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  1. Rihanna Instagram picture leads to two arrests
  2. Disabled kitten uses walker to take first steps
  3. Indiana dog that crashed half-marathon gets medal
  4. Too much sex kills male marsupials
  5. Red Panda and the Pumpkin
  6. Deadly Giant Hornets in China
  7. Bigfoot Lives! Existence Backed By DNA (allegedly)
  8. Dachshunds and Intervertebral Disc Disease
  9. Old Dog, New Dog
  10. Mickey Rourke Pledges $250,000 to Open Romanian Dog Shelter
  11. Firefighter Rescues Kitten From A Burning House
  12. Golden Eagles are Snatching up Deer now in Russia
  13. Crazy Critters
  14. One Hungry Little Mouse
  15. Cat named assistant librarian in Russia
  16. Bubbles and Bella; BFFs
  17. Cheetah Cubs Grow Up With Puppy
  18. Romania Stray Dog Slaughter Approved Amid Protests From Animal Activists
  19. A Few Animal Funnies
  20. Wayne Rhodus "Butterflies", Nature Photographer
  21. Vet’s Genius Sense of Humor
  22. Homer, The Heroic Blind Wonder Cat, Dies at Age 16
  23. Bad Hair Day at the Alpaca Farm
  24. New Zealand parrot robs tourist of £600
  25. Kern County Animal Shelter Closing - Homes Urgently Needed
  26. What's Mittens Thinking? Make 'Sense' Of Your Cat's Behavior
  27. Lady in Russia Has 130 Cats
  28. Ginger Rogers and Fred Astair
  29. What happens when a National Geographic photographer meets a deadly leopard seal
  30. Look At the Size of These Alligators!!
  31. Cat fleas, what do I do?
  32. Boa Constrictor Eats Howler Monkey - Science
  33. Article: Help! My cats are trying to kill me!
  34. Man Has Rescued 1,100 Greyhounds Over the Past 13 Years
  35. Obamas Get New Dog Named Sunny
  36. Whale stranded at Marin County beach dies (An endangered young fin whale)
  37. Orphan orangutans relax for the camera
  38. "A cross between a cat and a teddy bear" New species of mammal discovered
  39. Animal lover was gnawed and eaten by her own cats after she died at home alone
  40. Panda cub Yuan Zai gets licked clean by her mother
  41. Is that a puppy in your pants or are you just happy to see me?
  42. Roomba Shark Cat
  43. Abandoned Shih Tzu puppy is adopted by Siamese cat
  44. Russian Dog Experiment
  45. Pug's Emotional Reaction To The Movie, "Homeward Bound"
  46. Puppy making puppy sounds
  47. Adopting another kitty
  48. Man Disguises Pet Turtle as a Hamburger to Board Plane
  49. Great White Shark Bit in Half
  50. Dog Eats Paralyzed Man's Testicle
  51. Kemosabe, the baby porcupine, eats a banana
  52. Sad Cat Diary - these are a scream
  53. Sad Dog Diary
  54. Shih-tzu becomes adoptive mum to kitten
  55. Best Owner EVAR Kevin Rose saved Dog from Kung Fu Raccoon
  56. Bob Martin Flea Treatments - anyone else having problems?
  57. Which Cat Meme Are You?
  58. Momo the swimming cat escapes floodwaters
  59. Thresher Sharks tail-slap prey into oblivion!
  60. Breaking Obvious News: Cat Poop Has Parasites In It....
  61. Puppy stuck in Car Wheel, Amazingly Happy Ending
  62. Mother and Daughter Photos
  63. Fatal Beaver Attack (not graphic, but real)
  64. Dr. Oz Puppy Torturer At Colombia U. ?
  65. Lost baby moose gets ride in RCMP cruiser
  66. Hoarded Ducks see Water for the First Time
  67. The Owl and The Pussycat
  68. Ascot winning race horse dies after crossing the finish line
  69. Ugliest dog contest winner Walle is actually really cute
  70. Tiger Photobombs Wedding Photo
  71. NY Senate Passes Bill for Registry for Convicted Animal Abusers
  72. First Footage of Giant Oarfish, Real Life "Sea Serpents"
  73. Adorable Eagle Forest Owl
  74. Residents of suburban street are horrified by invasion of bugs that ...
  75. Car engine rescue cat...
  76. Police Dog Gets Emotional Send off before being laid to rest
  77. Breeze, the orphan foal, is mothered by a teddy bear
  78. Having problems with hare in your sink?
  79. Service Dog Named Hero Dons A Cap And Gown For Graduation
  80. Petal, the 'squitten' kitten
  81. Something is wrong with my cat.
  82. Kittens born in a prison van are rescued after their mother 'broke in' to jail to...
  83. Coyote pup rescued after being covered with cactus spines
  84. Man Swallowed by Hippo...and Lives to Tell About It!!
  85. 89 Dogs Rescued From a Hoarder; Here's One Dog's Story
