cat vs. Cat street fight instigated by crows
  20. Flamingos in formation
  21. 85 Rare 'Singing Dogs' Seized from PA Man
  22. Ugly Bat Boy - A real freaky cat
  23. Rachael Ray donates $775,000 to pets in need
  24. Girl on pony + dad vs. angry Ostrich
  25. Ostrich and giraffe play tag
  26. Meet Hamish the Baby Bamboo Lemur
  27. Austria's Newest Panda Baby Needs a Name
  28. Momo the Chihuahua becomes Japanese police dog
  29. Man Gets Jail Sentence In Drunk Puppy Case
  30. Cat does simultaneous hiccup and fart followed by sneeze
  31. So a koala walks into a bar...
  32. Baby Otters learn how to swim in wading pool - SO CUTE
  33. Cat shows two alligators who's boss
  34. Pile of sleeping kittens
  35. Ticklish, laughing Camel LOL
  36. Maru, the cardboard box obsessed cat, tries to squeeze into smaller and smaller boxes
  37. Rescued baby dolphin
  38. Couple turn their house into playful paradise for rescue cats
  39. There was a dog under that
  40. Panda Lun Lun gives birth at Zoo Atlanta
  41. Snake gives 'virgin birth' to extraordinary babies
  42. Trying to Rescue 3 kittens Next to my Building to no Avail :(
  43. Cats playing patty cake
  44. Baby Lions At National Zoo Learn To Swim
  45. Cat slaps dog
  46. Cute kittens with 'fainting goat' syndrome
  47. Shiba Inu puppy "talks" in his sleep :)
  48. Maine Coon cat becomes world's longest domestic feline
  49. Dog passes toughest obedience test in country - despite being deaf
  50. Spider-Goats go grazing on near-vertical dam
  51. Inmates Rescue Injured Kitten and Raise Money for SPCA
  52. Pedigree dog has 'extreme' facelift'
  53. Search For New Pet Leads To Long-Lost Dog
  54. Kitten can't lift dumbbell
  55. Baby bulldog playing
  56. Ultra cool cat, just chilling
  57. Panda cubs conceived by artificial insemination go on show in Madrid
  58. Meet Ruth the Tiny Baby Sloth
  59. Labrador Shows Lonely Dingo Pup the Ropes
  60. Tube-nosed bat
  61. Bomb sniffing dog with PTSD finds new home with family of dead Marine
  62. Best Environmental Photos of 2010 Named
  63. Bird receives a new toy and can't contain his excitement
  64. Marvin the Spider Monkey Meets Life on White
  65. Man teaches two-legged pig to walk‎
  66. The crocodile whisperer
  67. DJ Kitty
  68. Train Kills Elephants Trying to Protect Babies *warning, sad pic inside*
  69. Dog prays before meal
  70. Albino animals
  71. Funny sleeping kitten
  72. Michael Vick's Dogs Make a Comeback
  73. The meerkat and the big cat‎
  74. Rare Tigers Found High in the Himalayas
  75. Dog with longest tongue
  76. More adorable otters
  77. Man builds cat-sized village for homeless cats
  78. Meet a Baby Bamboo Lemur
  79. Couple hand-rear hyena
  80. Help this former bait dog
  81. Cocker Spaniel befriends little chick
  82. Gorilla Reunion: Extraordinary Gorilla Encounter
  83. Spider monkey found in child's backyard
  84. Fat orang-utan put on strict diet‎ (she looks grumpy)
  85. Pea-Size Frog Found
  86. Roly + Poly Red Panda Cubs
  87. Redbull: the talkative American Bulldog
  88. Sweet dog story with no words
  89. Firefighters use oxygen masks to revive giant tortoises rescued from burning zoo
  90. Yoga cat
  91. New recall for pet treats
  92. Baby otter getting weighed
  93. Daddy lion and his little "mini me"
  94. Had to have our cat with cancer euthanized
  95. Kitten rides tortoise
  96. Perv kitteh iz peepin thru ur windoz
  97. Sun Conure!
  98. Hunt is on for this puppy chucker
  99. A cute puppy
  100. Mistreated puppy recovering well‎
