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  1. This Mega Monster Cat May Become the Biggest Cat In the World
  2. Three baby hedgehogs are rescued
  3. WTF! Man turns dead cat into helicopter
  4. Outfoxed! Tiny cub rescued by Labrador after getting its head stuck in overflow pipe
  5. Bird on a plane! The stowaway bird who crossed the Pacific on an international flight
  6. What's making that racket? Woman discovers small bird with TWO heads and THREE beaks
  7. Is this the world's fattest cat? Sponge Bob tips the scales at a massive 33 POUNDS...
  8. Stray dog follows bikers over 1100 miles to Tibet‎
  9. Man becomes unlikely surrogate to 8 ducklings
  10. Cool pics of dogs underwater
  11. Self-Cleaning Litter Box
  12. Bob the gorgeous puppy rescued by the RSPCA
  13. Donkeys are misunderstood and are not stubborn
  14. Blind fox cub makes friends with three kittens
  15. Disabled border collie ‘wakes up happy every day’
  16. Lamb answers Robert De Niro
  17. Beagle Liberation of the Day
  18. Cat constantly underfoot
  19. Bears Killed 2 Zoo Workers in Japan
  20. The Loneliest Whale in the World
  21. Newt Gingrich bitten by (Democrat) penguin
  22. Killer Swan Drowns Man
  23. Loyal Black Lab Braves Traffic to Stay By Fatally Wounded Friend’s Side
  24. 21 Cats Imitating Art - Or does art imitate cats?
  25. Dog Strangled by Phone Cord Saves His Own Life by Dialing Emergency Number
  26. The Dogs Aboard the Titanic
  27. Marine Cpl. Megan Leavey wins fight to adopt disability-retired bomb-sniffing dog
  28. Cattempted Murder!
  29. The "awwwwwww!" thread for all your disgustingly cute animal needs
  30. Chuck the dog welcomes home soldier‎
  31. Two-Week-Old Beyoncé May Be World's Smallest Dog
  32. Kitten advice needed please
  33. Too cute: dog with his kittens
  34. Brazilian beachgoers rescue 30 stranded dolphins
  35. Dog reunited with owner after Alabama tornado
  36. Baby sloth in a onesie
  37. Woman Battles Tirelessly to Save Horse Trapped in Mud
  38. Baby Dingoes Open Their Eyes
  39. Cat named Pudding rescues owner hours after his adoption‎
  40. Idiot sneaks in, rides rhino bareback, and just barely escapes
  41. PETA Are Investigating A Third Race Horse Death On The Set Of HBO’s Luck
  42. Deer Culls: Shot for a Tulip
  43. Grizzly bear fights wolf
  44. Rare white wombats
  45. The Poor Man's Siegried and Roy
  46. This Fox is just too cute!
  47. Cheetahs Riding Shotgun!
  48. Snoring Dormouse
  49. 'My kitten alerted me to my cancer because she kept jumping on my breast'