  86. Peregrine Falcon Takes Duck Midair
  87. Meet Battenberg,the four week-old lamb whose black and white markings saved his life
  88. Golden wonders: The rare wombats who are so big they're perfect for a cuddle
  89. Mixed-breed Naki’o lost his paws to frostbite but can finally walk again after...
  90. Trash collector saves dog
  91. Comfort Dogs Arrive in Boston
  92. Komodo Dragon Gets Its Ass Kicked by 83 Year Old Woman
  93. How Can Anyone Think These Are Poodles?
  94. Pitbull Puppy Abused, Starved, and Dragged by a Car
  95. Giant Pill Millipede Named Doug
  96. Sassy The German Shepherd getting back on her feet after being abandoned
  97. Peregrine Falcon nest cam
  98. Absolute Worst Pictures of Men and Their Cats
  99. For Your Nightmares: Tarantula, the Size of A Human Face, Has Been Discovered.
  100. Pattycake, the Gorilla, Dies
  101. Cesar Millan the Elephant Whisperer
  102. Cat drinks water, has thirsty ears
  103. Cat Taking the Dog Home
  104. Dog Almost Dies After Eating Raisins
  105. Beavers
  106. 10-Year-Old Boy Rescues Cat From Bullies
  107. Canine centerfold model
  108. Arthritic otter plays basketball for therapy
  109. Blind Cat Sanctuary
  110. River otter plays on land with dog, amazing!!
  111. Arthritic Rabbit Just Keeps Swimming
  112. Does your dog...
  113. I'm gonna get you sucka
  114. Dog Shoots Owner in the Leg
  115. Semper Fido! Marines Get New Mascot
  116. Crime report 'written' by a police dog
  117. Meet Adorable Piglet, Chris P. Bacon
  118. Happy Valentine's Day from Tard the Grumpy Cat
  119. Banana Joe, an Affenpinscher wins 2013 Westminster Dog Show
  120. Florida woman finds owl stuck in her car grill
  121. Pukka's Promise: The Quest for Longer-Lived Dogs
  122. Caffrey, the cat who survives on two legs... and they're both on the same side!
  123. Bear surprises Samsung crew on washing machine shoot
  124. Puppy 'lucky to be alive' after being discovered locked inside laptop bag
  125. Photographer 'adopted' by a leopard seal
  126. Elton, the 'gay' dog, saved from euthanasia
  127. Fat Cat Swims to Lose Weight
  128. Sperm Whales Adopt Deformed Dolphin
  129. 2 Dogs Dining
  130. Cat, 17, reunited with his owner a staggering TEN years after he disappeared
  131. Hope for Paws Dog Rescue
  132. Killer Whales Trapped in Ice
  133. Does your dog do deep knee bends with perfect form?
  134. Wandering dog leads police to drug house
  135. Bobcat Released from a Foothold Trap
  136. 17 Foot Pythons in Florida
  137. Kitty advice needed again!
  138. Shironeko AKA "Shiro"
  139. Sweet Lab interacting with Down Syndrome child
  140. Eagle Snatches Baby, Fake or Real?
  141. Gigantic Tuna Tornado
  142. Family of Ducks Cross Busy Highway
  143. Meet Porter - the World's First Driving Dog
  144. Well-dressed monkey in a winter coat and diapers escapes car and heads to Ikea
  145. Clouded Leopard Cubs Arrive at SD Zoo
  146. Puppy dragged behind truck progressing
  147. Oregon Zoo's Newborn Elephant Sold to Circus
  148. Great White Shark Breaching for Rubber Seal
  149. Baby Lions, Leopards, and Hyenas carried by Mom
  150. Fiona Apple cancels South American tour because her dog is dying
  151. Some Damn Sociopaths are Mutilating/Killing Dolphins on Gulf Coast
  152. Cute Labrador Swimming with Killer Whales
  153. Activists claim 27 animals died during making of "The Hobbit"
  154. Injured hedgehog Bootsie gets his own purple footwear
  155. Weird Echidna Puggle and Heartwarming Elephant Rescue
  156. Woman Killed By Her Own Bull Mastiff
  157. The pet cost of Sandy - NY dog on "death row" after death of owner
  158. Video: Killers Whales vs Witty Otter
  159. Poodle cats (due to mutated gene, not a perm) could be the new rage for feline fans
  160. Owner Of Husky Pack That Starred In 'Spice Girls' Video Starved Her Dogs
  161. Happy Halloween From Lil’ Drac
  162. Have you ever seen a puggle?
  163. Lauren Conrad shows off her freaking adorable newly adopted shelter pup
  164. When a child's pet dies...
  165. Orangutan Mr Bernie does all he can to avoid getting his fur wet
  166. The squaddie and the squirrel
  167. In More Negligent Vet News....Be Careful What You Sign When You Bring Your Pet In!
  168. Kamikaze Finnish squirrel
  169. Real four legged cat burglar - surveillance camera