  101. Precious Pics: Baby sloths get great care at Costa Rican sanctuary
  102. Adorable kitten
  103. Rat taking a bath
  104. Pit bull who was set on fire and beaten attends his abuser's parole hearing
  105. Three Patagonian Cavy Pups
  106. Pipping Penguin from Egg to Baby Bird
  107. Chimp surprises zoo staff by giving birth at 56
  108. Newborn otter pups being reared by humans
  109. Smeagol the Aye-aye
  110. Giant panda celebrates 4th birthday
  111. Orphan Baby Bunny in Good Hands
  112. Animals of all kinds and mirrors
  113. Psycho pets stray kitten, throws it into garbage can on CCTV
  114. Pit Bull released from death row
  115. Swallowtail butterflies
  116. Baby Chimp Doing Well at NC Zoo
  117. Cats and technology
  118. Koala gets trapped in car's grill - and lives
  119. Crazy, funny, lovely, genius Great Danes
  120. Monkey gets a Hollywood makeover
  121. Pembroke Welsh corgi practices his dock-diving skills
  122. The Tale of Piwi the Kiwi
  123. Brown Stripes for a Baby Zebra
  124. A Handful of Baby Tenrecs
  125. Experts save 'jarhead' bear cub from starvation
  126. Luntik, the four-eared Russian cat‎
  127. Sheep take over The Shire on New Zealand film set
  128. Just made my 17 year old pup a harness
  129. Sheep on Meth Are Shocked With Tasers
  130. Great white shark swims near surfer
  131. Swaddled in Flamingo Down
  132. Gorilla plays with Nintendo DS
  133. Polar bear cub slips into the icy sea during his hunting lesson
  134. Brown bears gather for annual salmon-feasting frenzy
  135. Baby giraffe
  136. The house is so quiet and empty...
  137. Turtle sounds like Mr Rogers
  138. Orphan orangutan clings onto his ranger's leg
  139. Chinchilla wearing a paper hat
  140. Animal family album
  141. Meet Sticky, the kitten who was saved from a rat-catching glue trap
  142. Meet Kambiri the Pygmy Hippo
  143. Standing Cat
  144. Black-Footed Ferrets
  145. Siberian Husky shot by Federal Officer!
  146. Monkey attempts to adopt toad in zoo
  147. Mother and baby gorillas get caught in midst of a storm
  148. Pamela Anderson helps pets abandoned after oil spill‎
  149. Orphaned manatee bottle-fed by rescuers
  150. Dolphin Bubbles
  151. Bat nursed back to health after mum drops her in flight
  152. Dog Training: Animal Experts Debunk the Alpha-Dog Myth
  153. First Ever Harbor Seal Birth for Los Angeles
  154. Puppy saved from death by thugs using it as a football
  155. Denver Zoo Rescues Ailing Baby Orangutan
  156. Rare Indian Rhino Born with White Leg
  157. Rare Zebra/Donkey Hybrid Born at Wildlife Preserve
  158. Tiger Cubs
  159. Dog reunited with owner almost five years after going missing
  160. Bandy-legged Belle the dog runs for the first time thanks to £3,000 operation
  161. Luxury cat hotel opens just for pampered pussies‎
  162. Bulldogs - I know some of you love them
  163. Baby Bush Dogs
  164. Bonjour Little Leopards
  165. 4 Baby Pugs tilt their heads
  166. DJ dog scratches like a pro
  167. Hamton the Pig Plus Fourteen Piglets
  168. Baby Hyraxes Pop into the Maryland Zoo
  169. Black and white portraits show the beauty and power of Kalahari wildlife
  170. Whale crashes into yacht
  171. 7 Terrifying prehistoric creatures that are still around today
  172. Baby Dolphin Born at Minnesota Zoo
  173. Humans suck: Parasailing donkey stunt prompts animal cruelty probe‎
  174. Dogs and Cats in Massachusetts Have Their Voices Heard: Debarking Banned
  175. Britain's first ice cream van for dogs
  176. Cat burglar