  50. You will never be as happy as this dog
  51. Meet Choupette, Karl Lagerfeld's New Kitten‎
  52. Doggy Volkswagen Commercial
  53. Hard-headed pup wants his pool in the house
  54. Adopt a nonjudgmental friend
  55. Snowboarding crow
  56. Horse fly named after Beyonce
  57. Pet's remains- what did you do (or would you do) with them?
  58. The price of sealburgers is going to go up :/
  59. Heroic dog causes change in shelter policy
  60. My puppy is in heat
  61. Truly weird/sad dog rescue story
  62. Hot firefighters revive chihuahua after house fire
  63. What animal will you not share your life with?
  64. Indian Ringneck Parrot Wants Kiss...
  65. Homeless Guy Has Dog, Cat and Rat...
  66. My sister's lab puppies
  67. Squirrel Monkey Returned To San Francisco Zoo‎
  68. Spinning pigeon
  69. Giant tortoise gives birth to 45 babies at Linton Zoo‎
  70. Lola the dog speaks her mind
  71. Cat soothes crying baby
  72. Stop puppy from digging in the yard- help!
  73. Our Spanky:(
  74. Too Cute! Baby Sloths, A Documentary on Costa Rica Sloth Sanctuary
  75. Bearded dragon playing ant smasher mobile phone game
  76. Rescue cat rescues shelter with his many toes
  77. World’s largest insect discovered in New Zealand
  78. Batten down the hatches! Donald flies in!
  79. Little White Chihuahua Thrown On Highway...Happy Ending, Though
  80. Sick bastard feeds live kitten to python - posts video on the web
  81. Former Lab Beagles See the Sun for the First Time‎
  82. The Kitten Covers
  83. NYC hotel forced to banish beloved cat from lobby‎
  84. Abandoned lurcher Reuben reunited with owners after being starved
  85. Miami's Newest Giant Otter Babies
  86. Italian Cane Corso dog
  87. Attention: a sea lion's pool is not a wishing well!
  88. I’ve become the type of creepy cat person I used to mock
  89. Loyal Chinese dog refuses to leave owner's grave for seven days
  90. Land squid!
  91. Damn it...I got adopted
  92. Kitten album covers
  93. Dramatic rescue of mother and baby elephant
  94. Canine kidney failure?
  95. It's Howl-o-ween! The dogs humiliated for schlocky horror fancy dress show
  96. "You've just been shagged by a rare parrot!"