  170. Child Rats Her Parents Out for Stealing Neighbor's Puppy
  171. St Bernard "welcome home" for Soldier after a year away
  172. Elsa the Lioness and "Born Free"
  173. Damn cat lady !!!!!!
  174. Seal stops traffic on Melbourne road
  175. Snow the polar bear dies unexpectedly at Tucson zoo at age 17
  176. Litter Kwitter
  177. The Dolphin perversion thread!
  178. Henri the existential kitty voted star of the world's best cat viral video
  179. Meet Reesie!
  180. My cat is doing the Angelina leg thing
  181. Lion cub meets father for first time
  182. Queen's corgis attack Princess Beatrice's dog
  183. Calling all cat people: Advice please!
  184. The touching moment two hugging gorillas were reunited after 3 years apart
  185. Boy Starts 'Lick It List' for Dying Service Dog
  186. Wonderful people rescue dog from a mountain. Jerk who abandoned her, wants her back.
  187. Holy Shit My Pants! Burmese Python Found in Florida With Record 87 Eggs
  188. Mother dog rescues her pups from a house fire
  189. CO black bear is a candy thief
  190. Beautiful moment between man and his sick dog
  191. Family and Friends who are "animal lovers"
  192. Dumbass Vet Employee Leaves Louisiana Tech Bulldog Mascot Outside in 100-Degree Heat!
  193. Macaw videos
  194. "Corgi Rae" Jesperson - Pet Parody
  195. My Golden Has Lymphoma
  196. 6 Terrifying Bats You Won't Believe Aren't Photoshopped
  197. How to rescue bear cubs from a dumpster :)
  198. Dolphin Kisses Dog, Jumps For Joy
  199. Kitty Cam
  200. Help, my kitten has a swollen lower lip
  201. Abused North Texas dog adopted by local family
  202. 14 Stories That Prove Animals Have Souls
  203. Every dog should have a cat
  204. Horse gets new tail to keep the flies away
  205. Gunnar, the U.S. Navy Seal, Dies @ 38
  206. Chancellor George Osborne reunited with fat cat Freya who disappeared three years ago
  207. Emma Watson & the pink bichon frise Darcy
  208. Zoo keeper mauled to death by wolves
  209. Breathtaking Underwater Photos Capture Exotic Marine Life
  210. This Mega Monster Cat May Become the Biggest Cat In the World
  211. Three baby hedgehogs are rescued
  212. WTF! Man turns dead cat into helicopter
  213. Outfoxed! Tiny cub rescued by Labrador after getting its head stuck in overflow pipe
  214. Bird on a plane! The stowaway bird who crossed the Pacific on an international flight
  215. What's making that racket? Woman discovers small bird with TWO heads and THREE beaks
  216. Is this the world's fattest cat? Sponge Bob tips the scales at a massive 33 POUNDS...
  217. Stray dog follows bikers over 1100 miles to Tibet‎
  218. Man becomes unlikely surrogate to 8 ducklings
  219. Cool pics of dogs underwater
  220. Self-Cleaning Litter Box
  221. Bob the gorgeous puppy rescued by the RSPCA
  222. Donkeys are misunderstood and are not stubborn
  223. Blind fox cub makes friends with three kittens
  224. Disabled border collie ‘wakes up happy every day’
  225. Lamb answers Robert De Niro
  226. Beagle Liberation of the Day
  227. Cat constantly underfoot
  228. Bears Killed 2 Zoo Workers in Japan
  229. The Loneliest Whale in the World
  230. Newt Gingrich bitten by (Democrat) penguin
  231. Killer Swan Drowns Man
  232. Loyal Black Lab Braves Traffic to Stay By Fatally Wounded Friend’s Side
  233. 21 Cats Imitating Art - Or does art imitate cats?
  234. Dog Strangled by Phone Cord Saves His Own Life by Dialing Emergency Number
  235. The Dogs Aboard the Titanic
  236. Marine Cpl. Megan Leavey wins fight to adopt disability-retired bomb-sniffing dog
  237. Cattempted Murder!
  238. The "awwwwwww!" thread for all your disgustingly cute animal needs
  239. Chuck the dog welcomes home soldier‎
  240. Two-Week-Old Beyoncé May Be World's Smallest Dog
  241. Kitten advice needed please
  242. Too cute: dog with his kittens
  243. Brazilian beachgoers rescue 30 stranded dolphins
  244. Dog reunited with owner after Alabama tornado
  245. Baby sloth in a onesie
  246. Woman Battles Tirelessly to Save Horse Trapped in Mud
  247. Baby Dingoes Open Their Eyes
  248. Cat named Pudding rescues owner hours after his adoption‎
  249. Idiot sneaks in, rides rhino bareback, and just barely escapes
  250. PETA Are Investigating A Third Race Horse Death On The Set Of HBO’s Luck