  177. A porcupine who thinks he's a puppy
  178. Romping Rhino Baby Charms German Zoo-goers
  179. Three Little Visayan Pigs
  180. Puppy fills his tum with garden gravel
  181. Caged dog shot 6 times by owner is on the mend‎
  182. Dog honks for help when left in a hot car
  183. Octopus Paul retires with perfect record
  184. Charges Likely After Dog Dies From Heat-Related Injuries
  185. Animal pictures of the week
  186. Neglected dog gets head stuck in wall‎
  187. Kitties Rescued by US Marines in Afghanistan
  188. It's a Mouse... It's a Deer... It's a Mouse Deer!
  189. Marmot Enjoying a Biscuit=CUTE!
  190. Seagull sleeps in cat's beds and eats their food
  191. Little Lemurs Swing into Cleveland
  192. Egyptian farmer calls two-headed calf 'a miracle'
  193. Reunion of girl and orang-utan sealed with a hug
  194. Meet Kaladi the Orphan Sea Otter
  195. Chick in boots
  196. Orangutan mum kisses baby's poorly finger better‎
  197. A baby Goodfellow’s Tree Kangaroo awwww
  198. The Most Fearless Animal on Earth
  199. Sea Lion Pup Splashes into Denver
  200. Koala Cuddling at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo
  201. Smudge the dog rides 11,000 miles around Europe
  202. I'm putting my cat down today
  203. Golden Retriever & Chow dogs dyed to look like tiger & panda
  204. Kitten sounds like squeaking door
  205. Whipper, The Mutant Parakeet
  206. Arctic Fox puppies
  207. We've had a tough week! Exhausted pandas rest after their enormous lunch
  208. Safari park worker opens her home to neglected white lion cubs
  209. Orangutan Suryia loves a summer dip with his trainer
  210. Bionic Cat: New Limbs For Oscar!
  211. Crab sheds shell
  212. Noisy kittens demanding dinner
  213. Baby deer born seconds after her mother was killed by car miraculously survives
  214. Girl, six, in bid to raise £4,000 for operation on disfigured foal
  215. I'm getting my new, old kitty today
  216. The 10 smartest animals
  217. Chicken hatches kittens
  218. Dog having sex with cat
  219. Baby Moose plays in sprinkler - so cute!
  220. The owl and the lion
  221. Sea turtle films self, becomes YouTube sensation
  222. I helped rescue a sea lion today!
  223. Jack Russell glues jaws together after feasting on morning post
  224. Meet the world's biggest, baddest bugs
  225. On the mend: 'Shrek' the stressed-out orphan baby wombat who lost all his fur
  226. Clive the micro pig 'shows off his new wellies'
  227. Two Faced Kitten Born in West Virginia
  228. Kitten talk
  229. Our Lovebird, Mott The Hoople, Has Flown
  230. Harry the duck and his kittens
  231. Big Cats Obsess Over Calvin Klein's 'Obsession for Men'
  232. Cat gets ear cleaned
  233. Baby Hippo Hits the Pool
  234. My cat seems to have a problem with hygiene
  235. Sneaky Seagull Steals Food From Lazy Cat
  236. Cat hiccups and farts at the same time
  237. Puppy Rescued From Car Engine
  238. Gentoo Penguin Chick's Got Slappy Feet
  239. Meet Sequoia the Little Sea Lion Pup
  240. Miss Ellie, Animal Planet's 2009 World's Ugliest Dog, has died at 17
  241. Cat with crazy tongue (very freaky)
  242. Gorgeous little piglets
  243. Baby caiman crocodiles make their debut at sea park
  244. Cat Survives 30-Minute Dunk In Washing Machine‎
  245. Feel good cop/dog rescue
  246. Kung Fu bear! Holy shit!
  247. Polar Wolf Mother Spotted Nuzzling with Pups
  248. Dog Put Out For Trash Pickup
  249. Guide dog gives helping paw to blind pooch‎
  250. Cat recovering from nail driven in its head‎