  97. Vote for Shortie!
  98. New Foster Bunny from Rescue
  99. Dog runs away at the sight of Julia Roberts
  100. Home schooled scratching cat
  101. Craziest thing your pet has ever done!
  102. Baby Pandas Snuggle and Nap
  103. Rafferty My New Shih Tzu
  104. Rescued from the trash can: Harper the adorable puppy is back on his feet again
  105. Is this the cutest dog in the world?
  106. Snappy the orange croc
  107. Help Me ID This River Fish, Please!!!
  108. Woman upset after Six Flags rescues her dog and then loses him
  109. A stray kitten adopted us
  110. Hell hath no fury like a tiger scorned....
  111. Delighted chimpanzees see daylight for the first time‎
  112. The Search-and-Rescue Dogs of 9/11
  113. Happy Feet the penguin released into Southern Ocean after New Zealand trip
  114. Tolerating the over affectionate noob
  115. Office cats
  116. Bully Cat Stuffs Cat In Box
  117. My puppy won't stop eating poop
  118. It's supposed to be closed!
  119. Axe wielding love bird attacks!
  120. Parrot with a laser pointer
  121. Cats in water
  122. I lasted catless about a year or so... got a kitten!!!
  123. Cats or Dogs
  124. Whaaaaat???
  125. Lazy Little Bird!!!!
  126. Stop Snapperfest: Please sign this petition!
  127. Homeless Cat and Homeless Man Hit the Big Time
  128. Dog Helps Teenage Rape Victim Testify‎
  129. Kittens in bowls
  130. Mariachi band serenades beluga whale
  131. Russia's Olympic bear kept caged on parked bus
  132. Hitler cat 'overlooked for adoption because of markings'
  133. Another very smart and cute dog
  134. Dozen puppies rescued from recycling bin after being 'thrown out like the rubbish'
  135. Please help! Baby Robin fell (pushed???) from nest
  136. Koala Joeys Galore for Australia's Dreamworld
  137. Baby giraffe born with ‘back to front’ feet can walk with new special shoes
  138. Leopard mauls 11 in fierce fight at Indian village
  139. Another very guilty dog
  140. Chihuahua Chases Armed Robbers Out Of California Shop
  141. Humpback whale, freed from fishing nets, performs a 'thank you' dance for rescuers
  142. Brutus, the 17 foot long Aussie Crocodile
  143. Getting a puppy for the first time: Help!
  144. New baby rottweiller
  145. Hey, Give Me Back My Fucking Dog
  146. Monkey whores
  147. Study asks: Where do cats go when they roam?
  148. Dog allergic to grass gets special boots‎
  149. Using a leaf blower to get a kitten out of a pipe
  150. JFK Runway Shut Down Because of Turtle Infestation
  151. Dog paralysed in Joplin tornado starts to walk again
  152. Yoda the Chihuahua is crowned the World's Ugliest Dog‎
  153. Abandoned dog outfitted with four prosthetic paws
  154. If Clooney doesn't want him, adopt Wilbur the sweet pig
  155. When your cat's just not that into you
  156. Cutest kitty vid ever
  157. Koala Bears may face extinction after Chlamydia outbreak
  158. 10 lost and abandoned owls form a new family
  159. Woman Arrested for Putting Kittens in Dumpster
  160. Extremely Wealthy Dog Dies
  161. Hippopotamus, gentle as a kitten
  162. New Zealand mourns death of Shrek the famously shaggy sheep
  163. 6 of the saddest Zoos in the World
  164. Missing for 6-Months, Dog From Colorado Finally Goes Home
  165. Monkey 'accused of witchcraft' burned alive by South African mob
  166. Baby penguins protected against cold in massive huddle by older penguins
  167. Abandoned hedgehog will never find mate because she has no bristles
  168. Gambling kitty
  169. Dog gives kitty scooter ride
  170. Why do cats knead?
  171. Tiger Cub Goes from the Hospital to the Kiddie Pool
  172. Cat hugs baby kitten having nightmares
  173. Feeding time for kitties
  174. Liger cubs in China zoo nursed by dog
  175. More cat massage
  176. Need Dog People To Answer A Question
  177. Spider video of the week
  178. Adorable lady finds missing cat during interview outside tornado-ruined home
  179. Dog catches ball with paws
  180. I need 'old man' names for a cat - suggestions welcome
  181. Talking dog
  182. Lion is caught on camera in full charge ‎
  183. Dog determined to play fetch with statue
  184. Panda on rocking horse
  185. Mother brown bear teaches cubs how to climb
  186. Live animals sold as key rings in China
  187. Dog Submerges Herself In Bathtub To Survive Fire
  188. Calling animals 'pets' is insulting, academics claim
  189. My feets feel so weird
  190. Up close with Frankfurt Zoo's great apes
  191. Baby cheetah gets puppy pal at Busch Gardens
  192. Partially Blind Harbor Seal Proves a Perfect Mother
  193. Designer Nails for Cats and Dogs
  194. Stray Cat Washes Up On To Governors Island
  195. Pit Bull vs. Kitten
  196. Kung-fu kitty
  197. Useful Dog Tricks!
  198. Tiny Tim the miniature tortoise is the size of a grape
  199. Chicago Firefighter Saves Dog's Life
  200. Wombat with depression just needed extra love
  201. Cat and Dolphins playing together :)
  202. ♫ Introducting Reggie, Chloë...and baby ♫
  203. Deer guards nesting Canada goose
  204. Good Lard! The Border Collie who weighs as much as Justin Bieber!
  205. The sea lions who live on a male-only island in the tropics
  206. Vietnam's Legendary Turtle Is Captured for a Health Check
  207. Horse dreams dashed, German teen turns to cow Luna
  208. Bald penguin gets her own wetsuit
  209. Crying
  210. Tsunami dog rescued after 3 weeks at sea
  211. Worthless bitch jailed for torturing and killing pets in front of her 7 kids
  212. Daddy Longlegs
  213. The very very guilty Labrador
  214. Honey Badger - the most badass animal on the planet
  215. Start training your humans when they're young
  216. Berlin zoo: Beloved polar bear Knut has died
  217. Cat saves injured dog by alerting owner
  218. The million-pound mutt: Red Tibetan Mastiff becomes world's most expensive dog
  219. Tsunami Surviving Dog Refuses to Leave Injured Friend Behind
  220. Lonely whale's terrible karaoke songs drive the ladies away
  221. World Vets
  222. Slow loris holds tiny umbrella
  223. CPR Saves Dog After Collapse in Training Class
  224. Cataracts in dogs
  225. Spider monkey rejected by its mother clings to teddy
  226. ♥ Introducing Mr. Turkle ♥
  227. Oklahoma dog Wall-e survives euthanization
  228. Shelties need a forever home
  229. Baby gorilla impersonates her father
  230. Geese going for a jog
  231. Cat cafe, Shinjuku
  232. Gene Siskel reincarnated as a cat
  233. Do not flip off your dog
  234. Smokey the cat's purr is as loud as a Boeing 737
  235. Badger cubs rescued from floods are lucky to be alive
  236. 97% Human: portraits of apes by Arthur Xanthopoulos
  237. Adorable Himalayan Kitten
  238. Kitten meowing
  239. Cat laser bowling
  240. Rescued Bolivian Circus Lions Arrive In Colorado
  241. Two orphaned baby swamp wallabies rescued after parents killed by cars
  242. Kitten massage therapy
  243. Children swim inches from polar bears
  244. Cat that lost ears and nose looks like Lord Voldemort and can't find a new home
  245. Hamster powered walker
  246. Kitty is a proper lady
  247. Calif. man fatally stabbed by rooster
  248. Big cats playing with an iPad
  249. Cats chilling by the sea
  250. Need Advice